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  1. Just like you Jean, just two points and they are looking down.
  2. Can someone tell me what Conlon brings to the team?
  3. rayzer


    Statement now on Bury's website by Steve Dale. One of the things he is saying is that Bury have only been expelled for this season. The whole thing is a mess and surely on their fans behalf there should be a very public enquiry.
  4. It is true that they basically cheated to get promotion by paying over the odds and that they took the place of another club more worthy but the truth is the next three clubs who finished below Bury last season were three clubs doing the same by paying over the odds. They were MK Dons, Mansfield and Forest Green. While all this is being allowed without governance, there will never be a level playing field.
  5. For anyone going by car today there is a park and ride available. It is at Riverside, Agecroft Road Swinton M27 85J. On Salford's website it says the cost is £2.00 per car.
  6. Regarding the wages that Grant is on at Shrewsbury compared to what we could/want to offer him is in my opinion not an excuse for not signing him. I obviously do not know what wages he is on but whatever it is Shrewsbury at the moment will be paying him 100% of it. Let's say for arguments say he is on £2000.00 per week and we wanted him but only wanted to pay him £800.00 per week (assuming Askey wanted him), then surely if Shrewsbury wanted rid of him they would be happy to pay the £1200.00 shortfall. So it would be a win win situation. I personally liked him as a player but would look elsewhere.
  7. rayzer


    The EFL openly said that that when Steve Dale bought the club in December last year that he had not passed the "fit and proper" test, so in reality it is mainly their fault that this has dragged on for so long. When Vale fans wrote to them about our previous owner they put their heads in the sand and came out with the excuse that the EFL was only there to organise the football league and cup games. So what is their role? I do hope that if Bury were kicked out of the league at this late stage then the EFL has to carry the can and I hope that the other twenty three clubs in division one sue the EFL for the amount of money possibly lost in revenue by playing one game less when all league club projections will be for twenty threebgames played and not twenty two. Has Steve Day been arrested yet?
  8. Sad news. Had many a pleasant chat with him. R.I.P Graham.
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