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  1. Been up The Park today to snap up a couple or thray tickets, Fun Bus seats booked, SVA it's beginning to get real
  2. From this side of the divide, yes
  3. Is the ticket office open today?
  4. No one seems to love or understand me And all the hard luck stories they keep handing me Where somebody shines the light I'll be coming on home tonight Pie, Pie Fat Smurf
  5. I think they should sit on their money and wait until twerpface needs to dump stock, if we end up National League then so be it
  6. I dunner think we're in a relegation fight due to the fact we're showing Little/No resistance
  7. At what point did Arthur realise a 1-2 scoreline was of no use to us? On 77mins,Miller is stripped off ready to go (way to late) only to be told to go back and sit down, yes Ben Whit' was a smidge lame but still more effective than the calamity sisters Kay n Conlon, either of whom should have come off instead and how very strange, once we reduced the number of defenders we had on the pitch we go and score a ruddy goal. How very odd indeed
  8. See Hamburg fans at Vale away games a few times a year
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