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  1. How do you know when you only listen to it on Radio Stoke.
  2. Atkinson played most of his games at full back when he was at Mansfield so maybe he should start on Saturday at full back as Gibbons doesn’t deserve a place on Saturdays showing. Just hope Askey has given his players a kick up the anus and not made excuses for such an inept performance. Is he too nice to motivate them? Maybe they need to be not paid and extra training on their day off to prove a point. Donate their wages to the Macc players who well deserved their win. Cant wait for Vassell and their cheating goalie to come to Vale for the return match.
  3. Completely agree. Our best performances under Askey both at the end of last season and the start of this have been when we played 4-3-3 with a quick tempo and high press. The team selection was right just the players lacked fight and spirit and thought they could just turn up to get the points. We have to accept that this is mostly the same players as last year and really there is no pressure for their places because Askey wasted the budget on poor Squad signings instead of players who could improve the team.How many of Askeys new signings are in the first team.Very few. There does seem to be a lack of aggression and willingness to roll up their sleeves and fight for every ball. The Macc players realised after they scored that they could run with the ball through our poor midfield and put us under pressure.
  4. The problem is they think that they just have turn up to beat sides lower than them. The problem is these sides are fighting to stay in the league and will not just roll over to have their bellies tickled. We have to match them with desire to win. We have a run of winnable games (including Crewe) but must perform from start to finish or we will get punished. Today we had the perfect goal start then allowed them back in the game with sloppy play. We shouldn’t feel sorry for teams like Macclesfield and hammer them when we have the chance.
  5. Start with the team that finished the game on Saturday. Let Gibbons fight for his place off the bench and he might have some sense to stop getting booked all the time. Bennett and Pope up front to give their defence something to think about instead of sticking two players on Pope to stop us playing hoof ball.
  6. Considering you sit at home and listen to it on the radio I don’t think gate prices have any effect on you. As a season ticket holder I am quite happy to pay the price especially if it keeps the club going financially. The Shanahans have kept the prices reasonable and even offered cheap deals for 10 game tickets. I am sure they will be looking to give incentives for certain future games.Just hope you have a Broadcasting Licence or it could be expensive if you haven’t.
  7. Start with the team that finished last week. Atkinson played most of his games at Mansfield at right back so Gibbons will have to sit on the bench. Surely Askey must appreciate how the team improved when Bennett came on. Gives Pope support and stops us playing Pope ball and gives their defenders something to think about. Worrall can drop into midfield at expense of Burgess.
  8. Knob we only stayed up last season because of his goals.
  9. Playing one up front means they can overload our midfield because they only need two players back to mark and nullify Pope ( or Bennett possibly on his own).This is why we struggled first half with Pope getting no support. Two up front means they have to keep 3 players back to mark them and can pressurise their defenders more.Now that our midfield has improved with Taylor,Joyce and Worrall playing well and possibly Atkinson replacing Burgess we are better equipped.Thought Joyce moved up a gear after he scored and probably had one of his best games for us.
  10. Most of the Macc reserves are on the bench and won’t get a place when other players are fit.The current team consists of last years squad plus Amoo,Taylor and Atkinson.Ok Burgess played for Macc but has moved on since then. Pity the budget was wasted on Lloyd ,Evans and Kennedy when better players were available.
  11. Teams had worked out that if we play Pope up front on his own then put two markers on him it stops us playing. First half Pope was isolated up on his own without any real support. Second half Bennett came on and what a change causing havoc in their defence. If we have two up front they need 3 men back to mark them and can’t overload our midfield. Amoo must play on the right as he struggles on the left and cuts in to hit a traffic jam stopping him being effective. Signing Will Atkinson a recognised established league player makes sense as he can also play midfield as well as full back. Praise again to Jake Taylor who is growing into his role and I thought it was between him and Joyce for MOM.
  12. Play Bennett and Pope . Give them something to worry about.
  13. Even a charity shop couldn’t sell them. Would have to pay people to buy them. Maybe Trading Standards could take this up as trying to sell them as Championship club shirts.
  14. Would definitely be better than Ryan Lloyd.
  15. Must be better than Lloyd.Who could be worse.
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