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  1. No I'm not I'm on a diet.
  2. I'm amazed that Brisley has been released, thought he had done well for us. Good luck to Popey he has been a stalwart for the Vale if yer cut he'd bleed black n white, perhaps a backroom job for him?
  3. For this coming season will you still be able to watch Ifollow through the PVFC web site or will you have to goto Ifollow web site, also do the Vale get the same percentage of the monies paid to Ifollow if using the Ifollow site.
  4. Perhaps this is a song that the Vale should be running out to cus it seems they dont want the Vale running out to the Wonder of You as last season it seemed like they were trying to change it to Ace of Spades.
  5. How much of the £10 payment goes to the Vale, does anyone know?
  6. When is this taking the knee crap gonna stop its getting beyond a joke. Who the hell decided that politics should be brought into football. I've been a season ticket holder ever since I left the Army in 1995 and I've NEVER EVER heard a racist remark in all that time, and I'm sure most fans think its time to kick politics out of football.
  7. shian


    Cheers lads i'll email them again with both my codes.
  8. Is anyone else having problems with ifollow? cus last week and this week I've entered my code to watch for free and its still taken payment for the games. Tried phoning em but they say to go to the website and I'm still waiting for a reply to my email?
  9. Did they take the knee for the Police Sargeant killed on duty? Why was the goal disallowed It didn't look offside, or was there a foul?
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