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  1. I’ve been furloughed so had to ask for a refund and been declined. I can’t justify the money being spent to my family for a few ifollow games. I’m awaiting to speak to someone at the club. There should be a choice by each individual like last season.
  2. I would of liked the choice of whether to leave my money in the club or refund. I’ve not received any correspondence about an option
  3. Neither have pace and Smith fitness has dropped since re-signing this season. Last season when he thought he was leaving he was a lot fitter.
  4. I would take Brown-12 Months Deal, Montano -12 Months Deal, Hurst -24 Months Deal, Joyce -12 Months Deal and Guthrie TBC. The rest can all be replaced with the right recruitment.
  5. Whoever comes in needs to be put on a six month contract
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