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  1. 2 minutes ago, WV said:

    I’ll let him know you’ve psychologically analysed him from off the tele across the pond. Jesus. 

    No, not from the tele . It just showed his antics more clearly on ESPN than it would on iFollow.  He has history , or hadn’t you noticed. So let him know all you want. He may be sitting on your lap if Connor Hall gets near him Thursday. You two can have a nice chat. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, WV said:

    From what I know of him he seems to have grown up a bit finally and is training harder than ever. A bit like when Pope did a proper pre season that didn’t involve drinking 6 cans every night and smoking outside the sneyd arms. Look what happened to him that year. I find the vitriol for McKirdy petty especially from a fan base who cheered on Lee Hughes and Gary Roberts not that long ago. 

    From what I saw of him yesterday , I don’t think he has grown up at all, and I don’t think he ever will. He did score twice , to be fair , but his whole approach is very childish.For example,  Frank Worthington was a real character in a decade of many, but McKirdy will never be a man like him. Too many demons there , I’d say. 

  3. We’re 2-1 down , and somewhat fortunate to be in that position . Swindon had two golden chances to put it to bed . I thought that Vale were holding their own 1st half up to the goal. Then , up steps McKirdy to stir things up. 
    Why wasn’t there a man on each post for that corner? Vale were coping well though, but if that ball that flew across the 6 yard area had been poked in, that might have been it. But it wasn’t and despite their 2nd , which was lucky enough, after an excellent save by Stone, Vale reacted very well . In the end , we were unlucky ourselves. I thought Proctor’s shot from outside the area was going into the top right corner, but it was left to Wilson  to give us all hope and confidence for Thursday. It will have to be much better though. An early goal and they might crumble, but they’re a good side , and we’ll definitely have to be at it. No excuses. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, boslemportvale91 said:

    Scott Brown (Celtic one) new manager of Fleetwood Town. Huge gamble taking a recently retired player on , although they did the same Barton and he didn't do to bad I suppose. They certainly have a thing for Sh*tehouse footballers 

    I agree. Both are cut from the same cloth. Brown is as good as Barton for going in studs ups , and has had several fights in his time at Celtic. Imagine those two in the tunnel ? Well worth £20.  

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  5. 8 hours ago, bertiepee said:

    I think you met us in strikes night club in Burslem on Saturday night after the Burnley game ( I was with Paul Morrison )  we were talking to the manager Alan Salt, a big vale fan , and he was saying the atmosphere was great but the previous round replay against Hull was a better atmosphere, 

    That’s right, and you have some memory. That was a great night at strikes, and I was very very drunk. I’m sure that club is long gone now. Thanks 

  6. 21 minutes ago, Vital Spark said:

    Good new about the Hamil arrangement and although a lot of my memories are from the Bycars I would welcome this becoming a permanent move. The only stumbling block in the future would be the police insisting that larger problematic away followings are moved back to the Hamil.

    If permanent, the club could install a fenced walk-way directly from the pub to the back of the Hamil. There are endless advantages and opportunities to giving home fans the Hamil permanently.

    The only small issue would be the scoreboard not being visible, but I think it long overdue an upgrade and possible relocation anyway.

    Put the scoreboard in the Family Stand area, and make it bigger. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, bertiepee said:

    The lad was Paul Morrison ,now lives on park estate ,still goes the vale, did you come over and stay at his house for the cup run to the 5 th round against Villa mid 70 s

    I went to his house in 1972 for that Blackburn match, but I stayed with the Bennetts. It was a long time till I saw the next match in 1977 v Burnley in the cup. I was going to London to try to get work. Stayed in the George on the Friday and a bnb after the match . What a day that was. When Vale scored the winner through Derek Brownbill , I think, , I lost my wallet on the Lorne St. terrace, and a few mins later , a man tapped me on the shoulder and handed it to me. I wasn’t able to go to the 5th Round at Villa Park, and London eat me alive , returning to Ireland 3 months later. 
    One Vale fan told me that I could apply for work at Wedgewood, but I didn’t do it. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Tommy McLarens Boots said:

    I remember Harry Bennett and his wife from the away coach (often only one in those days) I also remember Paul but can't recall his surname. I vaguely remember you coming over from Ireland and coming to Aldershot with us. Glad you're still following the Vale.

    I can’t speak highly enough of the Bennetts They were a lovely couple who treated me so well . If I remember right, there was only one coach going to Aldershot. There will be a few more going to Swindon next week. It’s only the Vale for me , TMB. Thanks very much . 

  9. I hitched a lift from Thurles, County Tipperary  to Dublin in November 1973. I’d been following the Vale for 5 years at that time , and had been writing to a Mr.&Mrs. Bennett, who lived in Sneyd Green, and were running the Supporters Club . Got the ferry to Holyhead, train to Crewe, and on to Longton. 
    Walked from Longton to Sneyd Green, before miraculously finding the Bennetts walking out their front door to get the coach to Aldershot.  They were shocked and delighted to see me, as I hadn’t told them. Vale drew 0-0, and on the following Monday I went to Vale Park to see them play Blackburn Rovers. I had met a chap whose name was Paul , and he lived in the first semi detached house past the Hamil end , overlooking the ground. He brought me over to the Railway entrance and handed me a load of Golden Goal tickets and off I went selling them . How I found myself on the cinder track in front of the Railway Paddock , is beyond me, but a policeman soon put me right, and into the Paddock I went. Vale lost 2-1 , Woodward scored a piledriver from 20 yards, and I was in a daze . I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was the best football experience of my life , hands down. Sorry to go on, but do any of you remember the Bennetts?They were lovely people, and they treated me like a son. I was 18. In fact , everyone was so kind. Would anyone know who Paul was? Slim chance , I suppose. But Vale Park , the lights , Woodward’s goal. It was magic . UTV 

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  10. 6 hours ago, onestepatatime said:

    Look and admire what MK Don's chairman has done. He has restricted Wycombe's allocation to 2000 for the 2nd leg even though they have a circa 30,000 capacity. Brilliant. Are you watching Carol?

    I would never admire anything that FC Franchise does. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, fred binneys head said:

    Well done Vale, we battered you but didn’t really open you up much and you defended well. Great finish by the big lad up top. Good support too, couldn’t hear you much because of the acoustics but heard you loud a few times and could see you clapping even when we couldn’t hear you.

    Gutted we didn’t get the championship but it seems FGR deserved it in the end. Shame we couldn’t have got a draw off you to clinch it, but there you go, it’s still a brilliant season for us.

    Good luck in the play offs, hope you join us in league 1. Class for your players to give us a guard of honour when we returned to the pitch. Nice to see the mutual pitch invasion end well with shared support, clapping each other, etc and no bother, the way it should be.

    All the best 👍

    Well done fred. Congratulations on your promotion. All the best for next season. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, The French Connection said:

    I'm going out for a bike ride with the Mrs, have a look at the final scores when I get back.  Its the only way I can cope! 

    Smart move . Enjoy the bike ride with your better half, and hopefully you’ll be looking forward to an extended season for the Vale when you get back. UTV 

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  13. It’s going to be 22C at kickoff time, so a fairly toasty afternoon in store for both sides, considering the English weather. Who will handle it better? Meanwhile, it’s going to be 35C here in Houston. Very hot for this time of year. It’s all relative . Up the Vale !! 

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  14. 31 minutes ago, rayzer said:

    Both the Railway Stand and the Bycars Stand are 72 years old and the expected lifespan of steel structures is normally 75 years, so the club could find itself in a position where it fas to make a major decision within three years. I am sure the cost of demolishing those old stands and building new ones would be cheaper than moving to a new ground altogether. Vale Park is not worth much on the open market, mainly because of its covenant on it which designates it has to remain as a sports stadium. 

    I know that there are problems with the substrate at Vale Park but I am sure that with modern building methods these can be overcome. We could build a new stand on the Bycars with modern facilities fit for the 21st century and the Railway Stand could be built closer to the pitch and with a higher rake to maximise attendances and to also build another row of boxes and corporate facilities to maximise revenue for non football days.

    By bringing the stand closer to the pitch this would hopefully enable us to build some office units along the length of the stand to bring in some extra revenue.

    At the end of the day it will be down to Carol to decide.


    I like that idea . Perhaps you could mention it to Carol. I can just picture that , and it would have a great atmosphere, not to mention the financial possibilities it would bring. 

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