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  1. Why was that goal disallowed? VAR you're having a laugh.
  2. rayzer


    I down loaded it this morning the went to have my car serviced 20 miles from home. When I asked for their QR code to scan they did not know what I was talking about. Can't see many outlets knowing either.
  3. I think it is only £7000 for the winners tonight.
  4. Thanks Jean, it was in my junk folder. Hope it is not an omen. Looking forward to reading it.
  5. I have not had an email copy of the programme. Should it have been sent with the ifollow code?
  6. Welcome to the Vale. Hope your stay is long and fruitful.
  7. It also happened with A.J. Leith-Smith.
  8. What is the story with Pope? Is he available for this game as the club has appealed his ban or if not is he only banned for league games and again will he be able to play until the appeal is heard. Does anyone know the rules on this?
  9. For our supporters who go back a long way there is sad news in that Albert Cheeseborough has passed away. He was our record signing when he was signed by Freddie Steele in 1963 and scored a hat trick on his home debut. I was there and remember it. R.I.P.
  10. With regards to Mckirdy, if he is training with us it be because he is local and just keeping fit as a favour to his grandfather who is a personal friend of John Rudge. On the other hand if he is training with us it could be with a view to signing for us as there is no doubt he has quality for the second division. It could have been a kick up the back side he needed when the Carlisle manager said what he did about him. He is now 23 years old and his previous antics on the football field were more akin to a spoilt kid. The things said by the Carlisle manager might have stung him and be enough t
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