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  1. The question is does Smith gamble and move to a struggling Birmingham team who could probably be in Div 1 next season or stay at Vale where he gets his place every week and could possibly be be in Div 1 next season.Smith would have to prove himself all over again and could possibly spend next season warming the bench at Brum. He May be happy to sign a 2 or 3 year deal at Vale where he can see a regular starting place and a chance to move to a higher level if a decent offer was made. The club and fans support him and call him one of our own. So many players move to bigger clubs to end
  2. The thing with Amoo is he is only as good as his defender lets him and some teams have done their homework and stuck two players on him to stop him crossing the ball.Made easier because Askey insists on playing one striker up front so there is a spare defender to mark him.Luckily yesterday he was able to attack his defender and get some good crosses in.
  3. Crewe are playing Macc on Tuesday so will be interesting to see how they cope with the rough and tumble against a team struggling to stay in the league.
  4. If Amoo played like that every week he wouldn’t be at Port Vale but playing regular Div 1 or Championship. He is a Port Vale player and when he plays to his ability is an excellent player and rightly gets the plaudits and encouragement from the fans. Bennett is white and accused of being lazy and not putting himself about enough but nobody can say it is racist to criticise him. When will Askey wake up to the fact that Cullen cannot play up front on his own but is a support player to assist Pope or possibly Bennett..
  5. The problem is Askey insists on playing one up front and uses the same tactic of hoofing it up to the player up front. This is why people were crying out forPope to be bought on to feed off the numerous crosses being put in the box. Then he takes Cullen off who was playing well with his link up play and replaces him with Pope. When will Askey learn that Cullen is not a lone striker and needs someone like Pope to feed off. If we play two up front they need 3 players to mark them and stops them overloading the midfield because with one front they only need two players back to
  6. The Smith ,Legge partnership is the strength of our team. Askey will play Groundhog Day with Pope up front on his own. Leyton Orient will have done their homework and put two big Centre halves on Pope and this allows them to overload the midfield stopping the crosses coming in. Just think where we would have been with two up front pressurising their defence and giving their defenders something to worry about. I still can’t believe we have a proven goal scorer like Cullen sitting on the bench and not playing alongside Pope.
  7. Both Worrall and Conlon must have had extension deals depending on appearances included in their deals. Possibly until end of this season.
  8. Lloyd is going to Leek Town on loan until the end of the season to allow a decent player to come in.
  9. Surely Askey must realise by now that playing one up front against the lower teams doesn’t work. Again he left it too late to play two up front and take the game to Morecombe. Shame really we could be in a better situation with good game management and using players like Cullen up front with Pope more often. We are becoming a one trick pony so that teams put two players on Pope and cut out the crosses to feed him. We are also limited by options off the bench because there are not many players on the bench who are game changers. Morecombe have only won 5 matches this se
  10. Sorry but it’s a case of look what you might have won. How many games have we lost at the death by not bringing on a sub at the last few minutes.(Mansfield). But I must admit it makes a change to pinch a game with a last minute penalty.(Stevenage). Actually if we had managed to win all the games we have scored first we would be top of the league. Again on Saturday it shows that if the wingers and midfield don’t get up to support Pope we struggle to break down poor teams who sit back and hope for a break away to score. Being so predictable with one up front costs us poi
  11. Notts Forest can smell the Man City money and hope we are silly enough to pay silly money for a player with 17 league games under his belt.
  12. Out on loan in Jan so job done, The people who need specsavers will be disappointed.
  13. Yes but he,s not from Macc reserves like certain other people we have signed. Not one of Askeys misfits. Must admit I have been pleasantly surprised by Burgess but the only one out of Evans,Kennedy,Lloyd to step up to the team. Even you with your rose tinted glass must admit they aren’t good enough for l argue football.
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