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  1. For some reason I am more nervous about today than any other game this season. All the ingredients are there for us to go and win this one, maybe that’s the problem? These are promotion winning games, beating the less glamorous, hard working clubs. In God we trust, failing that, there’s always Darrell Clarke.
  2. Jamal Khashoggi was reportedly murdered and dismembered by Saudi henchmen for voicing his opinions. I wonder how vocal Newcastle fans will dare to be should they go on an unlikely losing streak? (Sorry should this be in the political section)
  3. I think that the service Wilson receives is an all important factor, he seems to look more dangerous when he's running at defenders around the edge of the box. Evidently he's not afraid to pull the trigger and I'm sure more goals will follow. He's clearly a popular player amongst the squad as it appeared the players congratulating him on Saturday couldn't have been more pleased if they had scored the goal themselves. I think Saturday's goal has come just in time. as with a lot of fans, "the jury was out" in terms of what he brings to the team. As a striker you only have to be lucky once in the game and everybody loves you, Darrell might claim to judge a forward on their overall play but we all know really that as a forward you are judged on goals. Had Devante Rodney not got himself banned I don't think Wilson would have started the game against Harrogate. Put simply, we have to feed him the right kind of balls and see what happens as I believe there is no reason why he can't reach double figures but then again I am a glass half full type.
  4. I feel there is something deeper at play here. Maybe some people have never received any praise or encouragement in their own lives, maybe they have known nothing other than scorn and derision. I’m no psychologist but I think it may be termed “learned behaviour”. I’m also not the most tactile of people however I do recognise when people just need a cuddle and a few soothing words, “there, there you let it out, now doesn’t that feel better”.
  5. The 30 year old Brazilian wild card has let in a disgraceful 2 goals in 4 league games. Scott Brown's better days were behind him, have a look at the amount of goals he let in from distance. We only miss a young, fit, performing Pope in the same way we miss a young fit Marc Richards or a young fit Darren Beckford. Unfortunately Tom Pope was a victim of himself, Askey clearly had a downer on him but Tom wasn't clever enough to handle it. It's a sad fact that "when the north wind blew" Tom went to the pub. Now let's say for example that the pub he went to was in Southport or Kidderminster, then the news of his 5 or 6 pint consumption would unlikely reach the managers ear but the pub was in Stoke on Trent. Sadly for Tom if he'd had two pints you can guarantee some local snitch wold report it as 6 pints and as many Benson & Hedges to boot. Tom must know this. I really, really want to remember the good that Tom has done for the club, both on and off the pitch but the failure of some fans to let go and move on is nauseating.
  6. Not only is Tom Pope a club legend he is also supposed to be a Vale fan and as such should support the club. To use a cliche, he has washed his dirty linen in public. I just know there is no way anyone at the club will respond to this in any official capacity. Pope has become the Prince Harry of Burslem. The podcast has given him free reign to say what he wants, which is fair enough but he was never challenged on some issues, particularly in relation to his U turn on Flitcroft. Nobody will have fallen off their chair upon listening to what he had to say, we know he is bitter but sadly he now wants us to fail. Tom is waiting in the wings, in order to have a cheap, "I told you so" at some point in the future. I think Clarke should take a leaf out of the Queen's book and release the statement "recollections may vary".
  7. I really do think that the Ale and the Vale podcast crew need to take a hard look at what they have produced here. I doubt whether any Stoke or Crewe fan could have undermined the current regime as much as Tom Pope has done and they have provided the platform for him to do it. Why would Darrell Clarke play an unfit Tom Pope who was out of contract and worth nothing to the club in terms of a sell on, over Theo Robinson who he had probably earmarked as surplus but had a year on his contract? I suggest a few on here should now become Congleton Town fans and follow Tom wherever he goes, even into Scrimmies. I personally have nothing but disdain for his undignified vitriol. Are we Vale fans or what?
  8. Having listened to the Tom Pope podcast, my curiosity has prompted me to google, "people who refer to themselves in the 3rd person". I now know he is an illeist and falls in good company with Dwayne"The Rock" Johnson, Pele and Donald J Trump. UTV
  9. There always will be more Stoke fans so long as the publicity is weighted in their favour. Even back in the 90’s when we were in a higher league the local radio and press favoured them. There’s a lot to shout about at Vale, especially in relation to the good work in the community initiated by Carol, the new fanzone along with the updating of the ground. Hopefully within a short space of time we will have a team to shout about but I doubt the Sentinel will hear it. Ah well.
  10. The online version is a joke. It has had the same Dan Jones headline for 4 days. There should be parity with our Refuse burning neighbours which there certainly is not.
  11. I agree wholeheartedly with your observations Joker1968. There are some really positive things going on at our club at the moment and this so called local paper has ignored a load of stuff. I know we've had media embargoes in the past which in many ways have seemed a little petty but why would any Vale fan buy a Sentinel? I certainly won't be buying a Sentinel just to read about the Incinerator Boys. I really feel we need to bite back somehow? Any original ideas?
  12. if we weren't patient with John Rudge in the early days then the golden years in the 90's wouldn't have happened. The negativity, along with the rude and dismissive language spouted by some on here, says more about the poster than the players they intend to criticise. Players sometimes have bad games, managers and coaches sometimes get systems wrong but if you are true Vale fans then you wouldn't be calling anyone "useless" or say a certain player will "never make a footballer". I can't believe the lack of support our manager is afforded by some on here, it's almost as if some are willing him to fail. I will always accept justified criticism and this forum is designed for the free flow of opinion. It may help if those dismissive posters could be a little more articulate and add a sentence or two. "Such and such is useless" because.......add some evidence, some constructive observation. Vale will do alright this season, the ingredients are there. We have more strength in depth than last season even though the squad is smaller. Soon we will score and Worrall will have a stunning game and Rodney will put one away like he did at Colchester last season, Covolan will save a penalty and Clarke might win manager of the month, like he should have done last year. What was the name of that Dad's Army character who kept saying "we're all doomed"?
  13. Wilson has looked good all game and is definitely a threat especially when he is running at the defence. Whilst solidly reliable in the air, Legge worries me with his amazing ability to always make his second touch a tackle.
  14. Not sure people understand fully how young players develop. Whilst maybe not bursting onto the scene in a blaze of glory, Hurst has made steady progress, especially in relation to his strength on the ball as earlier in the season he was tending to get out muscled. Clarke obviously has seen something in him to offer him a new contract. I find some of the comments harsh and dismissive and I for one think he may prove one or two doubters wrong. If the shot he had against Mansfield in our last home game of the season had burst the net and not rattled off the bar then I don't think you would be saying he shouldn't be in the squad or he is awful. Young players need to be carefully managed, be given adequate game time and supported then maybe one of these days we might sell one for a few quid.
  15. It just goes to show if you're good enough you're old enough. Rarely do we see young talent emerge with any great immediacy. If you've been a follower of any football club for any length of time, we all know it can sometimes happen, so in that sense, why not Eden Bailey? What has happened with Clarke is quite refreshing, he would appear to be giving everyone a chance, including youth. If pre season isn't about optimism for fans then I don't know when is. I read earlier in the thread where someone said that we would be silly to expect top three, well I'll go one dafter- CHAMPIONS of league two with all sorts of records being broken. And god forbid if we're not, however I won't be any more disappointed than those who don't believe we can do it now. There's nowt wrong with a bit of belief, it's served winners well through the ages.
  16. I rate Pope, in the same way I rate Grew, Sproson, Gardener, Mills, Hill, Taylor, Walker, Earle, Guppy, Beckford & Futcher-They were all ace one but you wouldn't pick a one of them to face Kidsgrove tomorrow. The Rocky films were good but they weren't for real you know.
  17. No amount of training in pre season could bring Tom what he needs which is pace. Tom has been a great servant and I can see why some would say give him a go but as sad as it seems, his time as a Vale player is over. The crowd have never been on Pope's back but I reckon It could potentially end in disaster had he stayed for another year. All of our greatest servants had to finish at some point, let him go with dignity. As bizarre as it may seem I would love him to prove Clarke wrong but I'm not so sure another league 2 club will come in for him.
  18. I understand that and I personally thought he was a decent player. He played a good number of games for Vale as a central attacker but never scored. It also got me to thinking how long is a reasonable amount of games for a newcomer to league football to get on the score sheet?
  19. I was just wondering if my life would have turned out differently if Ronnie Jepson had scored that header against Stoke 30 odd years ago. I then wondered why he never scored a goal for us but showed a decent return for the other sides he turned out for. (not sure if this is too random for the anything you want to talk about section)
  20. Which team were you watching between November 2020 and February 2021? It was the older more experienced players that got us into the mess we were in. Legge, for instance was personally responsible for at least five goals conceded with penalties given away or a distinct lack of pace. Joyce went off the boil, look at his sending off against Tranmere or his abysmal performance against Kings Lynn. Any shot at Brown from over 20 yards and I was holding my breath. If Pope deserves respect, then build another statue. Nothing is forever. It makes me laugh how some on here are offended by Clarke's kiddums, psychology, management or whatever you want to call it, that he used to string an 8 game unbeaten run together. If some of those players thought they were nailed on for a new contract would they have performed as well? Clarke did whatever he had to do, to get players to perform for Port Vale and I can only applaud that. If he hadn't I'd be looking forward to an away day at Chesterfield.
  21. Clarke was 100% right on his retained list, with maybe the exception of Montano. Pope who had served the club well has now lost all of his pace, he just cannot run, there's nothing crueler than the passage of time and unfortunately Tom's time was up. Brisley was dependable but lacked class and I believe there is younger and better out there. Joyce, a good league 2 footballer was losing his edge, it was time for him to go. Brown, who probably kept us in league football really was susceptible from long range and as good as was with close range reaction saves, he's not the complete article. It's hard to say goodbye to some of these players but there most definitely can be no sentiment in football. A new broom sweeps clean and until Clarke does something to shatter my faith in his judgement then he has my full support. He has decent track record so I can easily see why Carol has appointed him. It's as if some people on here are willing him to fail, which is absurd.
  22. There may well be some psychology at play with regard to the goalkeeping situation. I think possibly Covolan could well be a No.2 but a strong one with good potential to be number 1. If we had already signed a Vigouroux or King would Covalan have come to the Vale knowing he would probably be second choice? I believe Darrell would be looking for genuine competition in all areas which we didn't have last season. I have no good reason to believe that all signings to date do not have the potential to shine.
  23. Is there any talk of widening the pitch? I just think that it's an aspect of Vale park that we don't make good use of. As I recall it always used to seem a lot wider and maybe we could adjust the system of play to intimidate the opposition. With Worrall down one side and maybe Hurst down the other. We could take advantage of this space and the opposition would not be used to the expanse, as most grounds in league 2 are tight and compact. It may on the other hand place a limit on a long throw specialist such as Dan Jones.
  24. As a fan of a lower league club I'm happy to be deluded, I believe that every signing could be that hidden gem. Sometimes it does happen and it happens in Burslem. Who had heard of Stuart Talbot, Andy Jones or Ian Taylor before they signed for the mighty whites. Do we want to make new players feel wanted and valued or should we just write them off before they have even kicked a ball? I do believe that had Askey stayed then there was every possibility that we would be in the National League, all the heart had drained from the side. If DC could win 8 in a row last season, there is no reason why it won't be a statistic of next season. If half the signings are better than half of what we let go then we will definitely finish higher this coming season.
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