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  1. I do know that none of them were there when we played them at Salford.
  2. Have the "Directors" actually watched Salford play this season? It would not surprise me if they all turn up at Wembley to see the team for their first match.
  3. I would also like to thank you Barry. I do like having a go and have been lucky enough to benefit from your generosity.
  4. Please give John Askey and Carol a bit of slack. Firstly I would love for us to sign a couple of players that will improve the team and give us a push to the play offs, but remember getting into the play offs does not guarantee promotion and we would have very difficult games to go up. Secondly, let's put our sensible heads on and look at a couple of probable scenarios. We know that John has tried to sign players and that he does not want to pay the over inflated prices being asked. Have you ever wondered why so many deals are done on the last day of the transfer window? If a club has a decent player that is wanted by a club going for promotion or trying to avoid relegation then the selling clubs is holding all the aces and demands top dollar. Can you imagine if that particular player is over 24 and his contract is up at the end of this season then the selling club risks losing him for nothing in four months. So let's assume they have been asking £125,000 for him, they know that on deadline day if no one will pay the money they want then they will have to accept a fee that someone will pay, maybe £50,000 or even less. Looking at it another way, would you rather the club spent the money available on one quality player player now or two or possibly three at the end of the season when player's contracts are up and we can use the money on paying a decent salary rather than putting money in to the coffers of another club. Both Carol and John have the best intentions for our club and certainly with it's long term viability, so get off their backs and thank them for where we are now.
  5. Where were the 7,000 away fans? Vale fans are not stupid. You charge the same amount of money (£10) just to park your car at Swindon whereas the 7,000 got to watch the Premier League/FA Cup Holders for the same money. Mind you I heard there are another 250 fans who are still trying to navigate your roundabouts.
  6. Will be missed. Good luck Max.
  7. I am not a Conlon fan but I thought he had possibly his best game for us.Apart from Brown and the back four I thought Conlon was the best of the rest with Worrall just behind him. Like one or two others I was expecting the worst as the game wore on, so was ecstatic when their defender pulled Conlon down to give us the penalty which enabled us to come home with three very valuable points. i don't subscribe to the "we are not ready to go up this season" brigade and I hope that we can make a couple of signings and at least make the play offs.
  8. Two other games where we played brilliantly are the 5-0 drubbing of Ipswich on I think New Years day. and the game away to Northampton (which I think was played on a Thursday) in the week following the Autoglass victory. We won 2-0 and was the most one sided away victory I can ever remember.
  9. One player who has impressed me the most playing for the opposition this season is About Eisa at Scunthorpe. I would love to see us make bid for him as I think he is the right age (23) and looked to me to be much better than Amoo and Browne.
  10. What I would like to see is that in future if we get a tie like this one we try to couple it with a reduced price ticket (say £15) for the first home league game after the draw and start selling the tickets on that day to encourage fans to actually watch us in a league game. This is of course after selling tickets to season ticket holders on a one for one basis. Hopefully though the next time we get a really good draw like this, we are drawn at home and let the away team have the problems we have experienced over this one, although I am sure that they will have a system in place to reward their most deserving fans. Hopefully in a few seasons this will be the norm for us any way.
  11. Did any one on here manage to get any tickets this morning for his gig at Vale Park? I spoke to a few fans at the match today who like me were on the website at 10.00 a.m. only to be told there was a queue and then told there were no tickets available (sold out) I would hope some fans managed to buy some.
  12. I thought that corporate customers were counted as normal ticket prices and the cost over that will be kept by Citeh.
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