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  1. 7 hours ago, valeparklife said:

    I think the signings were lazy. 2 out of the 7 had played for Askey previously. 2 more were signed after trials as no one else wanted them. Mills and Rodney were likely signed as backup.

    The only one that looked to have threatened a regular 1st team spot was Robinson, and he's been garbage. The rest were all signed as squad players.

    Where are our scouts? Do we have any?

    How many 'good signings' have we made in the last 5 years? 

    Lazy or a necessity due to lack of infastructre and scouting network at the club. I know what the club's answer is.

    Signings where <ovf censored> in the main. I don't think anyone could make a reasonable counter argument on that but I think Askeys signing reflect the resources available at the club from a scouting point of view. Thats why we have been limited to Notts Forest (thanks to Sproey) and players Askley know from Macc or Shrewsbury. 

    Aspin rarely was involved in training, he was out scouting players himself so was always away watching games which is why we fell apart when Brabin left who was basically running the squad.  Its been a long running problem.

    Things will change for the better we just need to survive this season.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Eddie Ford said:

    And playing two or three here & there means we can not afford to carry them either

    To be fair to Amoo his games record played last season was decent - only struggled this year.Why?? Thats what the new management team are trying to work out. 

    He's not really a perennial crock like Manny.


  3. 1 hour ago, valeparklife said:

    My point is we've won 3 in 22. What makes people think we're going to suddenly win 4 out of the last 14 or so?

    The players are crap and have no confidence. 

    Watch which clubs our released players end up at. I doubt a very low percentage will remain in the league.

    It only needs one fluky goal of someones arse to win and change to transform the confidence of the team.

    It think its noticeable the defence have looked a lot more confident in the last few games which is a good place to start. Clarke just needs to tweak it a little bit to make us more dynamic.

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Guitar Ray said:

    this despite his correct observation that we assembled the squad to play 433

    Trouble is we have been on a terrible losing run conceding goals for fun playing that way. I don't think he has a choice at present other than 352 however until the midfield 3 are prepared to put the foot on the ball and pass then we are pissing in the wind.

  5. 1 hour ago, Breadwinner said:

    They had one in the second half but that was going nowhere ,I'm byest to Vale very disappointed in them again the goal we conceded was a joke of a goal a goal we have being giving away all season ,they didnt do anything warrant that goal so how come he has got a free header in our box and why was the cross allowed in .

    Piss poor in my opinion, have noticed that the other teams never give us a soft goal beat ourselves as usual .

    Please do not tell me Rodney is a 90 minute footballer that's three games in a row second half zero impact 

    It was very poor defending for the goal. I don' think we would have conceded that goal if we where still playing 352 but switched to 451 following Gibbo injury. Just illustrates why we need 3 CB's to be solid.

    Rodney is never a striker in million years. LW for me. Give him room to receive the ball too feet and push it past the defender and run to cause problems.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    Conlon his shot stopped by a hand that's a penalty and a sending off but no ref bottled it and waved play on .

    The ref wasn't great but even with VAR that is never a penalty. The player turned his back with his arm behind him and it him and was struck from 3 yards away.What is he supposed to do?


  7. 16 minutes ago, Doha said:


    He's played about 17 professional league games EVER.

    He was the only positive spark on the pitch tonight.

    Very, very very harsh. 

    And that is the issue - he's still learning how to play and is nowhere ready for this level of football yet we are leaning on him to try and create for us. Shows how desperate times are.


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  8. Huff and powder puff.... relying on Hurst to create chances showing again he's not good enough for this level.

    Formation changed 4 times during the game mainly due to injuries to Monty and Gibbo but never looked like we would create anything in open play.  Nobody taking the responsibility to get the foot on the ball to try and create something. Very poor with the ball again.

    Desperately missing Worrall & Amoo creativity and good decision making.

    Only positive Theo looked hungry to do well... can't think of anything else.

    We need our luck to change with injuries.

  9. After much deliberation and breaks my heart to leave some out here we go...

    GK Grew RB Aspin CB Glover CB Sproson LB Tankard LW Guppy CM Walker CM Earle RW Ainsworth CF Naylor CF Beckford

    Subs GK Alnwick, S Mills, I Taylor, Hazel,Pope(1st time), Foyle, 

    I love committed players which is why Aspin, Sproson and Ainsworth are in the eleven as a balance to the silky skills of Glover, Walker and Guppy. Very difficult to pick the strikers with no place for Jones (1st stint), Futcher (loved him) or L Mills.

    Gutted can't find a place for Darren Hughes in defence, Bogie,Van Der Laan or Kerr in midfield.



  10. 40 minutes ago, Valepopey11 said:

    since we hounded asked out its been a relentless slip to the bottom reaches of the division. it is inevitable we go down. askey was reliable and capable as he proved at macclesfield. we are now led by a clown who doesn't want to score goals. when will we learn.

    I don't think fans hounded out Askey, they never attended any games unless you think he was trowling social media searching for fans feedback?

    No we where hurtling towards the bottom end of the division under Askey,the players had stopped giving effort and he knew his time was up which is why he was extremely emotional after the game at Mansfield. Who could blame him. His players had badly let him down after he had been very loyal to them in the summer?

    The clown we are led by now, own the evidence of 3 games so far, with players who had downed tools under Askey has got them giving maximum effort again and stopped us conceding a ridiculous number of goals.A good place to start.

    We are currently missing Worrall & Amoo who are the teams main creative players. Its hardly a surprise we are not looking as dangerous without at least one of those players.

    Thats what we have learnt.

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  11. 11 minutes ago, Vale1995 said:

    Gutted after that. We deserved something from the game. But that strike proves what having quality in your squad can do. I wouldn't back any of our players to come up with a moment like that to win a game.

    Its all about the confidence. The contrast between the two teams you can sum up with our efforts on goal and the goal they scored. Most of our efforts where blocked because we want to take 2 or 3 touches before we feel like we can have a crack.There lad just ran on to the ball and smashed it.

    The situation towards the end of the game where Burgess has it on the edge of the area, takes too many touches before a really soft pass to left to Taylor who then never looked like he really wanted to shoot either really sums up where we are as a team at present. 

  12. Tough take that one. I thought we deserved a point and the better team in the 2nd half.

    Played some nice passes and link up play in the 1st half with Conlon,Taylor,Burgess but lacking that final pass or decisiveness from the front players to score. Guthrie has to score that chance or even square it to Rodney. 

    I really don't understand why we still played 352 with Hurst and LWB. The lad is struggling to know how to play LM/LW as it is. We have too many of him in our squad, players who are just not good enough for this level.

    If we are that solid between now and the end of the season we should pick up just enough points to stay up but OMG I think its going to be close.

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  13. I think a lot will depend on the formation Clarke will want to play going forward.

    I suspect from playing Walsall his favoured system is 4-2-3-1 but will want to be able to change things around to 4-5-1 and 4-4-2. He has to find a way we take advantage of the unique size of the pitch in this league at VP but also adaptable for the Sunday parks like Newport and Morecambe.

    Clarke's already indicated he wants versatility from his players which probably rules a few players out. I think with the investment we have made in Taylor and Rodney I personally would like him find a system to play to those players strengths and build around them.

    Of those you mentioned I wouldn't keep Brown

  14. 4 minutes ago, 1 said:

    Tbf he’s not the worst tackler, just <ovf censored> slow. We have 6 strikers who are all ok sometimes, but then no decent first 11 wingers and an undroppable Joyce because nobody can tackle consistently apart from him in the midfield. We always have over-subscriptions in certain areas then nobody to play elsewhere, every season.

    You're right he's OK at tackling on the odd occasion he gets close enough to his player. The problem is he can't pass, lacks concentration and his positional sense to read the game is no better than schoolboy football. Other than that he would be a perfect backup for Joyce.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Nofinikea said:

    I think the fact Clarke is bemoaning the lack of extra defensive midfielders speaks volumes about the way he wants to play.  Its looking like a turgid time folks 

    We have been shipping/gifting goals for fun with one of the worst defences in the league this year, if not one of the worst Vale defence for a generation.  What do you really expect the manager to do?  

    We need to be defensive and nick a goal here and there to win a couple of games to secure safety before a major summer rebuild.


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  16. 1 hour ago, valiant_593 said:

    I think as back up in a small squad you would use either a youth player or someone who can fill in there. I wouldn’t want two out and out CDMs in a smaller squad personally. Think you need more cover in the other areas

    If you recall earlier in the season Askey said Mills could play there🤣 

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  17. 9 hours ago, Eddie Ford said:

    Great post and after only 2 games in and 10 days in the job, I can already see the warning signs that the Walsall fans had told us about on the day he became the Vale manager. In particular everything revolved around the Stevenage game where no one could work out what formation was being played I one of the worst performances for quite a while.

    The only difference this time is that we have a Director of Football who will be in charge of identifying players and no so much the manager.

    Im still hoping we get a Bristol Rovers Clarke and not a Walsall Clarke but for me we currently have the Walsall Clarke which fingers crossed will change in the summe

    Is this is a joke?

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  18. 10 hours ago, saddlesore said:

    Looks like there's a pattern emerging already here. Blaming fitness. Then it will be something else, then something else. His arrogance doesn't allow self blame, he'd rather make the faux pas of blaming his players in interviews to the public.


    Since leaving us he has compared two squads, stating you have more experience, and that he was working with a development squad with us. Yes Darrell because you spunked the budget on your ageing Brizzle love children and spent a fortune on a clearly unfit and overweight captain, with little motivation for anything other than eating McDonald's. Three windows to sort it out and we got worse each time.


    Whatever he did at Rovers is irrelevant. They had a large (comparative) budget and were riding on momentum with players he knew. When he had to replace those, he couldn't. Primarily because he gets whatever players he can, with no thought for where needs strengthen, then faffs around with the formation every week. Our players look more organised in a week already, and hopefully results will follow 


    Good luck! I look forward to reading the similar comments now and in the near and distant future. 


    P.S. you can call this bitterness or whatever else you like, but the relief of Clarke leaving without having to pay him off was overwhelming amongst fans and the local media. However, his likeable personality allows him to get away with his failings.

    You're right you do sound bitter. Are you really suggesting Walsall wanted to sack him but couldn't afford to pay him off?

    Our team has look more organised in two games than we have already this season since Clarke has been in charge. I'm unconcerned about signings, Clarke won't be doing them its the DOF. His job at PVFC is to coach the team to win football matches. His record suggests he can do that. Time well tell but it doesn't half create a great rivalry between us. Bring on next season when fans are allowed back and it will be a great atmosphere.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

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