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  1. 9 hours ago, Breadwinner said:

    Watched till there second goal .
    Bradley Johnson the difference two shots both went in bar that nowt in it at all Robinsons put wide from 3 yards how I do not know husseys put a fine ball in and Harrison tried chest it in should have volleyed .
    Not too disappointed going lose games aplenty in this league for sure however we need to find a way of winning enough keep us mid table I think DC when has all options back Vale be fine .
    Conlon and Ojo are frustrating Ojo seems lose his way and Conlon doesn't put his stamp on games (not in league one up to yet).
    Stay with the team though these finished 3rd last season and ok you probably watched tonight and thought how I did but when you scoring with your first effort on target you know things are going go for you .

    I don't think Robinson's chance was as easy as you're making out. After it rebounded around, he's latched onto it at a close wide angle with the keeper diving at his feet -and on his weaker left foot. 

    Harrisons too, it took a deflection of an MK dons defender and therefore I think that has put Harrison off as the ball hasn't followed the line of travel - he's had to try and re-adjust in a split second...the ball was coming at his knee so again, a chance missed but I don't personally put that down to a player error as such. 

    I agree on Ojo, his performance wasn't what we've come to expect but at least he didn't hide away and he continued to battle throughout, until he was taken off which. He was dwelling on the ball and losing position in dangerous areas. I think he was trying to get composure back on the ball for the team as a lot of the time, we were panicking, but I agree with others - that is down to cohesion which is built over time. 

    Proctor, I thought he was pretty sloppy last night with his one touch passing, in most cases never reached his intended target. It was needles at times too, as he had space and time to take a touch.

    That said, regardless where MK were at the time we played, that isn't indicative of the players they have. They're a good league 1 squad and whilst frustrating we didn't pick up a point, MK away is one that at the start of the season I'd have expected a narrow loss. This season, we need to manage our expectations somewhat, we had a fantastic season last year and no one wants to know that we're just aiming for consolidation - but that is exactly what our aim is and therefore, defeats like last night are going to happen. 

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  2. On 06/08/2022 at 19:08, MelbourneValiant said:

    Fancied by who? There is no denying Fleetwood finished one spot above the relegation zone last term and had awful finish. They were the worst team to survive and we made them look good in large parts.

    The point is this, we are not good enough in effort, Today was shocking. You cannot deny that. If you are happy a 4-0 drubbing then it says it all.

    No one is happy with the 4-0 loss. I’ve seen these type of comments about fleetwood a few times by different posters and we’re starting to sound like the condescending Swindon fans from last year. 20/21 season, we had an awful season, 21/22 season, we got promoted. Just because fleetwood were close to relegation, does not mean that they will be the following season and it’s not our god given right to beat them or anybody.

    I get it, people are frustrated with the lack of fire power signings and the Exeter result (which whilst we beat them last year, we didn’t easily dispatch them - which I’ve seen someone quote. We defended for the vast majority of that game) but let’s not turn into the Swindon fan base that we absolutely detested last season and by large, still do now!

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  3. 19 hours ago, werstayinup said:

    Where has he said that? unbelievable really if he thinks that

    I actually think his comment has been misrepresented, he said he’s taking a step up but I don’t think he’s meant that in a derogatory way to the Vale, I think he’s actually referring to now playing in league one 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, philmpv said:

    He's under contract for another season according to this

    Ah ok. I read previously he was going to be out of contract from 


    but Leeds Live should be more accurate you’d have thought 

  5. I was surprised that the only casualty was Amoo. Amoo was a good player and his attitude seemed brilliant, given he was hardly featuring. That is the culture the whole club have generated, which I don’t think you’ll find at many clubs. I wish Amoo well. 

    Kian, I too was hoping he’d come back but having time to reflect on the decision - I think it makes perfect sense. We were his first loan team and he only joined in January. So Huddersfield have decided to send him to league two for the season- which if you remember was their plan anyway but Kian came in January because he was so impressed with us. If he performs as we know he can but on a more regular basis, then hopefully that recall option will be triggered and he can come back to us if we’re in need. I think I want that more than anything due to the fact Bradford have done it so often to us but we’ve never returned the favour 

  6. 4 hours ago, Joe B said:

    I think people are really overestimating the step-up in quality. We don't need to change a great deal.

    Last time we went up, in Micky Adams' last full season of management and with Smurthwaite running the club, we finished 9th. We made a few signings like Lines, Robertson, and Dicko, but the vast majority of starters were already at the club, like Yates, Duffy, Neal, JMW, Pope, Dodds, Griff, Loft.

    All 4 promoted clubs stayed up last season, three very comfortably and Morecambe on a budget of about £20.

    We had to literally sign non-league players from Scandinavia and France to go down last time, and that was by the skin of our teeth with two of the poorest managers in club history being led by the worst owner in club history. We seemed to be actively trying to get relegated, but if De Freitas had a tad more composure at Fleetwood we'd have stayed up.

    We hammered Stanley, beat Burton, and took Rotherham to penalties last season.

    There's one or two players I wouldn't be delighted to see start, but the likes of Pett won't have any issues. There will be 2/3 teams at the very top who are Championship level, but a lot of drudgery from 12th down. We're a club on the up with an excellent set-up, already far better run than the vast majority of clubs knocking about the recesses of the third tier.

    Be sound. 5-6 bits of quality in and we'll be looking at steady mid-table at worst. The challenge was getting out of that tinpot affair. You Matrix had to rebuild an entire squad with about three months prep last summer; it's had 12 months to get ready for this, and far less work is needed.

    Some really good posts here from Joe and I’ve missed these types of posts.

    That’s not dig either mate, as I can completely appreciate why the frustration began to set in when it looked like we were about to throw a fabulous promotion chance away. 

    I’m still very much on a high and I’m reluctant at present to suggest where I feel slight improvements are needed - as I want us and the team to be able to enjoy this a little while longer. 

    however, priorities for me is Gibbo and Smith signing new contracts. Smith showed in the last few games why he should always have stayed at CB rather trying to make him play the RCB role. 

    a few tweaks but I don’t want the squad balance and relationship completely ripped up, I’m happy to just keep adding small tweaks to ensure we continue to progress

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  7. 3 hours ago, Playa Amodores said:

    Benning is an accomplished left back when playing that role. Worrall isn’t a right back even though at times has been required to play in that position the same as Benning because we always play a 352. For me I’d keep the same team that started against Swindon. I saw some of the best football we’ve played all season in the first half and should have had that game put to bed at half time.

    I'd agree with keeping the same team. Smith proved on Tuesday why he should be first choice CB - nothing against Martin and when he's played he's done nothing wrong but for me, Smith plays that role brilliantly.

    It's also compelling that Wozza had one of this best games in recent months, which I put down to Gibbo playing the RCB role and overlapping him but giving sound re-assurance from a defensive perspective. That is a combination that I've been looking/waiting for, and I wasn't disappointed. 

    Mansfield are going to be a really tricky game and on paper have a very good squad, but we've shown we can match them. Mansfield fans are acting similar to Swindon's, they think their team just need to turn up and we're beat.

    One thing which could work in our favour, the size of the pitch. Mansfield pitch is relatively tight so not accustomed to a pitch of Wembley's size....it's only Monday, and my nerves are shot already! UTV - into these

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  8. 2 hours ago, 1 said:

    There's no way Edmondson doesn't play, but I would just play Wilson and Proctor together and add Charsley to the midfield, 352 with Walker still in the back 3. He has been ok, just was soooo cumbersome on Tuesday.

    I noticed their forwards kept leaning into walkers back whenever he went to head the ball, but for me, he just isn't strong enough or seems to relish the battle in that part of the pitch. That's why I think Smith is much better in that role. If smith does move across, who do you then put in at RCB.

    I'd prefer to see Proctor and Wilson closer together in a front two - which is what Dazzler started with and said he always likes two up top

  9. 1 minute ago, Walka003 said:

    Jones i think is injured. Gibbo has never been tried at CB so would be wild to throw him in there. Holy would be my third choice at the minute, bomb scare with the ball at his feet, slow getting down with low shots, not commanding his area well enough from crosses and corners. Lucas would be my first choice but looks as if the management team are over him.

    I wasn't sure if Jones was injured as he hasn't been mentioned, but I did notice he hadn't been on the bench again. I do agree but I think he'd be the best option in replicating what Cass was offering previously. Ideally, you want Gibbo in the wing back role due to his crossing ability, but we also need to accommodate wozza. I think them pair work really well together, so whilst it wouldn't be my first choice, it's an enforced choice to try and get more triangle pass and movement. 

    his distribution is way off but unless he does something drastically wrong, then I can't see him getting dropped. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Walka003 said:


    Smith - Martin - Hall

    Gibbo - Garrity - Charsley - Walker - Hussey

    Proctor - Wilson

    Take it back to what was bringing us success when we were actually playing well. Pett looks out of form so would look at taking him out. Col are hopeless so lets get the energy up in the middle with Garrity and Charsley and harry them into mistake.

    I agree with the formation just not in a personal positional sense. We were to more effective when we had Cass and Jones being able to carry the ball out and overlap the wing backs - offering more outlets. Smith and Hall are purely just solid defenders but that's why we're tending to go back and sideways rather than forward. For me, and Martin hasn't done anything wrong i'd go the following. Goalkeeper, I don't really have a preference but Covolan did collect a lot of crosses but I rarely saw him actually make a save - Holy, good presence, collects crosses but it's like he's not used to playing on small tight pitches, given his goal kicks go all the way to the other keeper. So my team:



                       Gibbo      Smith     Jones

              Wozza     Pett     Walker      Hussey


                        Proctor    Wilson


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  11. On 01/02/2022 at 23:35, Guitar Ray said:


    The £1850 figure, which from memory was given by DC in an interview, may be completely spurious for all we know.  Either way, what everyone seems to forget is that although we may have this cap in place he also stated there’s a bias towards bonus incentives. The £1850, or whatever, may be significantly more if we’re top 7, winning games, scoring goals and keeping clean sheets.  The capped figure can’t be taken in isolation, it’s part of an overall package.  It’s impossible to compare our salary with any rival club, who could potentially offer a higher basic wage yet lower bonuses.  Who knows?

    Whatever we pay we’ve got some decent players on the books.

    This is where I think people seem to be missing the point on. If we are offering a top basic salary of £1,850, we know for a fact that not all players will be on that amount. The likes of Hurst etc will be on less than that. However, what we appear to be doing, is making this almost a Sales related environment. This is your basic package but heavily incentivised if you meet these certain goals. To some degree, most clubs work similar to that, but it appears that rather than an individual incentive, it's collectively i.e. bonus paid if we're in the top 7 and therefore each and everyone of you needs to be putting in a performance. Rather than here's £30k if you reach 15 goals Wilson.

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  12. 1 hour ago, rob1983 said:
    1 hour ago, For Us All said:
    Well we're up there.
    Goals from open play up until 3rd February,2022.
    FGR - 39
    Newport - 34
    Swindon - 31
    Exeter -31
    Sutton - 28
    Harrogate - 28
    Port Vale - 27

    How many of those were early season...

    Saturday 21st August


    Tuesday 17th August


    Saturday 14th August


    Tuesday 10th August


    Saturday 7th August



    There you go - that's the start of the season....and using the same amount of games since we lasted scored from opened play.......now bore off.

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  13. 44 minutes ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Also emphasises my absolute bugbear about football fans… if we had collectively got behind him and roared him on whenever he was on the pitch I have no doubt it would have helped him.

    Its not just Johnson, we always seem to need a scapegoat… it’s Martin at the moment, he played really well yesterday but so many can’t move on from the zeitgeist that he is bad… he made an average decision on a header late on yesterday and the pantomime collective groan was embarrassing… if it was smith who did it, no one would have mentioned it.

    Football fans do not help their own cause.

    Absolutely agree with this, other players include rodders. We do have a tendency to want to blame certain players - and it’s not just when we’re not doing so well.

  14. On 28/01/2022 at 12:24, Breadwinner said:

    We are at home should be looking to  be on the front foot no problem with Smith but watched enough of him to safely say he is a midtable league 2 defender .

    If we wish to stay as a league two club keep playing him just feel he is a stopper nowt else .

    Port Vale over the years have had loads of set pieces ,corners etc how often does he get his head on anything in the opposition box (it's a very rare event ok he is due one eventually but generally he never wins first phase ball to create panic in the opposition penalty area and for me he may as well be the player told stay back in our half .

    Just feel Cass for example comfortable on the ball moves it quickly and always involved in the games I've seen in a positive way ,Hall looks like he can play as well good on the ball also Jones is quality also funny how results gone  pear shaped without him and Martin has never had a run of games so he cannot strike any form of relationship with any of the other 2 of the 3 at the back when he comes in he looks indecisive because of lack of playing time give him a run of games and he may be a lot better than what folk on some Vale sites think he is .

    Hussey the part you wrote about him is correct however if he is wing back it's is job create like Gibbons job was to create and boy that lads enthusiasm alone got him into fantastic positions for Vale to prosper from his excellent overall positive play, just feel Hurst will go around someone and he can put a fantastic ball in also and yes a surprise inclusion but I want Vale hit them and hit them from all areas  

    The team I chose like I put will not be the team and Smith will play (out of contract at end of season so he as everything to play for )lets hope he is more positive on the ball than what he usually is not that I will be there as am not going so be of no concern of mine if he is or isn't but for the Vale faithful  



    Smithy must have read your comments mate….can you do the same again on Tuesday about the rest of the squad 🙏

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  15. 23 minutes ago, ValeForever. said:

    He's also had a little nibble in his interview with Walsall saying that their style of play is a big reason he has made the move. Clearly didn't fit into DCs system. If the rumours about his poor attitude are true, good riddance.

    Done well to get a bit of money for him as I think he may have just sulked for the next 12 months if not.

    Bog standard comment from a lower league player, I don’t really see that as a dig personally. It’s the same as when a player states, the gaffer, the facilities etc 

  16. 10 minutes ago, onestepatatime said:

    Anthony Grant signing for them today!!  Will he  be available to play tomorow?

    well, that's frustrating - I was a big fan of Grant during his time with us. I'm hoping he doesn't get booed tomorrow, like previous occasions - as it never seems to work in our favour!

  17. 5 hours ago, Breadwinner said:

     My team not that it matters what team I put as it will not be Clarkes team as he as is favourites 

    Cass Martin Hall 
    Worrall    Walker (hussey)        Hurst 
         Garrity Pett 
    Harratt Wilson 
    Play Hussey in Central mid with Pett and allow Garrity Hurst Worrall Harratt and Wilson hit them from all areas .
    If jones fit put him in for Martin 

    Let's move the ball crisply and lets see if the extra height of either Jones or Martin can put the ball in the Scunthorpe net .

    I think Hurst coming in on  his right foot could work a treat Hussey passes sideways and backwards go for the throat Vale not to say Hussey ain't a good player but I cannot see Wilson heading a cross in anytime soon ,maybe Harratt will though so if Hussey selected no problem with that  .

    Clarkes team will be this lets hope its justified as we are at home and we need to play with tempo not slow dire passing and movement bloody move and quickly .

    The same team as Orient away bar Cass for Gibbons will be clarkes selected side for sure .

    Time for the Vale give the home fans a performance for both halfs not just a spell here and there a 90 minute one where our desire to score is greater than there's and our desire for them not to score is to the standard it needs be  

    I do not buy this that these are a poor side we in the past 12 months have made Kings Lynn a good side plus many more with  embarrassing no shows we ain't had a all round performance since Colchester at home so we need step up if we want be nearer the top of the league. 

    Here's hoping for a result to match the performance 


    Not to dig you out, but have we really stooped to this level - "Clarke only picks his favorites"...........given your past obvious dislike to Smith, I assume you mean him. 

    Play Hussey centre mid, the Hussey that is famous for his deliveries into the box and probably the sole reason we were in for him. Why would you play Jones, a left back/WB in a Sweeper role? He's 6 foot, whilst still tall - he's not as tall as Martin 6'3 and Hall 6'4 - so surely you'd move Hall to the sweeper role and Jones in the LCB role which he has excelled out previously? 

    Not every cross into a box is reliant upon someone being able to head the ball in, and whilst heading isn't Wilson main attribute, I wouldn't particularly say that it is an absolute weakness. 

    When hussey and benning have played, we don't appear to have great options available for them to move forward - which forces them back and sideways, rather than it being their lack of confidence in making a forward pass. 

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  18. 6 minutes ago, Guppys left peg said:

    Appears the keeper we could be after is Thomas Holy from Ipswich according to Pete O’Rourke. Can’t claim to know much of him other than using the famous scouting tool Wikipedia his height is apparently 6ft9in.

    If that is the case, then I think it's safe to say DC doesn't feel he can rely on Lucas any longer - rather than my earlier thoughts it could be we're just looking for a short term reserve goalie. 

  19. 2 minutes ago, Walka003 said:

    Also,shocked that he's going for a new goalie, can only imagine that's the last time we see Lucas.

    I instantly thought that too, but then I remember DCs interview and he was asked why he'd not named a youth team goalie on the bench - he basically said that none of them are up to the grade required. So, I guess it could be either a direct replacement for lucas or just a youth/reserve goalie

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