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  1. 11 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    I wish you wouldn’t quote posts like that. The only thing Biden lost was the number of rude interruptions. Who actually lost in that debate was America - it was a complete sh**show. 

    It was an embarrassing to watch. Two schoolboys would have behaved better.  We gained nothing from it. 


    4 hours ago, The_godfather said:

    Good people on both sides, eh?

    Firstly, and most importantly, there's no way it is a victory for Trump. Not because Biden bested him in the traditional sense; that's a pointless mechanism through which to measure the outcome - you might as well have a 'debate' with a chimp. But because the only people the debates are relevant to is the undecided middle ground, or really uncertain voters on either side. That might constitute a bigger proportion of voters than people think, but with politics being so polarized, it's difficult to say. (It also doesn't mean he won't win, but in the context 

    That notwithstanding, Trump didn't do anything to appeal to that group of voters. He doesn't offer any kind of policy position himself, that's not new, but his inability to anything other than rant and rave, interrupt, hector, and be generally obnoxious wouldn't have done much to persuade a good chunk of those voters that they should vote for him. If it did, based on that performance, they weren't that undecided in the first place. He may have won a few, but I would imagine he has lost a few more.

    Biden wasn't great - far from it; he's clearly vastly diminished from what he has been before. But he doesn't necessarily have to do too much - as a moderate (this is one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress, apparently who has remarkably and suddenly been taken over by the 'radical' left), he doesn't need to be much more than a reasonable voice, and a counterpoint to the chaos opposite him to win a good part of those undecideds.

    There is no point engaging with any of the rest.


    Biden certainly doesn’t have to do too much, as he has done nothing so far. He is being controlled by the left, and is fast becoming senile . Sad to see , mind you. The left wants Harris in there. Trump should have let Biden talk himself into a corner at the debate, because Joe rambles and gets lost, but he couldn’t contain himself enough. It was childish on both sides. 
    America needs a young 45 or 50 year old President to sort it all out . I’m not holding my breath. 


  2. 18 hours ago, bycars rob said:

    He`s made such a big thing out of how successful a businessman he is and yet he loses so much money that he pays almost no income tax.

    He has the brass neck to call dead servicemen losers, when he is the biggest of all. what a terrible human being.


    Don’t believe everything you hear. He didn’t say that about servicemen. However, that debate was like a food fight in a school cafe. Neither of them looked good. 

  3. 26 minutes ago, Paul6754 said:

    So placing an early  travel ban on people coming to the USA from China, particularly from Wuhan and surrounding areas on 31 Jan 2020 made matters worse, it undoubtedly saved thousands of American lives.

    Quid pro quo Joe on tv saying it was the wrong thing to do, the left wing media calling him a racist, bigot and every other slander word under the sun for it, all got massive amounts of egg on their faces now but no apologies forth coming. Similarly placing  a travel ban on flights from Italy and elsewhere in Europe was equally sensible.

    Trump and Mike Pence together have done many good things to combat this virus, pay more attention to what Trump does and the outcomes not on what the deranged Democrats and left media say or cherry pick about him.

    You'll never win that argument. There's always a good few experts in England telling us how to live our lives in America, and how the country should be run. Most of them haven't been across the Irish Sea ,

    yet alone the Atlantic.  It's the same in Ireland , when I go back. Anti-Trump to the hilt, and they're all experts. However, when push comes to shove, they all come crying to America for help. 

  4. Dallas  in lockdown now, and the word is that Houston will start lockdown tomorrow.  Houston , with a metro population of 5 million, has 166 cases , 2 deaths and 7 recoveries as of today. 
    It’s about to get worse in the next month . 

  5. On 19/03/2020 at 20:16, toyahw said:

    Okay, my wife had the second test  positive,  she's really not well but stable. Not in intensive care. Can't visit her. Not allowed. 

    Sorry to hear that. I'll say a prayer for her recovery, and all your family. We're all in this together. 

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  6. 29 minutes ago, Playa Amodores said:

    I see in Germany people are now only allowed to buy Sausage and Cheese. It’s called the Würst Kase scenario!!!

    Keep ‘em coming . We need humour now more than ever. 😂

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  7. 15 hours ago, TylerB said:


    The media in general are complete <ovf censored>. Nothing but if, buts and maybe's. They know scare mongering gets people's attention. They might as well make an article stating that aliens COULD or MIGHT invade Earth next year and it would be to our demise. Parasites!

    I agree, shame on them . Vultures , who prey on the fears of ordinary people , especially the elderly. Just to get a <ovf censored> story. 

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  8. 19 minutes ago, TylerB said:


    Also I'm talking about a worse case scenario, if things continue to get worse. If they do then drastic times call for drastic measures.

    Let’s begin by shooting Klopp. 

  9. 3 hours ago, The man in the pub said:

    RR you need to self isolate yourself.  Hopefully after Luton have a comfortable win on Saturday suggest you go the Incinerator. Sure to be plenty of wide open, empty spaces with little chance of any human contact.

    That made me laugh. 😂

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  10. 8 hours ago, Wrex said:

    I don't know why people keep holding up Australia as this great shining example for us all. Half the country is on fire and they're allowing an Indian company to build one of the world's largest ever coal mines.

    They’re a well balanced race, the Aussies . They have a chip on both shoulders. Just joking , Barry😂

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  11. Meh, it's boring at this stage. They found nothing. Trump 2020. MAGA.Look at the idiots he's running against. Sleepy(Creepy)  Joe( " I like children sitting on my lap" , Warren the  liar, Madcap Bernie, Buttigieg (really?)   and Andrew " I'll give each of you $1,000 if you'll let me be President. Are you <ovf censored> kidding me? 

  12. Let it go.You know nothing about American politics. It’s just all assumptions and Wikipedia <ovf censored>. You’re making the same stupid mistake that all the liberals here are making, that is taking President Trump at face value. It goes way deeper. I know this . You’re wasting your time. He’s going to remain in power. 


  13. 15 hours ago, Doha said:

    Yes, the peer reviewed study by accredited and lettered experts is truly stupid, not the logical fallacy using, whataboutism deflecting, anthropogenic climate change denying lunatic Trump supporter. 

    And Americans wonder why the rest of the world hate them. I mean really. Puddled.

    The rest of the world doesn’t hate America. It’s only you. 😂😂🇺🇸

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  14. 7 hours ago, Paul6754 said:

    Is he being dishonest or is it a "Slip of the tongue" or a simple mistake.

    Because Pelosi can "Order" the Democrats to vote for it and as they're in the majority it will likely pass and end up in the Senate, I guess no President wants impeachment on their resume. The Republicans will then very likely win in the Senate and Trump will remain in office and I believe stand in the next election.

    All this time will have been spent messing about when Congress/President should be running the country. The Democrats could have left the ""Impeachment" to the 2020 election but they realize they're unlikely to win hence why they've been trying to impeach Trump since the day he got elected and why many of the idiots have been praying for the USA to go into recession, in effect Americans rooting against America that's where the Democrats are at, that's how stupid they are.

    The Democrats are as dumb as a bag of hammers. 😂🇺🇸

  15. On 08/08/2019 at 06:19, mr.hobblesworth said:

    Absolutely devastated to read that David Berman passed away yesterday, apparently by his own hand. He'd been one of my favourite artists for so long but he was obviously such a troubled man. Don't think I'll ever be able to listen to the recent Purple Mountains LP. Feel so so sad about this.

    His poetry was brilliant too.


    RIP David.

    Terribly tragic news. A very talented artist gone. I saw Silver Jews in Houston about 9 years ago .  The small dingy club was packed , and it was a memorable night. He was an extraordinary poet. RIP 


  16. Funny how all the Brits pretend to know all about America, and it’s politics. The Irish are the same . They tell me exactly   what’s wrong with President Trump, and how the country should be run ie a socialist government, etc etc. 

    Yet many of them have hardly stepped foot outside, Tipperary , Limerick, Burslem, Stoke. They know everything about  politics in Tulsa, Oklahoma City , Dallas , and , erm, DC. All this despite the fact that I’ve lived in America for 34 years now , and in that time I’ve never seen it as prosperous as it is today , thanks to President Trump. But what do I know? Meanwhile, there’s that big ***** called Brexit . Sort that one out first before you all start  on America. We’re doing fine over here. 🇺🇸




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