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  1. 1 hour ago, Warren said:

    In midfield in particular I think we need a greater balance of players who have been at League 1 level and performed well to mix with the players who have the potential to be able to play at League 1 level. That is why I think Fonso Ojo is a really good signing. Up front we need to edge up the goals scored per season by Proctor and Wilson - maybe simply by staying fit. Garrity is a major goal scorer behind them and I think we need some talented young players on loan to come in as backup. Or maybe a top level striker at the end of their career who can appear from the bench for 20 mins in tight games. Lee Hughes type. I'm not sure we need to replace Gibbo because Worrall and Cass can play wing back. Frankly I think Cass is a step up from Gibbo already. Gibbo couldn't do what Worrall does because he didn't have the dribbling skills.

    Definitely agree that we need more league one experience, for me that’s in key areas like up front, midfield and in goal. Don’t agree with Cass being a step up on Gibbo at all, at best he’s a makeshift right back and he’s certainly no wing back long term. RCB is his best position I think. 

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  2. 28 minutes ago, mr.hobblesworth said:

    Wonder if we'll go for more bodies in midfield and one up front?

    Having said that, if what you have written is true, I hope it's Charsley rathen than Taylor who leaves. 

    I just can’t see us being so top heavy in midfield. If we look at our formations last year we only usually played with 3 central midfielders with 2 wingbacks outside those. That’s 4 of them missing out. 

    Whether the Taylor rumours are true or not I think at this stage of his career he needs to be playing regularly. We all know he won’t once Conlon is fit. Is Charsley good enough to make the step up? Personally I wasn’t that impressed with him last season. Great workrate but lacked that little bit of composure and quality. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Valiant in Brum said:
    9 minutes ago, PV1973 said:
    Got my hopes up for a right back.  
    Wonder who’s leaving out of the current midfielders then? 

    Nobodody needs too

    I think someone will, his signing leaves us with seven central midfielders. I predicted that we’d see some of the currently under contract players going.  I think that’s still the case. 

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  4. Some very good points made in that chat on the latest news. Quite well balanced. I did think that might have been a bit of a safe and boring guest, actually turned out to be an interesting chat with Dan. Good stuff throughout. 

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  5. 23 minutes ago, valefan16 said:

    Its a low risk one for us really, you'd expect the same type of deal we offered Gibbo in that it would be based on appearances, its not a position we desperately need a player as we are well stocked in central midfield so why not? He's a decent player.

    Are we? Conlon isn’t fit yet. So we have Garrity, Taylor, Walker and Pett to start the seasonn with. I think we may need another body, no point signing this lad if he’s still out injured. 

  6. 3 hours ago, werstayinup said:

    Well so far on here it's been Fletcher and Cadden mentioned.. not sure on the first one but i have to be honest and say i would walk through fire to get the latter,a cracking wing back imo but one who was said to be targeted by a lot of clubs higher up last season,so not sure if that one has any legs in it,would love to be wrong on that one though

    If there is any truth in the Cadden rumour he played on the left for FGR, would that mean we are looking to offload Hussey? 

    3 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    I would have loved for Gibbo to stay but the club has to be realistic. I don’t know what sort of money he was on for his last contract but I wouldn’t mind guessing his actual cost per game to the club was on a par with some of the higher paid players. And don’t forget, when we went on that amazing 8 wins 9 games run after Colchester he didn’t play in any of them. He was a very good player but the team managed well without him during that period.

    I think your argument is flawed. You should be comparing it to the players that were brought in to play wing back that he was keeping out the side. I think you’d be very surprised what he was on. I have no reason to disbelieve the person that told me that he was on hundreds rather than the thousands of those comparable players (Benning and Hussey). Benning played just slightly more games, but in my eyes I think it’s fair to say both those players offered less to the side in terms of their contributions over the games they played. I also think you’ve got a very short memory with the amount of assists and goals he was involved in over the course of the season. I wouldn’t have thought that and the effect he had on the side was in doubt? Whilst he may not have been binned off as such, the very strong rumours swirling around from people within that our offer was so low it effectively ensured he was forced out no matter how much the manager may have wanted to keep him. Shame really, but the king is dead long live the king and hopefully we have someone lined up because we need backup/competition for Worrall on that side. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    It won't happen but opening day perfect opportunity. 

    Big anticipating home crowd hopefully 7000 basking in the July sunshine and 117 from Fleetwood shoved up the Bycars. 

    Ps I've just renewed my Bycars ticket this morning but I'd 100% swap as and when asked. No brainer. 

    That’s the perfect case in point. Everyone is high on the euphoria of the Swindon game using the Hamil and then the Wembley promotion. 

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  8. I wonder how we are going to be affected by last seasons restrictions on attendances? If we get the balance right we can potentially maximise both ends of the ground during the season, switching between bigger away following in the Hamil and then using it to tempt more homes fans into that end for other fixtures. 

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  9. 40 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Again… Holden won’t be our only signing, he wouldn’t be on big money at all.

    Relax… trust the process. They have proven to be rather good at it 👍

    More signings will come… there will be some quality ones.



    True, but it’s ok to not agree with every decision and just “trust the process” (fkn hate that phrase - popeys fault that). Even if that decision to sign an injured player is just a rumour and hasn’t happened yet 😀

    26 minutes ago, soothsayer said:

    You are joking? 🤔

    The ball bounces less than a foot from where Gibbons was standing like a statue and was in the air for an age. The defender has to take charge in those situations. 
    it was also really poor by him to let McKirdy run off him and score Swindon’s first goal in the semi. 
    Gibbo was terrific going forward but his defending at times was average.

    It’s actually true what he said, watch the footage back and you clearly see Stone apologise to the team saying it was him. He shouted for it, that’s why the ball got left. You’re actually clutching at straws really, losing a man at a corner for a goal in one game and there’s actually nowt else other than that to say why he was a rubbish defender. Yet again another case of a player leaves and so he must have been rubbish in some way. We need a group hug. 

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  10. 24 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Or a small gamble based on his wages?

    If he’s on similar to Alex Hurst then he won’t have to do very much at all to contribute as much as Alex did… and his upside is significantly more.

    Time will tell, not every decision made is right, but he’s going to be taking up a valuable squad place and with conlon probably not making the start of the season too then that’s more pressure on the midfield. As things stand right now we are going into the preseason with a squad built for league two. So I think it’s a fair concern that we’ve rumoured to be adding a player who’s not played for a whole season. I think we need to sprinkle a little more league one experience on the squad with a couple of name signings. I had a forward, keeper, midfielder and a right back in my head. 

    37 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Not at all. I’m genuinely struggling to understand how people are not getting this. 

    We didnt “bin” Gibbo… we offered him a contract that factored in his injury and the risk of him missing games.

    We would so the same for this lad. Genuinely what part of that are people not getting?

    Gibbo himself clearly didn’t feel confident enough about his hamstrings because he took a sideways move 2.5 hours away from his new fiancé and their life together in Stoke. None of the big league 1 teams or championship club came in for him… why not?

    His injury was potentially career ending… he would be on peanuts. But if we get his rehab right (we hired a new head of player fitness from Lincoln yesterday) he has then be potential to be a decent squad player. With 5 subs allowed, a creative number 10 might be very useful.

    This won’t be our only signing … the matrix will see a player with potential and assign him a tiny portion of our budget for potential upside. 

    Will it work… don’t know but to use the “bin Gibbo but sign Holden” line completely ignores all the context and detail around those deals.



    Not sure why you keep mentioning a player not moving to the championship as a negative against his quality. Every Vale fan knows how good he was for us and everyone knows you would have been well chuffed had he signed an extension, just like we all would have been. I think you’re lashing out in that upset angry love kind of way 😀 Maybe he has all the trust in the world in his hamstrings, but took a stand for himself (didn’t want to leave by all accounts) and so has moved to them to be able to move forward in his career (if that makes sense). No idea about the personal life digs though, that’s a bit stalky that. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Portvale4 said:

    One or two people saying we are going for Rory Holden from Smallsall. Injured for all of last season but played under DC, so he must highly rate the lad. 

    WTF we’re signing a player who hasn’t played for a year? That’s a massive gamble. 

    edit: just seen unofficial Vale have posted about It on Twitter too. 

  12. 3 hours ago, dishydave said:

    The question is do you think Gibbo should of been our top earner at the club like he wanted. As much as I love the lad my answer is no.

    I don’t believe for one minute that he went in there demanding to made the top earner. 

    1 hour ago, Guitar Ray said:

    Did you think Cass was the better defender?  Sorry, but from what I saw last season, Gibbo was better of the 2.  To add some balance to that, in fairness Cass is nowhere near as experienced as Gibbo, who must have played 3 or 4 times as many league games at a guess.  You’d say both players have scope to improve, more so in the case of Cass, so it’ll  be interesting to see how both their respective careers progress at League 1 level.

    Agreed on Cass he isn’t a fullback or a wingback IMO. He should be RCB with Worrall in front or another RWB. Cass can cover there if needed but not a long term thing. Cass had a lot of defensive shortcomings last year and I think he’s being put on a pedestal over Gibbo is purely because he’s gone. But the comparison between the 2 just isn’t there. Totally different players. Also had Gibbo signed we would have been doing cartwheels not moaning about him. Just usual fan behaviour when a player leaves. 

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  13. 13 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

    If he’s so good and over his injury record how come he hasn’t gone to a top end league 1 club or to the championship.

    No one disagrees that a fully fit Gibbo would be the best option we have in that position.

    The vast majority of us would rate a fully fit Gibbo as top end league 1 or championship. Yet the football world hasn’t. Why?

    To deny his injury record and discounts it from the decision of how much we should pay him is just wrong.

    Improvement in games this year or not, James Gibbons has a significant injury risk hanging over his head. It sounds like we offered him a small base but a decent salary if he played a certain number of games.

    Says to me he isn’t even confident over his injury himself. He expects the club to gamble over it, but won’t do it himself.

    Gibbo was brilliant.

    Gibbo is injury prone.

    We have him an offer that reflected that.

    Bristol took the gamble. And that’s what it is.

    That’s it.

    I think you answered your own questions. He was good for us and you know he was. I’m guessing you also think that he was better than hussey and Benning too over last season as well. I never thought he was championship good though. Bristol must think he’s worth the gamble whilst I’m genuinely surprised that we didn’t. There’s no shame in going to another league one club though is there, just because it’s not championship club or a Sheffield Wednesday doesn’t indicate his quality. I’m sure Bristol Rovers will have just as much of a go at next season as we will. It’s a whole other debate as to whether they are a bigger club than us or not currently. 

    Now we need to go out and prove the decision right with a player of better quality who will give us 40 games a season. 

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  14. 6 minutes ago, tisdeano said:

    I really wanted him stay , however over 92 league games he’s got on the pitch in 33 and lasted 90 mins in 15

    I’m not the manager, if I was I would have signed him , I really hope he’s over this bad injury period

    Stats can be interpreted anyway to suit any point. 31 games last season vs 12 the season before shows a different trend. Reading Yatesy column the other day he was mentioning the turned ankle he got last season, no player could ever prepare themselves for that type of injury could they. If he had been out with the same hamstring injury as the season before that was pretty much written off then of course it points to that injury being an ongoing issue. I’m not saying he should be a massive earner either, I would be surprised if he thought  that too, but he was worth his weight in the squad and proved it a lot over the course of the games he played in last season. 

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  15. 25 minutes ago, mbycars said:

    He didnt play 30 ish games last season. He only played 34 games in two seasons.

    I think you’re wrong. Across all competitions, just doubled checked it too in Wikipedia. 31 last season and 12 the season before. Fully fit mal Benning played 36 last season and Chris hussey got in 19. I’m as gutted as anyone that gibbo went but I’m not rose tinted enough to try and dumb down his impact last season just because he’s gone.  I’ll die on the hill that he was better than both those 2 who came in last season, he was mainly first choice over them and had more of an impact than both of them over the course of the season. 31 games this season vs 12 the season before to me indicates a player improving his injury record and going the right way over the previous season when he got the bad injury. We’ll never know now, well I suppose we will by what he does for Bristol next season, but we move on anyway.

  16. 1 hour ago, Bald Eagle said:

    Flip that the other way round - if someone earns the same as you but works only half the hours you do how would you feel?  A smaller basic topped up by appearance money seemed an entirely fair way to go.

    Flip It around again. There’s lots of different ways of looking at it. I’m guessing that the 2 players we brought in last season to play wing back and full back are the ones on double, they were both second choice behind him when he was fit and (without checking) probably didn’t play any more than the 30 (ish) games that he played throughout last season either. Plus they’re didn’t get as many assists, goals or have as much of an effect on games either. So we arguably got less benefit out of paying those 2 players double the wage. 

    Taylor to mansfield? Is that a new rumour? 

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