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  1. Sad news. R.I.P. JJ. He was a favourite of mine.
  2. I would only keep Hurst and Montano (possibly Guthrie, but not seen enough of him yet) out of the players who are out of contract. On top of that I would like to sign a youngish goalkeeper and would get rid of Ronnie Sinclair and have Brown as second string goalkeeper/goalkeeping coach. Let's face it what could Ronnie teach two goalkeepers in their thirties. Depending on salary I would also consider keeping Pope as he ca still do a useful job in division 2. I agree with an earlier poster who said he would keep Monty because of his versatility. For me the rest can go.
  3. I would like us to sign Aden Flint as centre half on loan from Cardiff if there was any way possible. He has had an injury similar to Gibbo whilst on loan at Sheffield Wednesday They have sent him back and he seems to be surplus to requirements at Cardiff. The fact that he may not be fit enough to play until mid Feb so I don't think there would be many takers for him. If Cardiff would pay his wages it would be better for them if he had regular games in the football league rather than reserve team games. It would hopefully put us an a good position to sign him when his contract expires in 18 m
  4. I predict that this salary cap will be abandoned before the start of next season. It is not workable.
  5. Most fans would be positive if this happens. You just hope they have been scouted first and not signed off a you tube video. Remember two of our best players of the last sixty years came from Rhyl (Andy Jones) and Moor Green (Ian Taylor). Most fans enjoy signing non league players and watch them develop and are the best route to finding gems. The last one was of course Jordan Hugill, although it was a shame the his sell on clause was triggered by the blue one.
  6. It's rumoured that Ched Evans is going to Preston.
  7. It has been reported in a couple of papers in Sheffield and Burnley that we and Tranmere are interested in Hyde Utd 19 yr old winger Paddy Lane. Apparently Stockport, Altrincham and Farsley Celtic (where he is on loan because of the pandemic) have all triggered a five figure release clause with his club. Burnley and Sheffield Utd are also keeping tabs on him.
  8. Still not on. Just looking at frozen screen of two players taking the pitch.
  9. I know this is an Askey thread but how is Stuart McAll still in a job at Bradford?
  10. I'll bet you are glad they sacked Bruce.
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