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  1. 51 minutes ago, robf said:

    I think after that Covid-hit season, we need to be super careful with budgets and spending. I think it's all too easy to say to someone else that they just need to spend more of their money. 

    I think there's still a lot of clubs just about treading water after Covid and for a club which has already had two administrations in living memory I wouldn't want it to be a hat-trick!

    Yes, it's frustrating we can't go out there and splurge in the hope of propelling us back into the promotion picture but this is a long-term project and I'd rather take sensible, long-term progression over gambling on going up this season. A gamble is exactly that - what if it failed and we didn't get promotion? 

    The club is run by well-meaning, fantastic owners with sensible, long-term plans and there's still more to come in terms of developing the academy etc. I am sure that success will follow because the right structure is now in place but we may just need to be patient, keep balancing the books and not do anything silly. Darrell Clarke's has completely revamped the playing side of things - but it took Sir Alex Ferguson three years to deliver success at Old Trafford (or closer to home, it took Rudgie two and half seasons) and Clarke's only just over a year into the job. 


    Spot on that, what is the obsession with instant success?, I’m more concerned with progress on and off the pitch as they say “ Rome wasn’t built in a day “. The club is clearly moving forward and at a steady rate which can be seen especially when you compare it to the car crash of the Turdthwaite years.

    should we get promoted I personally think it would be a season too soon and would lead to another large turn over of players as we search for proven league one players in order to stabilise in league 1.

    However I also have the habit of talking out of my a arse, come on Vale let’s get it done


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  2. 2 hours ago, Biddulph_PV said:

    Ridiculous decision. Never seen anything like that in my life. 

    I too have never seen anything like it but unlike you for me it was a clear sending off,I was sat in the Lorne street and as soon as he went for that ball with his stools showing I thought “ he’s off “. I can’t remember the last time Vale had a keeper sent off before this season but we now have a keeper that’s been sent off 3 times. He might be a good shot stopper and his distribution is good but you just don’t know what he’s going to do next, I can only put today down to him having a brain fart.

  3. I actually think the stewards are far better than previous years, they seem more talkative and polite and there doesn’t appear to be any dressed like South American para military’s as there has been in past years.

    Being searched is a condition of entry as it has been at every ground in the country for as long as I can remember, it isn’t just for explosives or weapons it’s also for alcohol and latterly IT and recording equipment (Chinese betting syndicates). 

    I very much doubt that every person entering the Paddock was searched, it was probably that every person in a 5 minute period was.

    As for gloves and masks unless you change gloves after every search they are useless and to be honest you are much more likely to catch COVID while in the jam packed toilets than being searched for 15 seconds in the open air.

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  4. Wilson is about more than goals he put a shift in and took defenders away from Proctor. Rodney is I would guess 6 or 7 pound of muscle lighter than he was last season, Which has probably made him faster but whereas last season defenders were bouncing off him this season he’s falling over because they are over powering him.
    Personally I am sick of hearing about “high press” or 452, 7,1,1 etc etc, for gods sake just do the basics and play football. For my mind DC tactically got his backside handed to him on a plate today.

  5. I too shall be old fashioned and wait to see him play, I may even push it a tad further and not expect him to score 6 on his debut. The main reason for my patience is the fact I am not a football manager, never have been never will be and to be honest I can’t even play the game that well, I never even had a trial or had my budding career cut short in a sentinel cup fixture.

    welcome to the Vale do your best every game you play and that will do for me.

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  6. I personally am as happy as I could be about the two new signings. Never heard of either of them and I’m guessing that’s the same for most on here slating them.

    Im not a football manager, tbf I couldn’t  even play the bloody game very well and that’s probably why Carole hasn’t picked me to be the manager or director of football because basically they know far more than me about players.

    therefor I will also trust the manager and directors judgement, welcome to the Vale whoever you may be.

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  7. From what I have seen the injuries he has had have been nasty on field ones that would have felled a donkey (nothing against donkeys, they’ve served Vale well in the past) as opposed to the “resting with a niggle or came off because he felt his hamstring” type of injury.

    Big lad some years younger than Joyce but with plenty of experience who obviously knows where the net is and can be used as a CB in an emergency, what’s not to like.

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