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  1. Any news on whether the lads who illegally stream the matches on Facebook are going to keep stealing from the club (and our fellow league 2 competitors) during the Pandemic?
  2. I wonder how corporate works? Surely with bubbles you could have close to 75% capacity in executive boxes... The restaurants could also operate at quite a significant capacity (unless there's one rule for pubs and restaurants, and another for football clubs)
  3. I think I'd be better if their was some sort of acknowledgement for those who donate. I think there would be a better chance of raising £100k if say your name is on a plaque in the concourse to show your kids/grandkids in the future. Worked for the limited addition 3rd kit with the names...
  4. Pope's second half masterclass in both play and motivation genuinely brings a tear to my eye. That was the player performance of the decade for me by a long way.
  5. 2010 seems to have been neglected. We went on a nice run at the end of the season before being battered at Bournemouth 4-0 with around 1,000 travelling down. I didn't go to this one, but those who did said it was ace... 13 March 2010 Chesterfield A 5–0 4,138 Richards (3), R.Taylor, Davies (pen) Notts County at home at the end of that season comes to mind. Kasper Schmeichel in goal and that bloke we hated at the time (Lee Hughes) up front... 24 April 2010 Notts Coun
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