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  1. Free code to the match emailed by EFL digital 29th October. I think it was sent to anyone who purchased the match against Cheltenham and ST holders. Sorry philmpv copied the wrong quote which was meant to reply to Jamo and didn't know how to fix it.
  2. A very different proposition to our home games. I think this will be the type of game which suits our managers preferred system so think we will be very competitive with every chance of getting a result. If we score 1st then I think we can come away with some points, concede the 1st goal then I only see Newport winning.
  3. Chopper can't disagree with that but you see progress from his Wycombe team each year.That's the difference. You have to ask yourself are we improving from last year? At present the answer is no.
  4. That is exactly our problem. The managers tactics are one dimensional. Teams know who and how why are going to play at home. Withstand the 1st 15 minutes of pressure and sit back. We don't have a plan b,c or d and Askey doesn't appear to know either. Whats even more concerning is the players don't react very well to conceding a goal either. There doesn't appear to be any real leader in the side who is digging the players out to get a reaction. I really like Askey and think he has done a great job but the problem is we have not moved on from last year. We are one of the few clubs in the l
  5. Why can't you play a defensive midfielder in a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2?
  6. Askey does know his best formation its 4-3-3 although we play it more 4-5-1. The starting eleven he thinks he knows the best - its the team which lost to Kings Lynn,Tranmere. Tonight wasn't his best team as it was missing Joyce. Sadly for us Askey is only comfortable playing 4-3-3. Even the Morecambe commentators where making fun saying Askey has 3 options 4-3-3, 4-3-3 & 4-3-3. How true...
  7. I agree we don't have a striker ready to play on their own upfront, which begs the question why do we keep doing it? I just don't get it. We signed Robinson who is a 15-20 goals man playing in a front two and we have not given him a run of games to strike up a partnership. I find It bizarre. We need to find a system to play two upfront to give the strikers a chance or get rid of Robinson and Cullen in the transfer window. Personally I would like to see us play 3-5-2 to utilise the skills of Monty and Clarke going forward with Wozza moving as the attacking midfielder.
  8. I agree with this... Time is running out and I feel this could be the beginning of the end for this group of players and JA.
  9. 3 home defeats in a row against is just not good enough. Are we training to score or just to keep games tight? Absolutely clueless, no creativitiy again against a team which comes to VP defend. Not only do they defend in numbers but we make it really easy for them. To chase the game and still not play 2 up front I'm sorry thats unforgiveable. This is simply not good enough. Can anyone tell men why our best attacking and creative central midfielder plays in the 'Joyce' role, how Crookes keeps his place and why we keep persisting to play Cullen upfront on his own when we don't have midfiel
  10. No cutting edge at all - generally sums up our season. We must have the only FL manager who when chases are game still plays with 1 up front...unbelievable.
  11. I missed the 1st 20 due to IPlayer issues so missed the rest play that the two Phil's keep referring to. What another poor reaction to conceding a goal.. this is fc@£$ <ovf censored>. Hairdryer needed from JA.
  12. Really? Did you not see how much effort the players out into that yesterday. Of course the players are with him. The workmate of the midfield and striker was immense from start to finish. Defensively we should have done better for sure, I don't think any if the back 5 covered themselves in glory. To suggest that is as bad as Sinnott and Gannon you must have a very short memory.
  13. I'm looking forward to the 3 points Numpty😀
  14. You're right you should see the game out still however when the referee has blantatly missed a foul leading to the 1st goal, which is early doors in the 2nd half, it is a different game. Had that not happened it would't have given Tranmere the encouragement to go and win the game. Not too mention the dubious penalty against Legge which give us a mountain to climb... oh and don't forget the 6 minutes added on from where??
  15. Oh my god Carl on P&G says the manager is too blame.. what a @$%^
  16. That ref should be struck from the official register. Absolutely disgusting performance from start to finish.Conlon penalty never, where was the foul for our 3rd goal? sending off your having a laugh, clear foul on Pope for the 1st goal and where do you find 6 added minutes from? Cheated out of 3 points today. On a positive note if we show that fight ,desire and quality for the remainder of the season we will be in the top3. Heroic performance from the Vale lads.
  17. I'm surprised to see Pope upfront considering the two CH for Tranmere. Would have thought movement and a bit pdf pace would have been better today. Hopefully I'm proven wrong.
  18. Just logged on to Iplaye for the 1st game without a code from the club and the video works!!!😀 Fingers crossed it can hold it together for the duration of the game.
  19. Expect a really tight game tomorrow. Think we will need to be at our best to get a win. We should revert back to our tried and trusted system rather than 2 upfront but hopefully JA has a bit more confidence in 442 to change it if needed and before the 80th minute!!! I would go -: Brown,Clarke,Legge,Smith,Monty,Joyce,Conlon,Burges,Wozza,Cullen,Amoo Subs Visser,Pope,Robinson,McKirdy,Manny,Crookes,Rodney
  20. Job done... Minutes for Manny, 90 mins for Monty.. only negative potential injury to McKirdy. Fingers crossed for 4 W's in a row on Saturday.😀
  21. With the rearrange fixtures the next 2 weeks look likely to be pivotal...At home to Tranmere & Scunny followed by a trip to Newport. At least we should have a near enough full squad to choose from with Manny,Monty & Cullen coming back to fitness and the covid restricted players back in the mix too. Hopefully the players will use disappointment of the cup to kick into gear and make a statement of real intent over the next two weeks rather than slip back to mid table mediocrity.
  22. Chasetown was the worst... It was the knock on effect that our manager thought they were that good we signed 2 of their players!
  23. Our reaction each time we have gone a goal down in games, except Cambridge game is the biggest thing which concerns me about our squad. We look beaten each time we concede a goal and don't know how to get back in a game - its a very worrying trend.
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