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  1. I know 🥰 what a wonderful day out though ☺️
  2. Same starting 11 for me too, and for the same reasons. 👍
  3. What is better about the Hamil? I haven't actually been in 🤔
  4. I sit in the Railway Stand, largely under sufferance. You are so right, it's miles from the pitch, and my vision isn't what it used to be. The facilities are very poor imo, and I would jump at the chance of upgrading to the Hamil. The Railway and Bycars are in need of a major overhaul which, for me, would involve being much closer to the pitch and, really importantly, a much steeper rake. Those two stands are something of a millstone. I tolerate the Railway because it's the best of a bad job, and I've never before had any hope/ expectation that it would ever change.
  5. Will Gibbo be playing the Cass role? When we were at our best?
  6. I agree too. I'll be disappointed if we don't go up, but in context, it's been an excellent season. Years of decline, culminating in the Smurthwaite destruction was always going to take some recovering. To be where we are now is nothing short of miraculous.
  7. A new problem to be solved.
  8. Crozzer, as he seems to be known, is telling the players to enjoy themselves. As assistant to Nigel Adkins, he's been here before, so knows the territory. I think it applies to us fans too. I realised on Saturday just how much I enjoyed the whole experience, and it's been such a long time since I did. I loved it, I was totally absorbed in the game. I intend to keep doing the same for the rest of the season, no matter what...
  9. Good points🙂 Only 5 games left though.
  10. That's a much better way of thinking in this situation. Focus on what we can achieve, looking forwards. If you look behind, you're likely to fall down.
  11. Vale played some sublime attacking stuff up to it being 3-2, and were exposed to the long ball as a consequence, and some of our defending was atrocious. From then on we tried to throw a blanket over the game, sitting deeper. It succeeded. Just. First goal was brilliant play from both Connor Hall, and Proctor, who was super alert, and super cool. Edmundson's cross was sublime for the second. Walker's goal was down to the coaching staff. In some ways a brilliant performance, and in others, awful. I guess that's what happens when you push and take risks... Super entertainment. I think Vale are playing at the limits. Crosby is pushing them hard and getting them to play at their peak. Mistakes will happen. It's brilliant, quite high risk management.
  12. That was the most entertaining game of football I've seen at Vale for a very long time. Incredibly open, both teams going at it like hammer and tongues, trading blows, forcing mistakes. All done in what I think is the right spirit. Open, honest endeavour. Fantastic atmosphere created because of the entertainment on offer. Good clean fun 😁 Certainly makes me want to go again! Congratulations to every single player on the pitch.
  13. Two manic Mondays to end the season at home!
  14. Definitely an enigma is Rodders. Hasn't quite done a McKirdy yet...
  15. This has a touch of the Exeter game to it, with both on long good runs, both conceding few goals, and losing even fewer matches. These are the recent stats. Salford P13 8-4-1 21-8. Five clean sheets, 8 single goal conceded. Vale P16 8-7-1 23-10 Six clean sheets, 10 single goal conceded. Suggests a low scoring draw.
  16. Just been reading up on Andy Crosby's career. Has vast experience and success as assistant to Nigel Adkins. How the hell did we get him? He has such a calm, respectful and measured manner. It's really no surprise that he's handling things so well.
  17. Very solid team performance. Played within themselves second half and kept the ball well. Amoo a good sub to have in this type of game.
  18. The intensity last night was very high. Two teams slugging it out for 95 minutes. It wasn't pretty, but both teams gave their all. Crosby's comments confirm this, following a similar level at Bradford, with Proctor taking a battering. Our back 3 looked very solid. Benning is the player I thought we'd signed. Wilson was excellent first half. All the teams will be tired at the end of a long season. There will be plenty of weird results to come... All to play for.
  19. That foul throw was because he was on the pitch, not where it was taken from.
  20. Are any of the oatcake shops open pre match? I know of the one on Hamil Rd, which is never open for night games, and High Lane Oatcakes. Are there any others?
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