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  1. Birdy


    The Bozbots are entrenched and no amount of rational or balanced thinking will change their minds.
  2. Thanks Rob, watched it all and brought back brilliant memories of the day.
  3. Heartbreaking news. RIP Old Sage, your partners in crime, NLV.
  4. Rooting for you Mike. Big home win needed.
  5. Sleep tight Shaun. Many of us NLV knew you from the Seth days, worked with you and enjoyed the glory years. Sound bloke, good music tastes, good cook, sweet and kind. Sad loss to all his family including the wider Vale family. xx
  6. Birdy


    True many of NLV are Pauli fans and we travel there with Vale fans from up there too. We first went about 18 years ago and loved the ethos, music (punk, ska, northern soul) and the crap football. There's about twenty of us in all who go as and when. I also know many HSV fans over there and the third club in the region, Altona 93 where SP and HSV fans go. We also travel all over Europe to other clubs that aren't full of pie and mash; Frieburg, Rayo Valecano, Eibar, Red Star Paris, Union SG etc. Whoever you go and see German football is a better fan atmosphere at a fraction of the price. Just sad football geeks. There's no animosity between the HSV/Vale and SP/Vale, just the usual jovial slagging off. More of a Lambrusco socialist anyway. We're off on Friday to see St Pauli away in Cologne then another third division game on the Saturday. It will be a good second half of the season with HSV, SP, Cologne and Union Berlin at the top fighting for the two automatic spots. Bermondsey Tim is fuming you called him a socialist, he has a nude picture of Thatcher up in his flat!
  7. Unfortunately egotistical owners don't care for polls or what fans think, look at the overwhelming support for change from the NLV shareholder survey from the last regime. They just dig in.
  8. Myself and JA had many a debate on a wide variety of subjects, sometimes slightly heated and passionate. He once said that The Men They Couldn't Hang were **** when they supported New Model Army back in the day. Daft how things like that stick in your mind. Well I will be going to Paris and Amsterdam to see New Model Army next week and I will raise a glass to him then. A sad loss for the OVF and Vale community. Love and condolences to his loved ones. RIP JA x
  9. Dunno but their majority SH was doing porridge for tax evoidance. ST start at about €150. Every other club hates BM and Red Bull Leipzig. There are a couple of clubs who don't follow the 49% ruling and they are 'works' clubs founded be pre ruling; Leverkusen and I think Wolfsburg.
  10. I am glad you are getting joy from an imaginable situation Chris, nout different there mate : ) I have been following St Pauli for over twenty years and watching them in Hamburg and all over Germnay for about 13 years. I know of at least forty or so Vale fans from all over the country travel to watch SP play so we're well represented. I came about them at a BHA benefit (oh how the times have changed!) gig in 97 in a scout hut in Hove. A couple of coach loads of mainly St Pauli fans but others form other German clubs too had come to offer support in Brighton's hour of need. The German fans scene and solidarity for the common cause is something you don't see in British football still. They looked out for each other even though they supported different clubs. The German FSA is very powerful and has a lot of sway within the DFB. I have met people from all clubs in the England and around the world standing on the terraces of the Millerntor all with a common mindset, which can be seen at most clubs across Germany including those on the fringe of the city following H$V. The German model in general is one to aspire to, low prices, 49% ownership rule, beer on the terraces (yep standing), fan representation etc. Many in the UK who adhere to the teeth sucking, 'Green Street' posturing of football detest SP because of their stance on many issues and their link with Celtic, which admittedly I don't get either. Ironically no PV/SP fan I know follows Celtic but the H$V lot adore Rangers for the obvious reasons. I know a few H$V fans over there who also support Altona 93 too, nice people. Whether you have a soft spot for SP, H$V or any other German club their culture and what their fans have is something for all of us to aspire to. Their links to Sjoke has no baring on anything, a very odd coupling but I will be in the away end when they visit the Sh*t-hole. Anything that improves the sterile game we have benefits us all as #modernfootballisrubbish
  11. Only when we are in First class. Next time you're down to the land of milk and honey come and have a glass of crisp Chablis and canapes with us. I know a lovely Brasserie in Fitzrovia. You'll have to wear deck shoes and a pastel sweater, no grey joggers. Sorry.
  12. I think the Brits, especially the Met have an advantage over our European friends via our history of attacks so are well prepared and trained. Places like Germany and France are not as rehearsed as they have no history with this sort of activity. Unfortunately this will not be the last attack but these ****** will not affect the way we live. I have seen a few ****** on social media blaming en mass groups of our country. Like any extremist with little tolerance for others don't let these cretins cause division amongst us, that is their goal.
  13. London has 10 million people, even with the odd nutcase around you're not likely to be caught up in it. I work in London every day all over the city. Got to carry on doing the same otherwise the fash have won, which ever strain they operate under. #londonunited RIP to those who lost their lives today.
  14. Well done to the original poster for being civil and sticking up for normality. I had a lot of stickers printed a few months ago. Should anyone want any I can post some to you, no charge. Just PM me your address. https://s18.postimg.org/jcliclas9/Screen_Shot_2016_09_08_at_21_53_52.png
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