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  1. Let's hope we do an "Amy Winehouse" next season.
  2. https://youtu.be/Vejt__mJybE Super agent Siddall did some of his best work when he went on loan in the opposite direction.
  3. It's funny how we remember things slightly differently. I'm almost 100% certain it was against York, it finished 2:1 and it was the Bycars end. After that it's a bit hazy. I thought the corner came from the Railway side but it's just an impression. My overwhelming memory is the moments before, Greenhoff had missed a sitter and I was still busy hurling abuse at him as the ball flew into the net.
  4. Thanks for that. Proper heroes of mine, especially Bob Newton.
  5. It would be a great name for a band.
  6. Twice, two Saturdays running. In the first one he went in for almost the entire game because Grew got injured early on. I'm pretty sure it finished 1-1. The following week Jim Arnold went off for treatment for about 10 minutes and Jones went in goal again.
  7. Enfield at home in the FA Cup in the 80/81 season, the game that led to Steve Cherry achieving cult status in the replay. There might be a typo in the above sentence.
  8. I've noticed in the last few games we've committed more fouls than the opposition. I remember a few years ago Big Phil Scolari had a theory that the more successful teams were the ones that committed more fouls. Maybe something in it?
  9. I'm guessing Aspin and Swan were in the emotion column.
  10. I think the M in brackets after Chamberlain is superfluous. We know you don't mean Nev.
  11. Midfield Luke Joyce - metronome Emmanuel Oyeleke - hamstrung Tom Conlon - lefty Scott Burgess - revelation Daniel Trickett-Smith - conference Alex Hurst - mañana Wingers Rhys Browne - understudy David Amoo - misunderstood David Worrall - duracell Strikers Devante Rodney - expectation Mark Cullen - antipope Tom Pope - twit
  12. I hope we sign the second one. He has possibly the best name in football.
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