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  1. It would also help the profile of the club if we knew if Robbie was coming to the match. I also think that Jonathon Wilkes's lad was a young player at Swindon, but I don't know if he is still there.
  2. I know the covenant has not been on the ground for long as it was put in place to protect the ground from the scheming Scumthwaite so that he couldn't close the club down and sell off the ground. Now that he is just an unpleasant smell that still hangs around the club could it be possible to get a "Deed of release" signed to release the club from the covenant on the understanding that a new ground was built to replace it which could then maybe transfer the covenant to the new stadium. If this was possible it would at least give Carol an option to be able to sell Vale Park for more money than she would get than selling it as a property which could only be used as a sports stadium.
  3. It is surprising how I couldn't remember about the upgrade. I must do better.
  4. I thought the Bycars was just improved but the main stanchions are still in place. I can't remember anything different to a anything more than a roof enhancement.
  5. Both the Railway Stand and the Bycars Stand are 72 years old and the expected lifespan of steel structures is normally 75 years, so the club could find itself in a position where it fas to make a major decision within three years. I am sure the cost of demolishing those old stands and building new ones would be cheaper than moving to a new ground altogether. Vale Park is not worth much on the open market, mainly because of its covenant on it which designates it has to remain as a sports stadium. I know that there are problems with the substrate at Vale Park but I am sure that with modern building methods these can be overcome. We could build a new stand on the Bycars with modern facilities fit for the 21st century and the Railway Stand could be built closer to the pitch and with a higher rake to maximise attendances and to also build another row of boxes and corporate facilities to maximise revenue for non football days. By bringing the stand closer to the pitch this would hopefully enable us to build some office units along the length of the stand to bring in some extra revenue. At the end of the day it will be down to Carol to decide.
  6. Keillor-Dunn would be a great addition but I think he will end up higher up the pyramid.
  7. I hope this game does not happen. I would have been first in the queue for his testimonial under normal circumstances but the way he left the club and his digs at the club showed his lack of class and to me does not now deserve a testimonial. I might be among a minority but I will not give him any of my money.
  8. Thanks Doha, great spot.
  9. Sat in queue for 20 mins when sat nab advised to turn round. New route adds 45 mins to journey.
  10. 30 minute delay on A590 just past Newby Bridge
  11. It is an absolute pleasure watching Willo playing for us. He absolutely oozes class and is far too good for the second division. I know he keeps being taken off after an hour or so but I believe because of his style of run he is able to-lay the full 90. I really hope he is with us for a few more seasons.
  12. It doesn't make me any less wary of how bad he can be.
  13. Unfortunately we have the worst referee in the league. It's Trevor Kettle.
  14. Putin telling the Ukranian people to rise up against their Government to overthrow them but when his own people do that against him he has them arrested and threatening to charge them with treason. Oh the irony.
  15. Condolences to Rob and his family. RIP Gerry.
  16. I was in contact with Rochdale yesterday and they emailed me to say that they had a pre match meeting and that the pitch was in good condition and that there was no doubt that the game would be on.
  17. The game is definitely on. The pitch is apparently fine.
  18. Just checked and yes he died last April.
  19. The best ground I have been to and watched a game was Real Madrid's Bernabeu, but the one that I was amazed with was Darlington' which I think was based on Wembley stadium and was built apparently with ill gotten gains by George Reynolds. Is he still in prison?
  20. Yes, it seems to be down. hope temporarily.
  21. Heard today that Gibbo is off to Sheff Utd. Has any body else heard that?
  22. Confirmation that Flitcroft has signed a new contract would be a good start to the day.
  23. I am hoping it is Kyle Wooton from Notts County.
  24. Marquis would be an incredible signing if we could get him. Much better than Doyle or Amond in my opinion.
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