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  1. So Bratty was also involved?
  2. Midfield Luke Joyce - metronome Emmanuel Oyeleke - hamstrung Tom Conlon - lefty Scott Burgess - revelation Daniel Trickett-Smith - conference Alex Hurst - mañana Wingers Rhys Browne - understudy David Amoo - misunderstood David Worrall - duracell Strikers Devante Rodney - expectation Mark Cullen - antipope Tom Pope - twit
  3. I'm surprised Robbie Earle didn't make the list. First season right winger, second season midfielder before playing with great success as a striker. He even had a stint at right back before establishing himself as one of our best ever attacking midfielders.
  4. I was there, but in those pre Internet days the pain passed pretty quickly and we soon moved on to the next shambolic performance. Besides, I was probably more worried about my mock exams.
  5. 9 out of 10! Not for the first time my faith in big Keith was misplaced.
  6. I hope we sign the second one. He has possibly the best name in football.
  7. The commentator, who was generally quite good, kept calling both our fullbacks Simon Hughes.
  8. Great stuff. That Simon Hughes was all over the pitch!
  9. Indeed. So useless that he wasn't even able top a poll that could have been especially created for him.
  10. I think he's doing a sports journalism degree, isn't he? This article and the one in the Sentinel a couple of weeks ago were probably his assignments. A few errors in them but certainly a good effort.
  11. If I'd been able I would've voted for Henderson twice. He really was that bad.
  12. People were afraid of upsetting his grandad.
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