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  1. Online ticketing still down which means got pay another £2 per ticket tomorrow. Usual shambles.
  2. Surprising comments from someone who used to talk some sense. You now just seem deluded and out of touch with 95% of fans.
  3. Who of the would-be's wouldn't be a risk?
  4. Any of those 3 and that's me finished. The Club is bigger than any one individual blah, blah. I'm not sure anymore. NS has ****** the Club over in every sense of the word.
  5. I don't think that Adams is paranoid. Just a manager past his sell-by date. Just stick to the "consultancy" and not at the Vale.
  6. Or the day that the Sproson statue was unveiled or comments that he made about fans collecting money in buckets.
  7. Unlike Askey, who has kept his non-league side in non-league
  8. Askey? Based on what? His Dad playing for the Vale? Who will you suggest next? Garlick's Mum?
  9. That one sentence just about sums you up. Incredible but to some extent quite satisfying that you've no knowledge of football
  10. You've always been a strange one. Self-righteous. Patronising. But perhaps with a little intelligence.
  11. And if we win? #carryonregardless
  12. Who needs us? Brown? Smurf?
  13. Smurf will be ******** himself on that basis.
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