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  1. He is the Macclesfield Messi so I will do it for you from all the supporters who booed him who haven’t got anything between their ears.
  2. Well have to agree to disagree then because I still think he was a poor signing and wasted the budget. Are you sure it’s the supporters who had bugger all between their ears booing him or maybe they were showing the rest of you what a waste of money he has been.
  3. You’re the one getting things wrong. If you check my posts you will find I was asking for Taylor to be signed when he was on trial Never criticised Browne but you may be reading my criticism of signing Macc reserves. I didn’t like Kennedy or Evans and definitely Lloyd. If you don’t like my posts tough S#it it’s a forum And I have to read your S#it so get over it.
  4. Don’t think you can compare Lloyd with Luke Joyce. Joyce is a far better player than Lloyd and has improved quite a lot this season.He is a regular first team reliable player. Askey built up the Lloyd signing by saying what a good player he was and could play left back (can’t tackle)left midfield (not mobile) and left wing (stands around waiting for the ball). He could have signed a better player who could play in the first team but signed Lloyd. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know what he was getting because he was poor at Macclesfield.
  5. Might be Evans, I think that's his natural position. After Tuesday Evans showed he is poor defending so Conlon and Burgess for me. Even Brisley if he is fit. Time to be adventurous and start with Pope and Cullen up front to give their defenders something to think about and not just stop us scoring by putting two players on Pope. Browne is a cert for left wing and has taken his chance with Worrall being suspended.
  6. It baffles me why people respond to you trying to defend the indefensible that Lloyd is not very good and was booed off last night because of that.He has had countless chances to play by Askey and not taken them. You constantly complain about genuine supporters on here who have a different opinion than you. You say you have blocked people then respond to their quotes. You are the only saddo on here.trying to say Lloyd is not a poor player then trying to justify it by pulling on the heart strings. If you can’t stand the heat keep away from the fire.
  7. The reason Lloyd is such an easy target is that he is absolutely dire and not good enough for league football. Askey tries to justify his signing by giving him countless chances which he never takes and it is like playing with ten men when ever he plays. Needs to go out on loan in January to a non league team to allow a better signing to fill his place.
  8. Will need them for the Man City replay.
  9. Maybe we could have a bucket collection to buy him an up to date shirt. Has he been banned yet for running on the pitch trying to wind up the Vale fans?
  10. Pope plays a lone striker up front on his own and teams worked out that if they mark him with two players it prevents him scoring. We really need to move on to give him more support by playing two up front and getting the ball forward quicker. A lot of teams in Div 2 would love a player like Pope up front so there would be plenty of takers if he left. Cant understand why he hasn’t played more games from the start and Bennett coming on later in the game.
  11. Liverpool v Everton will be be the Sunday 4pm kick off with Wolves v Man Utd the early kick off. Just hoping it’s not on Friday or Monday night. To boost attendances at the next two home matches give out vouchers for genuine supporters who can apply after season ticket holders have first bite.
  12. Get the new floodlights on the Railway stand ready for the replay.
  13. For FA cup games away teams can request up to 15 per cent of tickets for ground.
  14. Sjoke got Brentford away. Kiss the FA cup goodbye and relegation to Div 1. Couldnt happen to to a better team. How the mighty have fallen.
  15. The thing is he is popular with the fans and enjoying playing every week which if if he moves up ti Div 1 he is back to square one having to prove himself again. Well done Carroll for sorting a car out for him when his was broken into. Its the little things that make people feel appreciated. He actually seems to be a sensible lad judging by his comments so far. Bet Mitch Clark is kicking himself for going to Leicester U23 and fading into oblivion instead of signing for us. Strange one that Tyler Walker who seemed to be going places has moved from Mansfield to Lincoln and seems no closer to the Forest first team.
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