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  1. I think we’ve had our chance to go up, falling at the last hurdle with the three losses. You can’t do that and expect promotion. Exeter are a very good side , and by 5pm on Saturday , will be crowned champions.  Swindon will do what we couldn’t, and handily beat Walsall. Sutton , Northampton and Bristol Rovers, who will hammer Scunthorpe, will all win . Then we go again , as Rob Jones used to say , in poxy L2 next season .  That’s the reality. Of course , football isn’t built on reality, but whether through players being burnt out, injuries , Covid, or tactical changes , the fans will be left with “ the hope that kills you”  feeling throughout the summer, and it’s Crawley /Barrow/ away again on a freezing cold Tuesday night in January. For a team that lost once in 19 games, what the hell happened? 

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  2. On 27/04/2022 at 07:45, TJHValiant said:

    Would you really want to watch League 1 football each week if we can’t beat two average league 2 sides with so much at stake in our final two games? We’d be doing a Crewe each week. Depressing..

    I think Vale are going to get a least a play off place with all to play for. We can of course win the playoffs as soon often it’s a clean slate for many clubs. 


    One of those “ average” sides are 2nd and might even end up as champions. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Jacko51 said:

    Mr Smurthwaite has yet to realise there is more to life than cash. You can fill your pockets with ill-gotten gains but is it worth it if everyone absolutely loathes you?  Quite frankly, I wouldn’t urinate on him if he was on fire. Gloating about what he did to our club shows what a despicable character he is. 

    He’s the lowest of the low to come on here and try to rub it in. 

  4. For those on this side of the pond, the match is on ESPN + , with coverage starting at 8:55 AM  Central / 6:55 AM Pacific/ 9:55 AM East Coast. They are also showing Salford v Mansfield , starting at 6:25 AM Central / 4:25 AM Pacific / 7:25 AM East Coast. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, soothsayer said:

    If we got 6pts we’d finish 3rd. I can’t see it though. 

    If we got 6 pts , the only team to beat that would be Northampton, if they got 6pts of course. We need Exeter to win or draw on Saturday. If they do , and we beat Newport, that last day will be unimaginable, and definitely only for the strong of heart . UTV 

  6. The only time I’ve ever watched Stoke was at Dynamo stadium in Houston for a preseason friendly in July 2013 against Houston Dynamo. I wore my Vale top , and as I passed some Stoke fans going in I tapped on the badge and said: “ Proper club is Port Vale” 

    Dynamo won 2-0 . Great night that was, friendly or not. 


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  7. 4 hours ago, Joe B said:

    Is there anything to the claims Vale fans 'attacked' kids?

    The Walsall keeper was acting like a spoiled brat  in sarcastically applauding the Vale fans at FT. What a stupid thing to do. Gibbons should have smacked him. Idiot. 

  8. Still some twists and turns left in this season. If Exeter beat Northampton, and they could, Vale will have to put on the performance of a lifetime and beat Newport Co. Anything can happen. Even a draw between those two. Vale might go to Exeter and get the rub of the green , and a deflected goal to win it. I’m losing my mind. 1:30 AM  in Space City. Must get sleep. UTV  

    Always and Forever 

  9. 1 hour ago, Joe B said:

    I find the ridicule of disappointed fans very harsh. ‘Bottom lips wobbling’ and ‘state of you’.

    We’ve had an absolutely horrendous 20 years and, for the first time, we were given concrete hope a couple of weeks ago, only for it to fall apart following a couple of bottling performances in truly predictable Vale fashion. 

    The idea that Port Vale fans, treated to one top 6 finish in 30 years and more administrations than promotions, should stoically accept chucking away a 5 point gap over 4th with 4 games to go is ridiculous. If we fall in the playoffs, it’ll feel like yet another crushing kick in the teeth in the life of any Vale under the age of 30, as Stoke and Crewe fans cackle with glee. Kids who’ve only ever had the mickey taken out of them, trudging into school for another year of it.

    Overreaction and disappointment is to be expected tonight. Everyone will calm down but the ‘everything is positive all the time forever’ (how I envy them) lads should be a tad more considerate of Vale fans who’ve had precious little to celebrate having a crumb of success dangled in front of them and them seemingly snatched away.

    Fingers crossed for Newport. This week will hurt and I don’t want to consider the disappointment if we face Crawley and Stevenage away yet again and a postwar record length of stay in the 4th tier. 

    Great post , and that’s how I feel tonight. Gutted. 

  10. 50 minutes ago, valefan79 said:

    I know I am probably showing my age but some of our fans behaviour really does get to me.  I was in the side stand and stewards said to sit in seat number ticket which is what you expect for a sell out game.  The number of our younger fans who decide to sit anywhere so they can be with their mates is just wrong.  They show no consideration for those people with kids or elderly with the constant standing up, standing in the aisles when they had a seat, if you had a child would not encourage you take to a Vale away game where we travel in big numbers.

    I’m showing mine too, when I say that it all goes back to the parents. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, valeparklife said:

    Based on the relegation battle last season, yes I would be happy.

    Forward progress.

    A good summer of recruitment, mainly in the goalkeeping department and forward line + a better injury record next season and there is no reason why we wouldn't be up there again.

    Not  trying to sound selfish, but I can hardly stand another season in L2. However, if we don’t go up , I’ll be eagerly awaiting the fixtures as usual this summer. After 54 years , I’m not changing anything. UTV 

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  12. 5 minutes ago, MelbourneValiant said:

    So did Bill Bratt, So did Paul Wildes, so did the silly fat wayne kerr.

    I’ve noticed a pattern with you, and it’s that you come on here to stir things up after a loss. None of those could hold a candle to Carol Shanahan , but that’s not your point really , is it?  

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  13. We deserved nothing today. No cohesión to the team , and Walsall fully deserved their win. We can only hope that Exeter do us a favour at Northampton next Saturday, and then that makes Monday a big game  against Newport. Still some twists and turns , but on that form we won’t go up by any route. To be fair, Vale are a tired side. Walsall had nothing to lose , so they could relax today. Vale didn’t handle the pressure. Worral and Wilson have been poor for some time now, and today they were just awful. Gutted

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  14. 1 hour ago, Santa said:

    Different managers have different ways of coping with the pressure at this stage of the season.


    Someone needs to turn off the Gas. 🙄

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  15. 3 minutes ago, sheffield61 said:

    THINK I am right in saying FGR are UP with just a point at the Gas........


    SURELY they will be up for it on Saturday if so....

    That’s correct, and I think they have sorted themselves after losing a few games. 

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  16. 1 hour ago, joker1968 said:

    Any complaining to the EFL should be concerning the appointment of yesterdays ref.To me no official should take charge of both meetings in the same season and given the fact he had taken charge of the reverse fixture and sent off 2 off their players.

    The decision does not stand up to the scrutiny of fair play rules.

    Quite right, and that match should have had a top L1 or even Championship ref . That number 15 should have been sent off long before the end . If Barton got in his face , send him off too. The ref didn’t have the mettle. He talked too much. No sour grapes over losing . What’s done is done, but he was very bad.

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