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  1. Why? Announcing it won't change the date it's due. My apologies. It wasn't a serious comment. Just waiting...
  2. I'd have expected the club to have made an announcement about when the announcement of the retained list will be made. 🤫🤫
  3. I completely agree about stumbling across our optimum team. There was a beautiful symmetry about the component parts. Arguably ably assisted by the ideal opposition.
  4. I'm hoping/ expecting more entertaining, open games at Vale Park. Far more teams will come at us, rather than shutting us down. A feature that seems to suit us better.
  5. I expected a touchline ban for the play off final. Anyone know why there wasn't one?
  6. I hope someone writes the story of this season. It will be a good read. Lots of ups and downs, dramatic stuff, culminating in a surprisingly relaxed and enjoyable Wembley experience. In spite of Aiden's best efforts to inject horror!
  7. For me, and it's already been said in different ways, we need to replace the squad players with starters. Instantly upgrades the whole squad, and you have choices/ competition for the starting eleven.
  8. Great opportunity to test out the Championship level infrastructure of our wonderful club. A dream come true, with more to come. All within three short years of inheriting the wreck that had been left behind by the previous owner. And we still have the survivors; Colin Garlick, Nathan Smith and Gibbo 😊
  9. That is the extension. 4 days after the final match for teams in the play offs.
  10. Well, we'll know tomorrow. That's the deadline.
  11. That's a really good call imo
  12. Harratt was pivotal in winning the play offs imo. He stretched the defences and created the gaps. We need that to continue...
  13. I'm not sure that she has always made the right decisions. However, she has the good sense, and humility, to listen to others views before making decisions. I sincerely hope that there are others in the club who know the territory and will be consulted with. Your arguments on this issue appear to me to be sound.
  14. Black shorts for me 😊
  15. I guess those two replies emphasise the challenge 😊
  16. Wow, that's a really useful summary of the impossibility of the system when you're a club like Vale. Yet another example of the gross inequalities that exist in football. I guess the challenge is in finding ways to make the system work for Vale, and bring it in line with the culture of looking after people that is the best part of the present Vale set up imo.
  17. Tom Pett is a good example of how difficult decision making can be. Guaranteed to be staying after a very good season I would expect. However, he played 44 games in Lincoln's promotion from league two, and only 2 in league one, before dropping back to league two with Stevenage. He's also 31.
  18. My view too, although the gold looked great under the floodlights.
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