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  1. Derby away fairly early and Charlton away at the end of April are the stand out fixtures for me in terms of size of club and timing.

    Booked my hotel for Sheff W. Hotels are always cheap in the week between Christmas and New Year...

  2. What are peoples thoughts on team selection if no one can return from injury?

    I'd be very tempted to keep the same starting 11 as on Thursday night, then bring Charsley on with 30 to 35 minutes to go again. His injection of intensity on Thursday night made the difference, and could again on Saturday. Gibbo in the 3 worked perfectly. Worrall had more licence to go forward with Smith playing a more central role. I'd keep the back 3, wing backs and strikers the same. 


    The only question for me is whether Taylor stays in the starting lineup. The rest of the team picks itself.

  3. 1 hour ago, Joe B said:

    You're not serious are you? 

    I lived off a food budget of £8 per week in our last promotion season. As a result I attended 42 games that year. You find the money if you're a proper fan, no excuses.

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  4. Why have more blocks been released in the Mansfield end, despite the fact that we've clearly sold more tickets? This is a shambles from Ticketmaster. All 1,500 or so seats released that weren't behind a goal were pretty much sold out within 20 minutes yet nothing else available. 


    This needs sorting sharpish. We're supposed to have 25,000 tickets. We've probably sold 12,000 and people can't get 4 or 5 seats together.

  5. 1 hour ago, robf said:

    Will anyone be "locked out" though. I was in the "sold-out" Railway stand for Bristol Rovers and there were a lot of empty seats in the section I was in. But I can't imagine anyone was "locked out" as tickets for the Bycars were freely available for walk-up fans weren't they?

    That said - it's a good point. If you take away the 2,222 travelling fans, there were 8,618 home fans in there and that was with three out of four home areas "sold out". Under the historic capacities of the stands those three sold out areas alone should have yielded 9,500 people alone (the LS was said to hold 2,500 and the Railway 7,000 - (3,500 for each section)). 

    Presuming that the away end still has a capacity of 4,000 (which must be in doubt if there are restrictions elsewhere in the ground) it looks like our current capacity is (at most) around 13-14,000 but well over a quarter of that is away fans, leaving a "home" capacity of something around 9-10,000. 

    The sooner those 2,000-odd brand new seats in the Lorne St can be used on matchdays, the better!!!

    They might as well have been locked out of the Bycars, the amount of time it took to get the supporters into the ground. The Hamil must still hold 4,000 based on the allocation for the Exeter streaming event. I can't imagine there are any capacity restrictions as such on the Hamil or Lorne Street due to the more sensible access and concourse arrangements.


    I fully agree regarding the other side of the Lorne Street. It would surely cost less to get that up to standards regarding the concourse than trying to adapt the Railway Stand to allow full capacity now. It's time we played in a completed stadium. We've been there for over 70 years for heavens sake! 

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  6. I wonder when this will sell out? Remember everyone, our home capacity is less than 9,000 these days (although the club refuse to clarify exactly how many fans can be housed in each stand based on the current safety certificates). Railway Stand and Lorne Street already "Sold Out".

    It'll be slightly embarrassing when home fans are locked out at 2.30pm with 10,000 empty seats in the stadium. 

  7. Why oh why have we only got 814 tickets for the initial allocation for Salford? We were given 1,400 last time and we could have sold double.

    This is one of the first truly close away fixtures in the league this season, and once again we've got a Monday release which will sell out by lunchtime with people queuing for hours on end, with people turned away because we've only got half of the capacity of the away end to sell.

    The club MUST go back to Salford and have them send the full allocation immediately. Not taking this action would be another failure on crowd management by those who run the club. 

  8. Get it sorted. I'm getting grief from my pals for not taking a half day to get a ticket for Burton v Vale for heaven sake. Why is it taking so long to complete the transactions anyway? Is this technology progress? I remember queuing for Autoglass Trophy tickets in 1993 and we sold 24,000 of them! By modern standards you'd still be queuing now for tickets to that game!

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  9. If his shot stopping was as good as Brown then he'd be playing in the Championship. Where are you vulnerable to conceding in this division? From big balls in from set-pieces and breaking the line in one-on-one situations. I'm confident that he does well in those situations. He holds onto the ball well generally from long shots. There have been a few where a stronger hand could have maybe prevented a goal. Maybe that's about strength technique around the wrists. Anyway, I'm generally happy. Brown was doing my head in with his inability to deal with corners. It put us under no end of pressure.

  10. It's clearly wrong to boo your own players (unless they're not putting a shift in).

    If you want to boo virtue signalling gesture politics at a sporting event you've paid money to attend then that's fine. I prefer to turn my back on pathetic knee taking. Any fight against racism is a generational thing, and making distinctions of any sort based on the colour of someones skin re-enforces differences that should not matter.  As such, taking the knee is an intrinsically racist act. I choose not to applaud racism, and definitely do not object to people booing racism enacted by footballers in taking the knee.

    Will racists all of a sudden stop being racist as a result of knee taking? The answer is no, so what exactly is the point? "Awareness" only breeds more racists. We need to bring up our kids as colourblind, not having them ask at a young age what their footballing heros on the pitch are doing.

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  11. 3 hours ago, ginge said:

    What a distasteful tweet from the Health Secretary. I'm sure those who sadly lost their lives did not cower from the virus. 


    I don't think he's intentionally calling people cowards. I think he's referring more to the unsustainable government policy prior to vaccine mitigation of putting society under house arrest and closing businesses down. That was cowering from the virus whether you like the term or not.

    Also, those who've said "cases are down because testing is down", that's simply incorrect. Testing has dropped off 5.5%. This is hardly proportionate to the reduction in "cases". In reality, the experts underestimated the effect of 25,000 schools going into what is essentially a 7 week lockdown, an environment which hosts millions of children (with no additional vaccine protection to the natural immunity some will have aquired) for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Around 3,000 nightclubs opening up for a few nights a week to a demographic with significant antibody protection (which grows every day) was never going to offset the benefit of schools closing. Have many peoples behaviour actually changed a great deal in the last week? Many are continuing to take more precautions than what the experts presumed, and maybe a far larger percentage of the population were already ignoring the rules, meaning the 19th July "easing" hasn't actually altered very much in most people's lives. 

  12. To offset Mario's fear mongering, its worth noting that of the 1,575 positive tests recorded in the 7 days up to 16th July in Stoke on Trent, only 5 were of people over the age of 80. The link has definitely been broken in the upward transmission to the most vulnerable groups, and with more people gaining double jab immunity everyday that link will be broken even more so. It begs the question, is a system of social exclusion proposed by vaccine passports proportional when the vaccine has already mitigated against death to this degree? Personally I feel that anyone who supports medical segregation and a two tier system in society is no better than a racist. 

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  13. On 21/07/2021 at 15:30, Mario said:

    Soaring cases. Highest death toll in Europe. Worst-hit major economy. Businesses closing. A million kids off school last week. Millions to self-isolate. Boris Johnson let a new variant in and is causing mass confusion on public health advice. Heading for a summer of chaos.

    This post hasn't aged well in 1 day. Anyone who can read data would have been able to see that the curve hit its peak at the end of last week. Predictably reported "cases" are 9,000 down on Thursday last week. Stop spreading fear, you're worse than independent SAGE


  14. 10 hours ago, Mario said:

    UK records 46,558 new Covid cases and 96 deaths, highest number deaths since March and still some say ignore it.
    Every case in hospital takes up a critical care bed and delays operations yet Leeds valiant can't see the problem oh well buckle up gonna be a bumpy ride

    I suppose you're in favour of the North Korean style social credit system looking to be introduced at the end of September then (which in turn will end a well established basic human right of bodily autonomy)? I'm having my second vaccine tomorrow by the way, before you call me an anti-vaxxer. I'm also assuming that you're still participating in the theatre of wearing a cotton facemask in a well ventilated supermarket despite there being no legal reason to do so, despite the number of "cases" now exceeding 5,000,000 since they were mandated 12 months ago? 


    The figures are not "frightened". The ratio of cases amongst the elderly to younger demographics has expanded massively since the winter peaks. Look at the stats in the North East if you need reassuring. Hospitalisations with Covid are at 20% the winter peak, yet positive tests are nearly twice as high as back then. Vaccines are mitigating enough. Life can't be lived without risk. It's time to accept the consequences of Covid, which are far less low than they were last year. This is the exit wave. Its better to experience this now than in the winter. 

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  15. 23 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    They should be working hard to catch up with all the delayed operations and treatments. 

    Let's hope so. I think the NHS did a good job of continuing the best they could during the winter, but the completely unnecessary hysteria driven cancellations in April, May and June 2020 will have a knock on effect for many years to come. 

  16. On 06/04/2021 at 15:29, Fosse69 said:

    Hospitals will not be empty of Covid patients, deaths  due to Covid quoted by the Govt are only those within 28 days. 

    1,161 in English hospitals as of Saturday who've tested positive for Covid, out of 55,000,000 residents. At least 1/3rd of NHS trusts have zero Covid positive patients. Seems pretty empty to me. 

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  17. I feel very sorry for those who've been permanently engineered into being more risk averse (like AndyRegs) as it will take far longer for them to get any type of resemblance of normality back in life. Its the job of people like me to re-educate them back to normality.

    Many people actually had a minutes silence and candle light vigil for Peter Sutcliffe on the 23rd March during the quite bizarre "day of reflection". Get your head around that.

    Until we learn to live with the consequences of this virus, rather than trying to learn to live with the virus, the longer it will take to get back to normal. Unfortunately that looks a long way off whilst people won't admit that they're not following the rules and acting normal through fear of social stigma. 

    I'll start, I didn't wear a face-mask to pay for petrol in a service station at the weekend. That was after picking up my 80 year old grandparents who I took to my parents house so that 4 generations could enjoy an Easter lunch together (indoors) like normal human beings. The fact that such actions are a CRIME is bonkers. No one, under any circumstances, ever has the right to tell me and my family how, where and when we can interact. To expect another person to act in such unnatural way to satisfy their own sense of fear is inhuman and frankly selfish. 

  18. Right on Leedsvaliant. 

    The world completely lost the plot in March 2020 and here we are in April 2021, still unwilling to accept the consequences of a chest infection that 32 million of the "at risk" members of society have been vaccinated against. Utter madness. I hope most on here have realised that the only option is to shove the rules up the backside of Boris and his yes men. Remember, one month from now it will still be AGAINST THE LAW to welcome somebody outside a support bubble into your own home, despite the fact that the hospitals will be empty of Covid patients and deaths will be down to single figures, if not at zero.

    You don't get freedom back once you give it up so willfully. 

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