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  1. Johnson said “up the vale” because he believed it to be a sexual reference, as in “when I was at Eton I took it right up the Vale,,,,,twice”
  2. I meant at Vale Park but nonetheless an interesting fact from Deepdale. I'm just trying to convince myself that our stars are aligning.
  3. Not sure if it's my imagination or my mind playing tricks on me but wasn't it a nice sunny night like tonight when we beat Preston in the play off semi in 1989? I'm sure someone will remember.
  4. Seems the “oven ready”deal wasn’t as oven ready as we were led to believe, I’m not sure if it was pulled out too soon or left to over cook. The Tory’s always need a pantomime baddie in order to deceive the electorate and the EU play the Ugly Sisters just perfectly for Johnson, The Daily Mail, et al. This sorry saga could go on for yonks.
  5. It’s the kind of flippant reaction Fabric**t is famous for. What amazes me is that people in South Staffordshire voted for him. Does he have any redeeming features? He is a prime example of how the electorate will treat their political party like it’s their football team, they will support them no matter what or who they are. To actually comment on a rape investigation and apply a winking emoji says it all. Seemingly the electorate don’t care, he’s a Tory and they got Brexit done and they will soon be sending those pesky immigrants to Rwanda.
  6. I think you will find the average attendance for home games is around 400 per game more this season than it was during our last promotion campaign in 2012/13. So ultimately there's nothing sad about that.
  7. Whilst I am certainly no fan of the current government, I certainly don’t think anyone should point the finger prematurely. I’m sure there will be an investigation and should the evidence support it then a conviction will follow. In a so called civilised democracy surely we must have faith in the rule of law. I firmly believe that when it comes to sex scandals the two main parties are as bad as each other. When it comes to lies and corruption the current crop are streets ahead.
  8. Totally agree, the Labour movement stole, Health, Social care and Education from the privileged elite.
  9. I'm happy to be corrected with regard to Chaudry, I may have confused him for a so called fan with his black and gold scarf campaign and so forth. I firmly believe that we are now in the hands of owners who truly love our club and more importantly they have an understanding who it really belongs to. I know that fans can feel offended by a certain owner or manager but first and foremost the club comes first, that's why we have survived, we have had some dreadful managers and owners but we as fans believe in our club. Pope should be applauded not lauded, he should be welcomed at Vale Park but when it comes to the red carpet there would be one or two ahead of him in the queue (if in the unlikely event I was making the list).
  10. I think Top Pope has encouraged an erosion of the respect and affection most fans had for him. As a league 1 & 2 player he did quite well for us and it could be argued his goals kept us in the football league but where is his dignity and class post Vale? It's bizarre how many people who have been integral parts of the Port Vale machine over the years who then cut ties with the club because of who the owners or management are. It's only the fans that remain a constant, who are there through thick and thin, rain or shine. Its also strange how people purport to be Vale fans to gain favour to further their own ends. Is Mo Chaudrey a real Vale fan? Do I remember him leading the singing in the paddock? What happened to lifelong Vale fan Bill Bratt does he still come to games? I wonder what Smurthwaite did with his black and white scarf? I think even our greatest and most loyal servant, Roy Sproson stayed away from Vale for years. It's the fans that matter, the moaner who sits behind you in the paddock, that family of four in the Lorne Street. Tom Pope should consider himself lucky to have played for our club and given his own song, he has fulfilled every Vale fan's dream, What is his problem?
  11. Just a realist really, been down this road too many times with vale. You tell yourself you’re a realist however I think the word you were searching for is defeatist. You are talking yourself into being the hardest done to Vale fan. The “woe is me” persona isn’t really very attractive you know. why don’t you all tell us what you think we can do to win this next game?? Please inspire us.
  12. Funny how you see a game. If I hadn’t seen the game myself and formed a judgement from what some durbrains put on here I’d be tearing up my tickets for Thursday.
  13. Just read Crossers address. I feel like he's told me I'm playing up front. I went to bed last night knowing that I couldn't love The Vale anymore. For some reason I woke up this morning and I realised I loved them just a little bit more. UTV
  14. This is something which has perplexed me for years. I can only surmise that those constant lambasters have known nothing other than ridicule and derision in their own lives, maybe nobody told them that they loved them as a child. I suspect it could be learned behaviour. I would suggest this could be cured with maybe a hug or a few reassuring words like, “there, there you are beautiful”. Try it and let me know how you get on. UTV
  15. Only one more sleep to go! I think a positive Vale, is a winning Vale. There is only one game this season where we have been the most positive team and we have lost, which was against Salford at home. We should have been at least two up by half time. We were quite positive against Colchester but lacked creativity in relation to goal scoring chances, a game best forgotten. I have looked at the response from Hartlepool following their impressive draw at league leaders FGR and the message coming from them is relief at reaching the magical 50 points. A couple of their players have talked about now being able to play with more freedom now the pressure is off etc, etc. If we produce a business like performance, high pressing and determined we will turn them over. There should only be one winner, lets remind them their season is done, and that Burslem expects.
  16. Seems the magical medium of irony misses the target once again.
  17. I'm sorry to say I have to take this one on the chin. Some months ago I thought it would be a good idea to go and watch Sparks (This town ain't big enough for the both of us) in Helsinki. I booked the flights for the Sunday after the game. Obviously, the game is now on the Monday and I've already pictured myself wandering the streets of a foreign capital frantically trying to find somewhere that will be broadcasting an English league 2 game. The bigger picture is, my club will benefit not only from the money but also from the added publicity. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed that the Scandinavian football gods shine their light on me. I know the Valiant tentacles spread far and wide so if there are any Vale fans who could suggest a venue in Helsinki that might show the game I would be mighty grateful. UTV
  18. Yes, good point, which idiots decided on these restrictions??? I think there should be a public inquiry to get to the bottom of this.
  19. I know we've seen that goals can come from pretty much any player in our team which is great but who'd of thought Connor Hall could fire in a cross like he did last night?
  20. We can win this one. I know people would be happy with a point but we really could turn these over. We didn’t play that badly when they beat us at Vale and on another day we would have been 2 up by half time. I know the past counts for nothing but with our rowdy vocal support and a bit of magic from one of our boys out on the park we can do it. There’s no reason to be pessimistic, trepidatious or nervous, we’ve taken 4 points of FGR we should fear no one, least of all Salford.
  21. I agree totally, sexual offending is one area of crime that transcends all aspects of society it pervades, religion, politics, occupations and race. Somehow, and I don't know if this is just me seeing this, it is somewhat synonymous with power. It never ceases to amaze me how may deviant police, priests, teachers and politicians there are. I think we should all be suspicious of anyone who wants to be in charge. I know this is cynical but if people have a genuine desire to be a leader then they should be resilient to the scrutiny.
  22. I wouldn’t normally agree with random drug tests but for those making the laws, well, the least they can do is uphold the law. Funny how he has developed mental health issues now he’s been caught. Thankfully his dutiful wife is standing by him.
  23. I'm so pleased to see Darrell back, I'm also proud that our club has been as compassionate and caring as it has. Carol certainly has a knack of making everyone connected to the club feel special and reading Darrell's comments he very much feels a part of the Port Vale family. We've waited such a long time for a club we can all be proud of, all feel a part of and all move forward with. Welcome back Darrell, take it at your own pace and I hope the season brings us all what we richly deserve.
  24. That was way short of what every fan expects, especially with so much at stake. We were devoid of quality and frustratingly in the three games after the Tranmere match we could see we were heading in this direction. There were a few on this forum at the beginning of the season asking where the goals we’re going to come from and I’m beginning to ask those same questions myself. Players whom we would normally look to, to bring quality, for example Worrrall and Proctor were nowhere near good enough today. We all knew what was going to happen with their one attack, we’d already written the script. Was there a positive? Probably not, apart from Garrity and even some of his passes were wayward. Ive got to believe there is a team in there somewhere, but until we find someone who can actually boss a game I think the season will fizzle out, in fact it may already have done.
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