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  1. What a shame Corporal Jones has been sacked.Should have been given until Christmas to ensure they went down. The guy from Preston doesn’t seem an improvement. With the fair play rules they are truly in the mire. Perhaps why Pauli’s and Haughton don’t want it.
  2. Most of the Macc reserves are on the bench and won’t get a place when other players are fit.The current team consists of last years squad plus Amoo,Taylor and Atkinson.Ok Burgess played for Macc but has moved on since then. Pity the budget was wasted on Lloyd ,Evans and Kennedy when better players were available.
  3. Teams had worked out that if we play Pope up front on his own then put two markers on him it stops us playing. First half Pope was isolated up on his own without any real support. Second half Bennett came on and what a change causing havoc in their defence. If we have two up front they need 3 men back to mark them and can’t overload our midfield. Amoo must play on the right as he struggles on the left and cuts in to hit a traffic jam stopping him being effective. Signing Will Atkinson a recognised established league player makes sense as he can also play midfield as we
  4. Play Bennett and Pope . Give them something to worry about.
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