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  1. I Have booked Corporate Jean and they charged have me £10.00 for the car park if that helps.
  2. Mine isn't. Said it was starting at 2.30 but getting nothing.
  3. There is possibly more chance of him going to Colchester. They were apparently going to re-sign Michael Folivi who was with them last season but he got injured the day before he was going to sign, He will be out for a while so Robinson must be back in the frame for them.
  4. It is alright Phil I picked it up on the official site. Is it possible the Director of communications has been told to get the info out there on all the different media formats. I saw it on the Sentinel website too.
  5. I would expect it to be on the official Port Vale site or the Sentinel where most fans would get their information from.You don't need to get snippy just because you are a twitter nerd.
  6. What percentage of Vale fans are on twitter?
  7. Sheffield Wednesday have announced that they are playing us at Vale Park on 27th July with a 7.30pm kick off. So why isn't our club announcing this friendly? Don't they want us to watch it. This is the third friendly I have seen reported by other clubs but not our own club. Who is responsible for this? The other two are Nottingham Forest and Fleetwood.
  8. The Stokinel (or the club)have not mentioned the friendly away at Fleetwood on 13th July unless it is the youth team playing. Does anyone know?
  9. Joyce turned down Oldham to sign for Fylde.
  10. A lot of fans have probably got their £10.00 vouchers from the club for leaving their season ticket money in the club. Perhaps they could donate them to raise the sponsorship money without actually paying anything out. Just a thought..
  11. It would be nice to play it on the Saturday pre league season starting as it would be easier for the Sunderland fans to get here rather than a Tuesday night. As Doha said it would also be the first day back after covid and hopefully give the club a nice little earner,
  12. Why doesn't the club let us know if they do have players signed up but are waiting to show them in the new strips. I am sure it would help in "keeping the buzz going".
  13. I see we are playing Fleetwood away on 13th July.
  14. Swindon paid Liverpool at least £250,000 for him with some reports saying it could even have been £400,000. Surely with his previous antics he is older and a bit wiser.
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