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  1. Thankfully its probably the last we have seen of Mills. The worst RB I have ever witnessed see at Vale Park....and I remember watching Kevin Steggles!

    I'm very interested to see McKirdy play under DC. I expect we will see him on the subs bench ahead of Hurst.

    No doubt McKirdy can be a game changer. 

  2. It's nice to look forward to a game without worrying about the result to maintain our EFL status. I expect to see the same team again Friday assuming we are injury free. Exeter are a good side in this league but are playing with a lot of pressure to keep pace with the play off places so I'm expecting a very difficult game where we will have to work extremely hard without the ball and will hit them on the counter. I'm going for 2-2 .


  3. 1 hour ago, KingRay said:


    Retained List

    The main reason s for the Vale team not performing to the levels of last season are the newly introduced rule limiting squad size to 21 and the compression of the season leading to more mid-week fixtures.  Once the heavy pitches came then the older players i.e. Joyce, Legge and Pope couldn’t sustain their standard of performance.  This was exacerbated by having several players whose injury records are suspect i.e. Montano, Cullen and Amoo.  I hope and pray that Gibbons is not going to fall into this category.

    Next season the squad cap falls to 20 and Hurst, who was classed as Under 21 this season, will count as an Over 21 player.  Because of this we must recruit players who are capable of playing  mid week games over a sustained period without injury or performance dropping off.

    Contracted                          Renew/New                                      Release              

    1 Smith                                  10 Brown                                          Legge?

    2 Gibbons                             11 Crookes?                                     Fitzpatrick

    3 Conlon                               12 Oyeleke?                                     Brisley

    4 Taylor                                13 McKirdy?                                    Montano

    5 Burgess                              14 Hurst?                                          Visser

    6 Worrall                              15 Right Back                                  Cullen

    7 Amoo                                 16 Left Back                                    Trickett-Smith

    8 Rodney                              17 Central Defender                       Guthrie

    9 Robinson                           18 Defensive Midfielder                Mills

    Whitehead                            19 Defensive Midfielder                Campbell-Gordon

                                                   20 Centre Forward                          Pope & Joyce


    Only ones I would consider to renew -:

    Monty. Good back-up option at LB and LW IF we can reduce his salary to reflect a reduced role.

    RCG I would expect to stay given he's under 21 IF he shows enough potential in training.

    Crookes IF he can show his worth as CB in a back 4.

    Manny IF he can prove his his fitness between now and the end of the season.

    I would try and move on Burgess and Whitehead even pay up the contracts to get rid. The rest of the squad who are out of contract I wouldn't pay in grass cuttings for next season given the contribution to this season.

    Time to breakup the spine of the team and replace them with with players in their prime rather than coming to the end of the career.

    New Era for real this time!!

  4. On 27/03/2021 at 11:17, darren1810 said:

    Had a few injuries last few seasons and in the last 2 seasons has only played half the games 

    I understand his injury is an accident rather than perpetual muscle injury the others have but the fact remains he's missed a lot of games 

    We've really missed him but I think he could go based on the soundbytes from DC and DF 

    Look at his contribution to the team over the last 2 years and his current age. If his name was not Tom Pope this wouldn't even be a debate and there is absolutely now way anyone would be advocating a new deal.



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  5. 1 hour ago, werstayinup said:

    I heard on the radio someone mention we should go for Chris Hussey who is a very good left back BUT i dont think we will be aiming at signing 32yr old players,we will target younger experienced players and those who have potential,i think he is aiming to get the average age of the squad down

    I think its only because of the link with Flitcroft. I agree I don't think he fits the profile of the type of player we should be signing.

  6. 2 hours ago, 1 said:

    That’s the only reason I would keep him in for now. Maybe to the untrained eye he is doing stuff that the rest can benefit from, but I don’t see it.

    The two Crawley CB's couldn't handle him. He pulled out wide to take up some really great positions but the ball didn't come in quick enough to take advantage.His positional play was very good today and was always on the move to run off the shoulder of the defender. Each time the ball was played forward they didn't know how to deal with him. He backs in but tries to turn the defender as well. Neither CB knew what to do with him. He was very unlucky not get to more free kick decisions today. I thought the ref game most 50/50 to them. Theo has done that since he was restored to the side is working harder and looks fitter than the 2 months of the season.He was very unlucky not to score 2 today and just needs 1 goal before I think he will go on a scoring run. 

    Its no coincidence we have looked a lot more threatening since he replaced Guthrie and I would expect Robinson stays for next season.

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  7. Big pat on the back for the gaffer. I really like the in game management. The changing of formation I really think the opposition struggle to cope with it. I wonder though how much of an influence Andy Crosby is having? Can we keep please persuade him to stay into next season - he seems to be our lucky charm.

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  8. Good away performance that. Restricted them to nothing and looked very dangerous in attack with Theo and Rodney a real handful together. Non stop running from Conlon and a bit of class whenever Manny gets on the ball.

    I think its noticeable how the midfield defend so much better with balls on the edge of the box and looks generally like we have much more desire to close the ball down and block shots.

    Should be enough now to be safe.

  9. 11 hours ago, Joe B said:

    I've never seen a proper Potteries Derby

    I feel sorry for you. The 1st one I went to was when we played in 89 at the old Victoria Ground. It's still one of the best football atmospheres I have ever witnessed. The build up and anticipation to the match was amazing. It was before seating so you had to get in early to find a spot, this resulted in the ground being pretty full a good 20 mins before the match. No music played back then so fans just sang at each other which really created a huge excitement as part of the build up. Still makes the hairs on my neck stand up thinking about it. 

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  10. What a game Satdee looks for Walsall .... would be brilliant to see them loose at Grimsby.

    I will be very happy to see them relegated along with Barrow (I'm sure they won't) who I think are cheating the league. EFL should have stepped in there - any player they couldn't shift in January who they have given furlough pay to should be paid back to the government. How is that fair to other clubs in L2?

    Morally vey very wrong.

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  11. 9 minutes ago, EricHamesis said:

    Since Clarke came in has Crookes actually played as a full back? Thought he'd only been the left of three central defenders in a back 3 / 5

    Yes he has only played LB so far under DC. To be honest I think he has some really good attributes and could develop. With smaller squad sizes next season I think its imperative we have squad players who can play multiple positions. He could be a good backup for LB and CB assuming we bring in an actual LB which I really hope we do rather than relying on Monty. I would also keep Monty as backup on the LW if the price was right.

  12. 21 hours ago, LancyTony said:

    I agree - leading to the sacking of the Manager. but you did say you can't erase 4 months of failure because the players have done ok in the last 2 weeks - but, you can, as proven by Crookes!

    I disagree with your logic about Crookes. When I think back (I could be wrong I've not checked the team sheets) but I don't recall him playing very often during that horrific period except the schoolboy display at CB against Tranmere. It was Fitz pretty much every week and Monty on the rare occasion he was fit. 

    Since DC has come in I think Crookes has proven himself to be a capable backup at LB. I personally feel he needs to also demonstrate he can be a capable backup option at CB to earn a new deal. 

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  13. 10 hours ago, Moz said:

    You say that, but many were happy to erase all of Askey's and the squad's good work based on the month of November...

    I agree there's a lot wrong with the squad, but there's a decent core there. I'm not convinced we need wholesale changes. Remember, if we'd had a half decent finisher in the side, things could have been very different at Christmas.

    Seven out, 4/5 in, I reckon.

    Goalscorer or not the events of this season have proven this squad collectively is not strong enough mentally. Too many of them have been missing in action since October, including 1st team regulars.

    I could also argue the majority of this current 1st team have been together for 3 years and have performed way below the expected level, except the first expect 3 months of 2020. I think its time to move on and make wholesale changes but we do still have some good players at L2 level to start off with like Gibbo, Smith, Conlon & Wozza. I'm expecting between 10 -12 to be replaced.

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  14. Just now, LancyTony said:

    ou do know that things have changed, substantially, over the last 4 months?

    Crookes is a perfect example of that - from "he'll never make a footballer" to being considered as MOTM in his last couple of games, with a steady improvement over the last 4 weeks. if he continues to improve, or, at least maintain his current standard, would you really let him go based solely on what he did when the team was struggling, and we were woeful, defensively, and he's a young lad whose confidence was probably low with keep being hammered for "not being a footballer"?

    I'm refering to Oct - Feb as failure.

    Past few weeks after rocket up the arse we have done OK. I also pointed out earlier in the thread I would consider keeping Crookes as a utility defender in the squad, depending on the wages. He has without doubt being one of our more consistent better players since DC came to the club.

  15. 22 hours ago, andy jones said:

    My view is that there isn't a lot wrong with the majority of the squad.

    They finished 8th last season, started this one wel!, Then hit the buffers.

    the next 9 games will dictate whether there is a cull or not. 

    Sorry but I can't see how you can erase 4 months of abject failure because the players have done OK in the last 2 weeks. There is a lot wrong with this squad irrespective of the next 9 games.


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  16. 4 hours ago, philmpv said:

    Of all players (in contract and out of contract), I'd only be looking to keep:

    Manny (only if DC thinks he can keep him fit)
    Burgess (still young enough to improve)
    Hurst (still young enough to improve)

    The rest can go for me. Massive let down this season, unrest, undermining the manager, not getting any younger or simply not good enough

    I tend to agree except Hurst - I don' think he's up to league level. For me he needs a few seasons playing lower league football to improve his game and physical shape.

    I would add Monty as a backup and possibly Crookes to the list, depending who else is available for the money. I think its always good to have a capable utility defender in a squad.

    We will have a core of a decent L2 team next season but need much much better quality and character with 12 new players to turn us into a team with playoffs ambitions.

    The biggest priority has to be the spine of the team. GK,CB,LB,DM and CF where we need to spend some money and get leaders who are much younger and mobile than we have today.

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  17. 2 minutes ago, Quebec_Valiant said:

    You think that Southend, who have picked up 3 points from their last 5 games and averaged less than a point a game all season, are going to pick up 16 points in their last 10 games?

    Who would have thought Barrow would win 4 in a row??

    Most seasons there's always at least 1 of the bottom 2 who start to pull results out of nowhere. We are in strong position at present with our goal difference but we still need points on the board. It only needs Grimsby and/or Southend to put 7 points from 3 games then all of sudden it will get congested down at the bottom.

    As we have seen with  Vale it only takes 1 win for confidence to return and a team can look very different.

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  18. Back to back wins almost forgot what it felt like. Its no coincidence the wins have come with Monty,Manny and Wozza back from injuries.

    Real hard working performance today, pressed them really well and when they did manage to get in  our box we closed them down and blocked shots.Decent away performance overall. I was never concerned we would concede although my confidence was helped by the dire Colchester scoring stats.

    Should have put the game to bed in the 1st half but mixture of bad decision with the final ball and a poor miss from Robinson but we are starting to look a decent side again. I think we still need 6 points to be sure of safety which I expect we will do.

    I think the squad has a look of togetherness now so hats off to Clarke installing that into the team. 

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  19. I'm hopeful we can at least get a point tomorrow with the way the team have played generally after the past 4 games and if you look at Colchester's awful goal scoring record. Back to back win s would fantastic at this stage but we will need repeat performances from 11 men.

    Very interesting comments from DC in his conference about McKirdy.


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