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  1. Is there any real truth that we are in for Simpson ?
  2. Politic also was a star man in League one for Bolton before he got injured , so he has proven he has the ability in League 1
  3. Its a game that we should be looking to win and progress in the cup which would bring in much needed funds , alas we dont have a fit enough squad of players , and are very light wait in numbers , so I think the excuse from DC will be its not important and we are looking to Saturday against Bolton , frustrating times
  4. Also they are not "freabies" , they are players mostly out of contract , there will be signing on fees etc
  5. you have well and truly hit the nail on the head with that post
  6. I have been quite vocal on here about the lack of recruitment , and end up getting shot down ! , totally agree with you that DF should have been here in Burslem , not sunning himself in Spain , going to wait until the end of the month before I rant again ,
  7. so now you retort to be personal because my grammar is not perfect , do one !
  8. firstly , the wage structure has been well documented on here whether I have liked a post or not , its seems to be a given that we wont break our pay structure , which is fine , but surely there have been players signed ( forwards especially in League 1 and 2 ) by clubs with less budget than ours and decent players . so what I am trying to say is we could have acted sooner , in recruiting , DC and DF are playing a dangerous game , I hope it comes off time will tell !!! secondly , your comment about me being disappointed if we dont loose is rubbish I am a vale "supporter" through and through , but here we go again dont make a comment on here unless it conforms to the chosen ones views
  9. Sounds like an excellent post , but our wage structure has not changed from last year ( from what has been said on this forum and other forums ), so which ever league we were going to be in the management knew what there limits were, we should of being approaching the better players on their list , sooner rather than later , because we were only ever going to be paying the maximum which our budget allows
  10. If we are honest as fans , DC and DF have fooked up regarding strikers and a goalkeeper ( for what ever reason ) , there is no way no matter what crap is spun out in the media that they would want to be a week into the new season without these positions sorted .
  11. Well on three occasions he kicked in to touch from a drop kick , another few times he kicked it out when he had it on the floor , and his distribution is painfully slow , but I forgot no one is allowed an opinion other then the "chosen few "
  12. Stones kicking on Saturday was atrocious , plus his distribution is to slow , that will all get better with coaching and experience , but for now we still need a number one established keeper
  13. Hall is destined for the Championship or even the Premiership you heard it here first !!! he is different gravy to anything we have seen over the last few years at the Vale
  14. I was flapping , but was one of the first to post positively when the signings started coming through , still a bit to do though ( Need a Goalkeeper and Striker )
  15. great come back of a post ,great signing all banter aside ( think the Vale were waiting for my negative post before they announced this signing just to make me look stupid ) lol
  16. we are all Vale fans whether we moan or not , and even if we have different opinions than most this is a forum thats what people do ! we voice our opinions , great signing is Massey
  17. we have all been saying that for the last few weeks , I really think the recruitment wheels have come off the track
  18. spot on but we must "trust the process " cant wait for saturday
  19. dont think anything is happening today , its starting to be a bit worrying
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