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  1. You can have another two and a half hours in bed MV.
  2. Very sad news. RIP Lee. Condolences to his family and friends.
  3. I believe Matty Taylor is on £1500.00 a week more than our top paid players.
  4. I remember being in the Vice Presidents Lounge when the Spurs players arrived. At the time my wife and I were talking to ex chairman Don Ratcliffe and his wife Brenda. Terry Venables walked passed wearing a big coat and as we watched them Brenda said we would win the match as Venables' coat belt was twisted and that was a sign of bad luck for him. Only superstition? who knows but it convinced Brenda.
  5. Unless the likes of Everton and Man City come in and pay us just a nominal amount and take them off us as has happened in the last few years. The question is, how do we stop that happening going forward?
  6. I was purposely looking for tall players because for years we have had a team that was too small. Every game we play we lose out from loads of crosses put in because of this lack of height. Without Pope we lack height up front and at the back we only have height when Legge is on. Mickey Adams used to say you need at least 6 six footers to get out of division 2.
  7. I may add more later.I just wanted to put it out there to start people thinking about who could be out there to massively improve our squad. As for Delap he is only 18 and probably not ready for the Championship. A year in the second division would toughen him up.
  8. After reading through the retained list , I am of the opinion we get rid of all the players out of contract, try to move on Robinson and Whitehead. The I would offer 12 month deals on sensible deals which improves their salary on games played to Pope, Legge, Monty and Manny. So we will need to sign a lot of players for next season, so I have had a small look to see who I think could improve our squad. The following list are of players I believe whose contracts expire at the end of this season. Goalkeeper:- Ian Lawlor Oldham age 26 6'4" Defenders:- Daniel Happe Leyton O
  9. Robinson on the bench. I thought he was de-registered, or have I missed something?
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