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  1. Because the road home is down hill
  2. We should sell out if we're serious about our team making at least the play offs, propa 6 pointer is this, 1400 at this stage of the season is not a big ask, if you conner make it then fair enough, but if its a case of, I dunner think I'll bother, then its time to reconsider
  3. The club has hit the motherload with regards to the feel good factor
  4. This will shoowerly be Sold Out from our point of view
  5. 50% of the bills but not 50% of the profits ??
  6. CrWHO will be well drilled in the fine art of feigning death or diving at every given opportunity
  7. Total respect to Speedy and his crew, looking at that pitch today you'd never have thought we'd had the weather we'd had over the last 30 plus hrs, tak a bow👏👏👏
  8. As in Mother, She is the Mother of the Mother town Club hence Mutha
  9. But lets rub their noses in it anyway hey?...... many thanks Kate Adie👍
  10. Every time you hear mutha on the radio/social media its a good listen and your left with a feeling of reassurance that she's got/getting everything under positive control. There's a totally different match day experience, a feel good factor about the place and the football is ticking along just nicely
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