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  1. A certain local electrical company who's name appears on a certain local teams shirt have apparently been doing substantial work on Nuneatons ground.
  2. harsh, unhelpful and completely unnecessary.
  3. Why Spurs as opposed to Arsenal, Chelsea or West Ham?
  4. 'cos self-pity city have never done that, have they?
  5. IMHO the majority of people looking to buy a 10 game ticket are part of a social group who attend games together. For whatever reason (family, work, better things to do with their time), they can only commit to 10 games. For many the company is as, if not more important than the football.
  6. I think regarding wages the opposite has happened at Vale.
  7. Wasn't going to bother going but this is a superb idea! Norms cliché ******** bingo!
  8. great poster and true valiant, a loss to all who knew him personally and online.
  9. Norman no longer needs the pretence of having taken a back seat, hence the puppets have been discarded.
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