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  1. That’s why he only got A 5 when all the other players got 7 or 8 or 9. Good idea if you want to weaken the team.
  2. I should have blocked you but I,m not so childish.
  3. Actually may do us a favour because Askey may be forced to play Bennett and Pope up front.
  4. If the red nose fits wear it. Just because you,be blocked me doesn’t mean I can’t respond to your silly comments.
  5. Yes thought we played well and born again Worrall has solved our midfield problem when Manny is not playing. Just not getting carried away as we could soon be back to where we started. Keep the players fit as the squad is not deep. I said Bennett deserved to keep his place and he did well. Bennett and Cullen are the two players who can increase our goals tally.
  6. This army of stewards must be costing a fortune. No wonder we have no money to pay players. One scanned me at the Railway paddock with one of these magic wands and even though I had my car keys and house keys in my pocket it didn’t go off. I don’t think it is on frisking young kids and really could be classed as assault. They were asking 70 year old women if they could check their handbags which is completely OTT. What happens if you say no..Do they refuse entry. I understand that there must be security checks but this new securirity company seem to be jobs worth’s who are really upsetting people. Can the club explain the reason for this increase in security and what are our rights to refuse this intrusion to our privacy. Are these people vetted before being appointed and if they require any training or qualifications to touch and search people.
  7. As ive said before, you continually moan whinge criticise ridicule and complain about signing ex Macc players, but keep banging on that we should sign Durrell. Durrell is probably the only Macc player worth signing and wouldn’t have cost a Kings ransom. He would also be a first team prospect instead of some of the bench warmers signed.
  8. Yes drop Monty and play Bennett on the left. He deserves to keep his place after Saturday.
  9. The strangest one is Jules who was signed by Macc then moved to Walsall. I,m surprised Askey didn’t sign him with his Macc connections.
  10. There is only Amoo in the team plus Crookes who was signed on loan by Aspin who are picked in the first eleven. The other nine signings having been signed by the Manager aren’t in the team and aren’t getting much game time.
  11. Wonder if Jake Taylor is coming on loan from Forest. With Manny injured we need numbers and he may do a job. Been training with Vale pre season.
  12. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Is Lloyd good enough to play in the first team? Durrell is.
  13. To win games you have to score goals which with the current set up with one up front we won’t. They will put two centre backs on Pope and it’s job done.
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