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  1. 1 hour ago, Santa said:

    My dislike of Salford stems from of the way the class of 92 generally treat Manchester like their own private monopoly board. They tried to tarmac over one of the nicest green spaces in the area to build their training ground, and they ripped the heart out of my old place of work so they could start their Noddy university that nobody has enrolled at and is two thirds empty.

    So if that upsets a few part time United fans then, oh well.

    Upset them all you want. 

  2. If Garrity is back , Vale will be a different side to the one on Saturday , especially in the first half. He brings a huge amount of energy , vision and no little skill to the team. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him score on Tuesday , in a fixture that has me losing sleep already . Vale need to get stuck in right away , and we can win this. 2-1 Vale . 

  3. We all know that it could come down to goal difference for automatic/ playoffs. Vale have the 2nd best in the division after Forest Green. Very impressive indeed , considering how things have gone since January, on and off the pitch. Right then, I’m off to look at the table once again, and again. Sleep well  Valiants. A long way to go yet , but a really nice feeling to be in the automatic places for now. UTV 

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  4. 57 minutes ago, bertiepee said:

    Listened to the commentary on radio stoke today, bowers was excellent , you can tell he is one of us vale fans. Now I never phone or text radio stoke but I was hoping that someone would phone in and let mr blakeman know that yes vale and Mansfield both have 66 points but twice he said Mansfield have 2 games in hand , not on us they don’t. I must say though credit to the radio station today it was the vale day from start to finish over our illustrious neighbours for a change 

    “ I need a Valium”! Brilliant from Bowers. 🤣

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  5. 11 minutes ago, saintvaliant said:

    When you factor in that we were missing 6 genuine first team standard performers in Conlon, Gibbo, Pett, Garrity, Jones, Hussey it’s another big win. Plus Taylor only just back after 5 months out.

    Getting a couple of those back fit would be massive for the run in.

    Great post. If we had those players , that game would have been sown up at H-T.  Tuesday is huge. UTV 

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  6. 8 hours ago, fred binneys head said:

    Yep, more likely it will end up in London Paddington station or Exmouth. I’m hoping we’re up by then anyway so we can have a last game party. Be good if you were up too, be a shame if we beat you, condemning you to another season in League 2, and you wrecked our beautiful city. Please don’t do that.

    You’re thinking of Sjoke City mate. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Dr Delgado said:

    I'm so pleased to see Darrell back, I'm also proud that our club has been as compassionate and caring as it has. Carol certainly has a knack of making everyone connected to the club feel special and reading Darrell's comments he very much feels a part of the Port Vale family. We've waited such a long time for a club we can all be proud of, all feel a part of and all move forward with. 

    Welcome back Darrell, take it at your own pace and I hope the season brings us all what we richly deserve.

    Nice post. If he should read it, then it will lift him up. 

  8. 2 hours ago, robf said:

    100% agree. It's nice to see he's taken strength from the support by Vale and the wider football family but I still hope he takes it slowly and comes back at a pace which suits him. His mental health and wellbeing are more important than results on a pitch. However, it's good he's with the right club in that regard and that our owners will obviously be supportive with whatever decisions he makes. I hope DC gets a huge welcome when he wants to appear in public and I also hope AC gets a huge thank you for what he has managed in extremely challenging circumstances. 

    Well said. That sums it all up right there. 

  9. 2 hours ago, valefan79 said:

    Anyone know if we have sold out for this game yet, with only around 600 tickets available, 4th in the table and a new ground for everyone, was expecting this to be sold out quickly, not seen any mention that this is the case.

    Not exactly a new ground. We played Barrow last season,with Conlon scoring the goal of the season for all 4 divisions, imo. 

  10. A poachers goal from Wilson and a sublime finish from Proctor. The team worked their socks off today. Benning MoM for me. Mansfield have 2 games in hand , but they have to win them first , starting with an away trip to Hartlepool on Tuesday. It’s tight at the top , but Vale are the form team now, and that’s huge. Barrow won’t easy , and I’d take a scrappy 1-0 win. Fans were fantastic today . Good attendance. Lovely interview with Carol Shanahan too. Happy as Larry tonight . UTV 

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  11. 1 hour ago, NellyTheValiant said:

    I was due to be travelling to France and not attending the game but C19 put paid to that so not doing either.

    Rest and iFollow for me this afternoon sadly.

    Rest as much as you can , and enjoy the match. Hopefully by 5 pm you’ll be feeling better. UTV 

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  12. 5 hours ago, Osh said:

    Can't wait for Saturday. 280 mile round trip for me and whole tank of fuel at around a onner.  

    Sadly this is my last game this season - off in to hospital a week today and then on crutches.  I'm hoping and praying that I might just be able to make the Exeter game/last match of the season as either my Vale mates will pick me up on the way past, or my Mrs will take me down there in the car.

    Would love 3 more beautiful, shiny points on Saturday; would make my day!  I've also got an idea that my Mrs is making steak and chips for me when I get back - she's such a lucky girl! 😍


    UTV and KTF

    I’d say that you’re a lucky man. I think Vale will win this 3-1 against a big physical side. Hopefully the team is well rested for Saturday. Best wishes for a successful operation. UTV 

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  13. 5 hours ago, philmpv said:

    I personally will always go but know the latter would be attractive to some. My confusion arises from the fact that the effect on attendances is always cited as the reason that games largely aren't available in the UK yet how does it being an international weekend suddenly and seemingly make this reason redundant for L1 and L2 clubs so that they're available to UK residents? That's what I can't get my head around. It's as though the rule is only concerned with Prem and Champ attendances, which makes no sense either

    I live a long way from Vale Park , but I would rather attend than watch online. 

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  14. 50 minutes ago, ValeForever. said:

    I've got a hunch we will get our first penalty tonight. We can't go a full season without a couple, surely. Not sure who will take it in Conlon's absence, potentially Wilson...

    We almost had one Saturday, had Songo’o left it a second later on Wilson. Maybe tonight then. Vale 2-1 ,with 5,356 in attendance. UTV 

  15. 17 hours ago, darren1810 said:

    Times are hard. Impending tax rises for us all. Two homes in a week is a big cost to people. Can't help thinking we could of done a double header ticket for say 30 quid . 

    Let's hope we get a better turnout than against Mansfield. The players are doing their part. 

    It's a massive game now , really pivotal week coming up.

    Come on you cheeky whites. 

    I always like your posts . Sensible stuff. UTV 

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  16. 1 hour ago, Paul6754 said:

    The ref had been letting six o'one and half o'dozen of the other challenges go all game so it was no surprise that he waived play on in the challenge between Proctor and Songo'o. Someone (ClintonBoulton ?)  made this point at half time and commented how refreshing it was to see a ref let the game go on and flow.

    At the end of the day Proctor was more than a handful for Songo'o.

    If Song’o hadn’t timed that excellent tackle on Wilson , we would have had our 1st penalty in a long time. It was a good  , physical game today. Refreshing to see. 

  17. 13 hours ago, hillmanhunter said:

    Source for that graph is here

    Source: NOAA’s Global Historical Climatology Network·Temperature distributions show daily minimum temperatures for the summer months (June-August) in each decade, measured by the airport weather station. Data for the 2020s consists of the 2020 and 2021 summers. Nights are considered abnormally cold or hot based on the 5th and 95th percentile of the 1960s temperature distribution.

    Here's Nevada's temperature record.



    That doesn’t lie alright. Good source.  Big changes there. 

  18. 8 hours ago, Iron Curtain said:

    If any other 4 players had been plagued by injury other than Wilson, Proctor, Gibbo and Conlon we would be top of this league right now… I genuinely believe that!

    No doubt about it. If Gibbo and Conlon were in tonight , it would have an even better night, if that’s possible. Very happy though. After Harratt’s first goal , I did a fist pumping lap around the house, and another for the second. UTV!!

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