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  1. I think that there is probably some middle ground between this and never pulling on the shirt again. I'm thinking possibly a fine or something similar.
  2. It was a bad decision, but never pulling on the shirt again is probably a bit strong.
  3. I don't think that we can have too many complaints about that. No need to make that challenge really.
  4. Yep, glad we have a 2 goal lead. Need to keep them at arms length,
  5. Ha, you beat me and got some extra oooooooo's. great goal. Not used to seeing training ground moves like that from the Vale.
  6. It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. Ref seemed well placed. Perhaps this is just the proverbial "things evening themselves out" as we've had a couple of soft penalties go against us. I do enjoy your captures btw. What software are you using for that?
  7. It's working here in Montreal so far. I've been using I follow for years now and, other than the occasional problem, the overall service has been pretty good. The problem is that when something goes wrong with live sport you need an instant fix, and support for that just doesn't seen to be there. Sending an e-mail a few days later just doesn't cut it. Watching on my PC, connected to a TV, and it is just so much better than watching on a tablet. I do miss the ability to cast directly from the app, which was possible last year but not this year. That was a big step in the wrong direction.
  8. Awesome player and one of my all time favourites. Also, what a team we had back then. I hope that we can build back to that standard but we need to get out of this awful league 1st.
  9. Yes, that’s right. Because I disagree with you I have a chip on my shoulder.
  10. Just using your example to explain why your view appears to be wrong, not struggling or getting bogged down at all. Nobody is blindly doing anything, although you might be the exception.
  11. I believe that governments around the globe are attempting to strike a balance in order to limit the total number of contact points where the virus can spread. This is being done on a priority basis. Education is more important than nails so you close the salons (reducing the total number of contacts) so that you can keep schools and universities open. Unfortunately many people seem to have a hard time understanding this and want a specific reason for each limitation that is being imposed, when that's really not the point. Some people just struggle to see the big picture I guess. It is the same here in Quebec as it is in the UK, however, the cry of "the government has failed us" seems to be louder in the UK than any other place on the planet. The government is getting lambasted regardless of which option they take. If they don't enforce a lock down then they are accused of letting people die unnecessarily, if they do enforce a lock down then they are accused of letting the economy fail. I wish anyone filling a lawsuit against the government, for loss of earnings during a global pandemic, the very best of luck. I suspect that they will need it.
  12. The run rate is especially good when you consider the sides we've played so far.
  13. Nice to see Tom following up his "some people think that I can only head the ball" comments with 2well taken headed goals. Yes, there is more to his game than that, but, I still rate him as one of the best headers of the ball in the lower leagues.
  14. That is a fantastic, but slightly unusual, analogy. Well done sir.
  15. I think the pandemic has shone a bright light on this issue but suspect that it has always been there. Then again perhaps it is Marcus Rashford and not the pandemic shining the light. Even though at heart (or where a heart should be) I’m an evil Tory bastard, I still believe that providing welfare and basic support to the most vulnerable in our society is the job of society. kids having access to healthy meals in a 1st world country should be a right and, as such, non-negotiable.
  16. Yep, I thought that we were great first half, and if we'd taken our chances we would have been out of sight. Their goal early in the second changed things but I thought we still looked decent and made some openings. I may have a drink too.
  17. 3 points in the bag. Harder work than it needed to be but 3 points all the same.
  18. It shouldn't be an issue in any first world country. Food, water, housing and education should be available to all children with not one exception.
  19. No it doesn't. This is getting boring now, for everyone. Debating with people who confuse basic concepts and then attempt to go off on a tangent , redefining words in the process, is seldom interesting.
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