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  1. rayzer

    Joke thread

    That's the way to do it.
  2. I think Stoke are wating until they know their fate/ If Stoke got relegated then I believe that Smith would be able to get into the first team and playing games which is surely important to a 24year oldies The players at Stoke at present will be moved on as they will be earning too much for a division one club and also they will think are too good for division one. If Stoke stay up then Smith would be a squad player in my opinion but would probably be a cheaper bench warmer than they have now and Stoke would also be confident that Smith would "do a job" for the few games they might need him to play to cover injuries and suspensions. My bet is that he goes to Birmingham anyway.
  3. As much as I think McKirdy is a spoilt brat I would not be surprised if we signed him as his grandfather is one of John Rudge's best mates. He does have the skills needed as his eleven goals from last season show, he just needs to control his temper.
  4. Really sad when a Vale supporter passes to the other side but when it is someone like Mike then that sadness is even more heartfelt. You will always be remembered Mike for everything you did in helping us rid of not one but two rogue incumbents of our great club. You will be remembered with fondness and hope you rest in peace. Also sincere condolences to his family.
  5. Another outstanding performance I have witnessed at Vale Park was Gael Kakuta who played for Chelsea when we played them in the FA youth cup. If memory serves me right he was the youngest player on the pitch but ran the show and looked far superior to anyone else on the pitch that night.
  6. Get well soon Mike. I know all true valiants will wish you well in this battle against a terrible disease. You fought the fight for our club and now fight the fight for yourself and pull through. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  7. It has to be Glover. Back stabber and woefully short of any management skills and then his nepotism to play a very poor son in Danny. Peter Jackson has a lot to answer for in making sure that Lee Sinnott failed to enable his mate to get the job so he would not be in my failed list because of this. Gannon must also be in the frame for the way he took a coherent team going for automatic promotion to one with no direction and also the signing of Geoghaghan. Also a mention for Butler, again a man out of his depth with woeful signings and Bobby Smith who relegated us with an insistence on attacking teams away from home when were not good enough at the time to play on the front foot, which meant, if my memory is right losing the last ten games or so on the bounce which proved fatal in staying in the third division.
  8. Martin Henderson is nailed on and for me the second spot has to be Danny Glover as I don't believe that he would have had a professional career if he wasn't Dean Glover's son who was very well in with Peter Jackson which got Dean the manager's post.
  9. rayzer

    Joke thread

    I suppose the person who invented sanitised hand gel is rubbing his hands.
  10. It doesn't work does it. Back to the drawing board.
  11. I have a radical solution. We finish this season even if it takes until September. We then cancel the EFL trophy and League Cup for next season but keep the FA Cup as it is the main cup competition for supporters and players alike. For League games for a one off season we play 23 home games but only 12 away. The computer would decide which games we would play away. This would result in only playing 35 league games next season to enable the league to finish in a timely manner even taking into account the cup games. It would also ensure that every club would maintain their income as they don't get anything from away fixtures.
  12. I am going for Chris Martin. I remember his debut at Swindon and it still sends shivers down my spine. Also I would mention Paul Musslewhite. I think it is a sacrilege that he holds the record for number of games played for us as he was a real vampire as he hated crosses. I also recall the goal he conceded when he let Dean Saunders take a throw in off his back and score.
  13. rayzer

    Leon Legge

    Nominated for player of the month for Feb. Well done Leon, fully deserved. Askey also nominated for manager of the month.
  14. Did anyone see what went on at the final whistle when the players from both sides were pushing each other.
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