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  1. GTGS. Kings Lynn    .Hello , SVA  =  Mr Damien Woolley . 20 Hollies Drive, Meir heath Stoke on Trent ST37JR

    1. Aussie Rules

      Aussie Rules

      Consider it done Damien 🙂

    2. ramsgate valiant

      ramsgate valiant

      Hi Barry, re GTGS Vale vs Southend .I post as Ramsgate Valiant = Alan Steele 3a Clive Road,Cliffsend,Ramsgate,Kent CT12 5EQ.

      Many thanks.

      I see that you left England when you were 18 that was a big move.I left S-o-T when I was 21 & only see the Vale live at south - east away games ( when possible)

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