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  1. I don’t think ifollow games have any commentary, just the live feed.
  2. Slightly negative but at least 2 out and out strikers.. so a move in the right direction
  3. Let me answer this one.. no. But we do have about 20 CMs on the plus side.
  4. Looks like a 4-4-2 with Smith or Rawlison at RB.. and Dodds and Hannant on either wing * Madness indeed.
  5. Hi Rob I used to use the app daily but a couple of weeks ago crashed. I decided to remove it to re-install (tried everything else) but now I cannot find the App anywhere to re-install it!? Happy with whatever you decide ongoing, appreciate your hard work!!
  6. Well done Jordan [emoji1303] May not be the most technically gifted but always gives 100%, not like some of those premier league prima donnas. Nice little earner for us as well, considering we invested little in him. Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  7. Half time, they’re for the taking though these, sort it out Aspo [emoji1303] Off topic.. stoke getting battered at Cov, should be 3 down [emoji23] and no Hugill in the squad today for Preston.. hmmm... Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
  8. Was hoping we’d batter someone soon.. didn’t think it would be the league leaders tho!! Sent from my iPhone using onevalefan
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