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  1. So the article says the away kit will be revealed this afternoon, and there is the fan zone event on Sunday.
  2. So much happening, and yet so little! It's been a long close season, even though it's actually a month shorter. Weird. No wonder the fans are restless.
  3. That may be the case. What about Dan Jones though? Is Hussey tall?
  4. SFBT


    I noted your hmmm response to this post. I like that! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ My own take on the quality of opposition to is that Norway were expected to provide a stern test. As it happened, it was one of those very rare games where everything clicked. Austria qualified from this group, and gave a very creditable performance against Germany last night. With better luck, they could have won it. We were up against it in the Spain game, but changes of tactics by both managers changed the game in our favour. How many times has it been said about the risks of sitting on a lead? Problem is, it often works, but when it doesn't the manager looks silly.
  5. Always worthwhile looking at individual performance in a team context, especially when key players are missing, thus exposing others. Hussey clearly has attributes. He wouldn't have been signed otherwise. It's DC's responsibility to get the best out of him.
  6. Should award loyalty points for beers purchased!!
  7. Thank goodness it's the fans forum tonight. Might get some information and settle people down. For an hour or so...
  8. Signed up for the membership scheme today, then discovered that concessions rate has gone up by...Β£4, so a bit of a damp squib in the end! I guess it still means I get admission for last season's price.
  9. Completely agree. This forum spirals out of control very easily. Yet, compared to Facebook and doubtless others that I don't waste any time on, it's relatively sane and balanced🀯
  10. There's plenty panicking going on already πŸ™„
  11. SFBT


    I agree, it was a big step up in quality. Spain very skilled, but England dug in and ground out a win.
  12. SFBT


    That win was reminiscent of last season's (and this coming) Vale team! Really dug a win out of a very tough game.
  13. I saw a report a couple of days ago. Our youth team. Result 2-1.
  14. And neither count due to age. Assuming there's still a limit?
  15. πŸ˜ƒ It does get tedious, he moaned 🀭 I think we need some activity!
  16. Obviously may not happen this season, but it's noteworthy that Fleetwood stayed up on 40 points last season. Perhaps a reflection of the two sections of the league.
  17. Fair enough πŸ™‚ Maybe I'm just banging on about stuff that I personally find annoying 🀯
  18. Really? I've witnessed it many times. Once someone is labelled, everything they do that doesn't work gets noticed and amplified. Things they do well are ignored. We find what we look for. It takes great awareness and skill to keep an open mind.
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