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  1. 2 hours ago, Fosse69 said:

    Key game is Gas v FGR on Sat, if they win that it will be very difficult for us, but football is a funny game.

    That has a draw written all over it. 2-2 . 

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  2. 31 minutes ago, valefan79 said:

    That was 9 years ago though.  The feeling we have as fans is that anytime there is a bigger gate over the years, we seem to freeze, it does feel different with this team and I still think we will have a lot of nervy moments but get over the line, but a few of my mates who only go for the bigger games said anytime they are in with a big gate, we don't seem to perform.

    “ A few of my mates who only go for the bigger games”. Hmm, says it all. 

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  3. Can’t complain too much really. End of a great run. Jones had a good chance  to even it up , but overall Bristol Rovers wanted it more. Worral is a fine servant to the Vale, but has been struggling for some time now , and injuries as always have played a big part in our season so far. On to Walsall , and a game we really need to win . Depressed. 

  4. On 16/04/2022 at 16:50, ValeSLF said:

    I am much better thank you, I loved the Hartlepool game and I thought we were worthy winners. However, I have then spent a couple of days up in a North East hospital but now back here - eventually, and now need to check it out. I have now twice had this "Loss of Consciousness". It is nothing to do with Vale, I loved Friday except the closing moments after the guys left the pitch and we were all filing out. I don't care to repeat that and it is something else and I need to get to the bottom of it.

    Thank you for your all kind comments. I don't think I'm feeling well enough for Bristol Rovers but maybe Newport!!!! See you there. Stand by me again when I fall over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I was worried about you when  it was mentioned on the radio , but very glad to hear that you had recovered. Get those tests done at all costs . We don’t want to lose you. 
    Take care and God  bless. 

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  5. I watched the Semi Final between Liverpool and Man City yesterday, and despite the 5 goals, this was a match that was far removed from this great competition, with a bunch of fancy dans tip tapping their way through 90 mins . No passion , just  sanitized football . 
    Awful to watch . Any of the 1st Round games in the competition were better than that crap. 

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  6. Roll up roll up indeed. A point wouldn’t be bad , but a 1-0 win would surely cement Vale’s promotion. It’s unlikely , but at this rate , even silverware can’t be ruled out just yet. Some difficult games for FGR and Exeter coming up. I expect we could see around 12,000 on Monday. What a great time to be a Vale fan. Being champions/promoted is earned  , and not promised , but God knows we deserve our day in the sun, especially with all the club has been through in the last 10 years. Now , with a well run club from top to bottom, and not unlike Brentford, we can dream a little . The season is not decided yet  of course, but I wouldn’t want to be any side facing the Vale  right now. Monday could turn out to be a very emotional day should DC make an appearance. If he doesn’t , that’s perfectly understandable, but if he does , then there won’t be a dry eye in any corner of Vale Park , regardless of the result. How fitting , and somewhat healing, that could be for him. UTV 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, toyahw said:

    No.  I live in the Netherlands. There is no Sky TV in the Netherlands.  You should get out more. Not all Vale fans live in the UK. 

    Hope there is a stream from somewhere. 

    I’m going to dig into this and try to figure out a way you can watch it. You can’t get the  ESPN + app in Europe , which makes no sense as we can get the iFollow app here , as Paul explained.  There used to be stream links that Vale fans would put on here . Anyway , we’ll sort you out one way or another. 

  8. 4 hours ago, robf said:

    I've seen a couple of posts on here about watching the games particularly the Friday fixture. 

    As far as I am aware it's only Saturday 3pm fixtures that are subject to the blackout which means they can't be screened live in the UK. So, both those fixtures will be available to buy on iFollow for both UK-based and fans overseas. 

    I'm sure those that can get to the games will go but at least the club are set for some more revenue as a portion of the IFollow money will go to them too. So in addition to bumper matchday receipts on Monday there will also be some revenue coming in from those far and wide (UK and abroad) who can't make it on the day (and those watching can hopefully see see the club consolidate their promotion push too). In fact the club are promoting Friday as such - 

    @mr.hobblesworth I saw your earlier post and I can't see any reason you can't view it as you'd be in the same boat as the #SuperValeAbroad who watch regularly from abroad. Only thing I would suggest is not to buy the video pass while still in the UK. I think if you did that and then tried to watch it abroad the iFollow service would get confused. Best to buy it from the country you intend to watch it from. Otherwise, I think you should be fine (fingers crossed)

    What a mess . 

  9. If Vale get into them early like Saturday, we could be one or two up before Hartlepool know it. I have a lot of confidence in this Vale team. They’re afraid of no one. I think Hartlepool are in for a tough afternoon. A win on Friday , and Easter Monday will see the biggest crowd in years at Vale Park. I can hardly wait for this weekend. UTV 



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  10. 3 hours ago, Paul6754 said:

    This video goes a long way to answering the cheap shots taken by posters at The Trumper.  It is undeniable that in 2018 Trump is warning Germany about becoming too dependent on Russian oil and undeniable that German diplomats are ignorantly scoffing and laughing about what's being said by Trump.

    I wonder if the same German diplomats are laughing now as war rages in Ukraine and the results of their disastrous green energy policies become apparent and they stare down the real prospect of power cuts or still continue to fund the Russian war effort..

    The Trumper wasn't perfect but he got most things political right.



    Best American President ever. 

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