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  1. We are fans , how do you know he could ruin the spirit, how do you know what happens in the Vale dressing room ? How do you know he is a bad influence , because you have read it or someone like yourself has created a fanciful post and has tried to past it on as gospel ! Get yourself down the games and support the team , leave the decisions to the professionals ! 🙂
  2. Some ridiculous posts on here, he's a good player get him in ! Once signed its up to the manger make him tow the line ,
  3. When did the transfers rumors debate get hijacked ! Completely ruined ! As if we hadn't talked enough about Tom Pope !
  4. 10th Robinson - Thirteen League 2 1. Salford, Mansfield, Cheltenham 2. Bradford , Grimsby, Bolton, Crawley 3. Barrow, Oldham 4. Nicky Maynard
  5. 100 per cent , same if they toured Australia !
  6. SKY have the rights for Championship, league one and league two , so it is SKY who have after consultation with the EFL that have allowed I follow to show the games at the beginning of the season ! As SKY is on in most pubs , why would SKY allow another company to show football in Pubs once things are back to normal ?
  7. Would it be possible for someone to explain what this post is about ? 🙂
  8. Not a chance that he can be on 15k a goal , how would that work when there has just been a wage cap for all league 2 clubs !
  9. We aren't a big club , not sure anyone is a big club in League two ,
  10. We look toothless up front ! Sorry to say 😞
  11. Mills is an excellent signing, as for Whitehead never been impressed and the fact he has had a lot of clubs backs that up ! I will be happy if I am wrong . ;)
  12. Stop digging you're beginning to come over as seeming racist yourself , perhaps take another seven weeks off this board, to take a look at yourself ! 😞
  13. Empty vessels make the most noise ! 🙂
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