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  1. Nice to see my thread has been locked, as one of the admins didn't like a discussion of whether a captain should be abusing people on Twitter, resplendent with foul language. Pope's still at it on Twitter. Think that'll do me. I've fought the fight for a few years on here to no avail, and apathy reigns. Been a pleasure OVF. Best of luck.
  2. I don't really understand how swearing and abusing a fan is excused by this? Would prefer him to focus his efforts on putting things right, instead of dropping a swearing nuke on a fairly innocuous bit of stick (which seemed half written in jest) As Doha says, the pressure is obviously getting to him, and if our captain and Vale fan is lashing out like this, what sort of state is the dressing room in these days?
  3. Symptomatic of the state we're in. Doesn't exactly smack of a man who's confident we can turn it around. Some will claim it shows passion but I can think of 100 ways I'd prefer to see passion than swearing at a fan.
  4. Hagrid


    Following on from Neil Aspin's comments about getting 'abused' on Boxing Day, our captain Tom Pope responded tweets (since deleted) on social media saying 'you need to stop writing Sentinel articles and put more goals in the onion bag' with: "My turn is it? 3 games without a goal Pope is **** again! I’ve not been here before have I? �������� go eat **** and if you’re offended go eat a big massive pile of ****! #******" When the same fan responded with "nice way to talk to your fans", Tom responded: "You are doing my ******* head in! You keep replying to my comments because you’re offended because they are aimed at you! You’re a <ovf censored>, a fan that can’t be pleased, a fan that would rather abuse than congratulate! Go eat **** you bell I’ve seen you long enough" Can anyone really justify these comments as 'giving it back, as he should, the right proper lad"? Massive overreaction from Pope imo. In my eyes, comments like the ones from the fan, whilst a bit silly, cannot be constituted as abuse, and yet Tom has responded with vitriolic language, claiming he needs to 'prove the haters wrong', despite no one seemingly hating him and Vale fans simply asking him previously why we aren't playing very well. Loads will think its 'class' that Pope is showing passhun and dedicashun to the cause by calling a fan a <ovf censored>, but really I'd much prefer him to show it by motivating the squad and improving results, as opposed to abusing a fan on the internet. It simply intrigues me that both Pope and Aspin seem to be labelling criticism as 'abuse', and people are lapping it up. Its almost a politician's ploy; frame any criticism of us as 'personal abuse' and get them to stop. To hear that Nogan and Pugh gave a mouthful to fans on Boxing Day only reinforces a certain 'us vs them' mentality that seems to permeate the club. Can anyone detail the actual comments made to the dugout? Were they personal abuse that would justify swearing in front of children, or was it simple criticism of the obvious poor job the management team are doing? I'll be derided as a sensitive do-gooder but personally I don't think a club captain of a club haemorrghing fans should really be on twitter calling a fan (who claimed he's writing too many columns") a bell-end, a ******, and told to 'eat ****'. Imagine following Pope, as a neutral. You'd hardly be convinced to come to the thought "Vale sounds like an ideal place to take my little lad". Exchanges like the above erode what little care I had left for Port Vale in its current iteration. Pope hasn't been abused, sworn at, personally criticised, receiving one fairly silly comment from one fan, and has been at it on Twitter all night, claiming football has 'ups and downs'. He conspicuously fails to respond to comments we've won 9 in 46 this year. I'm sure to be in the minority as all Pope says and does is worshipped. He's a legend, and a fantastic player we're indebted to, but actions like tonight sort of kill of any connection I thought I had with this squad. The club is completely rotten; we really need big change soon. This sort of interactions are symptomatic of the state we are in; divided, without hope, and a disconnect from fans to players.
  5. If anyone can find any proof of 'abuse' of Tom which goes further than 'stop writing columns in the Sentinel', please put it on here. It seems, along with Aspo, they've developed this 'us vs them' relationship with the fans where any form of criticism levelled at them for obviously under-par performances can be labelled as 'abuse'.
  6. Tom Pope on twitter telling Vale fans who dare criticise 9 wins in 46 games to: "You’re a <ovf censored>, a fan that can’t be pleased, a fan that would rather abuse than congratulate! Go eat **** you bell I’ve seen you long enough" "go eat **** and if you’re offended go eat a big massive pile of ****! #******" The tweets that propagated this eloquent tirade: "To busy writing in the sentinel, wants start trying stick it in the onion bag." "Nice way too speak too the fans." I'm sure some characters on here will respond with "go on Popey, proper #lad" but this is absolutely unacceptable from the captain of a football club. People have said we haven't been very good this year (which we haven't), and he's harped on about there being ups and downs (despite the year being a permanent down) and how he's going to prove the haters wrong (sounding like a WWE villain). Classy lad. I don't really see any evidence of abuse towards Pope apart from "Tom, we aren't a very good football team". People will laud his passhun and commitment to his boyhood club, but considering no one has sworn at him, called him names, or come anywhere near to abusing him (if you think the Sentinel comment is 'abuse' you really are a delicate snowflake) , this sort of reaction is embarrassing (being lapped up by the Stokies). Great player, really needs to be careful on twitter.
  7. Beauty of it is, Norm has rayt backed himself into a corner with this 400k chat. He now has a direct choice; give the money to a man who has lost the support of the fans and probably Norm himself, or sack him and give it to someone else, or withhold the funds. None of the three are particularly enticing options for him. Trouble is, whatever he chooses to do will have me worrying because the bloke has literally made zero correct decisions as owner of the club.
  8. There's loads of people who don't dare criticising Norm. A lady broke down in tears at a Supporters' Club Meeting as she felt people were being mean to him. I had a rigorous, intellectual debate with a man over the merits of booing the team on Boxing Day. Down the road we've got fans kicking off at a draw against Bolton and being 11th in the Championship. Here we have people who 'come to get behind the lads' and see their sole role as a supporter as being a passive consumer of whatever turgid fare Norm chooses to serve up that season, whether it be Bruno, Brown, or Aspo, in his ongoing efforts to cheat the system and cream off as much funds as he can whilst simultaneously achieving success, which he doesn't seem to realise the inherent problems of. Fundamentally we can all come on the internet and moan about it all, but unless Vale fans stop being apathetic cardboard cutouts then we can kiss goodbye to any prospect of success, and probably start welcoming the inevitable descent to depths far lower this football club has ever experienced. I don't know what has happened, but in recent times Vale fans have becoming accepting, bordering on welcoming, of *****. Whether it be some form of tinpot one-upmanship, almost gloating about how things have gotten "but I'll still be there, rain or shine, with me Bovril, as I 'av been for 54 years", or whether its deep-rooted lack of ambition, I don't know. I keep coming on here to ramble about this theme but its really got me down about the Vale in recent years; we deserve, and can achieve, so much more, but until people are willing to unite and vocalise their grievances, we're ******.
  9. At least they make it clear that things are unsatisfactory. Coates will know the natives are restless. Norm was probably 5 pints deep in the bar by full-time, and has idea whether the fans are unhappy, as it was mute silence throughout. He probably thinks we quite like him, as no Vale fan seems to bother to tell him otherwise.
  10. Can't wait for the 'thanks Papa Smurf' when Norm sacks the manager he appointed and promises John Askey a sweetie jar treat in the form of a Scunthorpe loanee.
  11. Why can't we kick off at the chairman? How bad do things need to be, for how long, before any form of anti-Norman sentiment is formulated?
  12. Anyone seen the video of Stoke fans chanting "we're ******* ****" today? Bear in mind; they draw, and they're 4 points off the play offs. And they're demanding more, because they want the best for their football club, not the current employee. Imagine if we took a leaf out of their book.
  13. I hope people realise Norman has a shambolic reputation in football (look at Micky's book). Any manager that isn't desperate wouldn't touch the club with a barge pole.
  14. All spot on sentiments from Santa and Curtain, as per. Wasted on most of our fanbase. They daren't show dissatisfaction, they have to obligingly clap, cheer, and meekly support whoever currently is employed/owns Port Vale, as opposed to doing things for the best of Port Vale as an entity of itself. Anyone with a modicum of sense will see that Norm is the problem with the club, not the 12 month managers who clearly aren't up to scratch, but they'll have a bit of a boo today, Aspin will go, Askey will come in, and I'll see you all again this time next year for the next instalment of "It isn't Norman's fault, he's backing the manager".
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