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  1. Get a life mate.... the league table is here to stay !
  2. So Forest Green are second in the league but in your table they are 17th , how can that be ?
  3. So based on the fact that you can only travel a maximum of one hour and Crewe is 3 hours away I can only come to the conclusion that you’ve never been to a Crewe home game ?
  4. He’s doing a great job on very little resources ! People need to be realistic after the past couple of seasons ! If we can end up in the top 12th this season that’s progress ! ️
  5. Not in my book pal ! Horses mouth and all that !
  6. I was quite impressed with your run down on the Crewe team until you admitted that you’re not even going the game . ! #armchairfacts. No thanks
  7. We will be lower than 16th at the end of the season
  8. The fact that we could have been 8th is irrelevant , its obvious to anyone we haven't got a team /squad that will be pressing for the play offs ! To be in the playoffs we are going to have to accumulate at least 70 points , which even now would mean we would need to win 1 out of every 2 games for the rest of the season, given we cant win away from home that's highly unlikely !
  9. All he said was that things were unravelling on the field !
  10. Why are they winnable games we have a team (goalkeeper apart) full of journey men on one year contracts, Stevenage and Macclesfield probably have the same ! So I'd argue that a defeat away and a draw at home is about where we are !
  11. Everything that Ray Williams said was correct, in my opinion. I think its going to be another season when we finish in the bottom 8!
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