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  1. No suprise really. Many of the 7,500 women 33% who have "died from Covid" in this country have been over 90. A significant percentage wouldn't have lasted another 6 months. The excess deaths curve will dip for a couple of months, prior to another increase as the true cost of lockdown on the health of the nation catches up.
  2. I think you've completely missed the point on masks. It's obviously a gamble from the government who are pandering to the Covid wimps, the Covid brainwashed and the downright thick in order to get them to go out to the shops again. It has nothing to do with health benefits. Unfortunately evidence suggests that the masks have actually had the opposite affect in getting people back to the high street. If you really think that getting the general public to wear homemade face-masks during the 30 seconds they spend in the petrol station paying for fuel (whilst driving to a restaurant to go mask-less for hours on end in an enclosed space) is a health strategy then you're mistaken. From my point of view, facemasks are symbolic, and for the already brainwashed and disproportionately frightened they enforce fear. The only way to get out of this colossal mess is to accept mortality, get out of the covid haze, and stop pandering to the ill informed living in totally disproportionate fear. Muzzling England up 122 days into lockdown is completely the wrong message.
  3. If you're worried about the income of football clubs just consider how the wider measures will impact the incomes of businesses across the globe. How many millions of people will die as a result of the inevitable global recession which will last anything up to a decade? Why are we as a global society destroying our future for a generation to prolong the lives of ancient humans (80 years plus) who are extremely close to death anyway? It's a shame that the lessons learnt from the pandemic will come too late for those who will die as result of economic lockdown. Statistically those who have been saved from Coronavirus through these draconian measures will largely have died of something else by the time that we realize how daft those in charge have been.
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