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  1. One as to ask just what does a director of football do for his no-doubt excessive salary ?. On analysis this post goes right to the crux of the problems, far to many questions than answers, again we are left deflated, anxious, and concerned, soon the jury will be out on our two main management figures if this becomes the standard, let's hope this is only a glitch and they'll pull some outstanding plan out of the bag, otherwise it'll be the lynch mob gathering and ambiguities being voiced in the popular media.There is no hiding place anymore I'm afraid, time isn't on their side, 8000 plus season ticket holders want success at any price, let's hope the jury doesn't have to sit at this early stage of the proceedings.
  2. Uninspiring to say the least, it looks like an overated T-shirt, awful [emoji37]
  3. Hypocrisy at its highest level.
  4. No reason then for him to apologise to the player, the manager and the club, also the fact that he realised he got red carded and brought the club into disrepute, but then I bow to your superior interlect.
  5. Yer, but will the fairweather fickle fans be around when the rain sets in , again a minority of neanderthals bring shame on us, and as for Clarke he needs to get some control over his emotions, he ain't help matters as the media will now make mountains out of this and a big fine will come, feel it for this diehard 4000 TRUE fans who now have these incidents due to glory chasers to contend with, not forgetting the other knuckle draggers down the road giving them something to beat us up about, what turned out to be a victory turned into a national shaming incident thanks to part time fans.
  6. The two juvenile boys on radio stoke sound as they are, excited schoolboys with their disparaging waffle, ffs please rid us of these wuffters.
  7. "Hope springs eternal in the human breast." Alexander Pope. It has to, being a Valeite, gird your loins dear friends, for this evening the gods (whoever you make them to be) are on our side, for we have waited so long for this moment to go onto the final stage to glory, GOO'ON YOU WHITES.
  8. Yep, only time will tell, 90mins hopefully for us,
  9. We need to be faster to the ball, quicker to close them down, and make sure we cut their pace as they are much faster and slick, the crowd needs to intimidate the girly ponytailed egotist each time he receives the ball, and ensure he's close marked and never given chance to move more than two feet, otherwise it don't bear thinking about cus they ain't no pushover, there's to much at stake, and let Andy choose the team, he's this seasons real successful manager.
  10. On me hols' just logged on so called fair weather vale fans slagging us off as normal on here when we go one down, , and radio stoke muppets cheering on Swindon , still with their banal childish waffle, so switching over to home commentary away from these two kids with their juvenile crap,
  11. So glad I moved out of S-o-T, the sad sick parts of the city don't do it any favours, I once had pride in being from the Potteries, I was born in Waterloo Rd, my generation's were miners in Bradley, I know the area back to front, Wedgwood to Mitchell, Lodge to Bennett, I have always been a Valeite, boy and man, My Dad tipped waste from Shelton bar to help create the Wembley of the North. These ignorant hateful misguided neanderthal knuckle dragging apes of so called football supporters hiding behind their keyboards and nicotine stained fingers wouldn't know one jot of a City that gave the world some of most innovative men and women, it is always in sadness we have to read about such things that bring nothing to a City attempting to find its place in a new competitive world. It raises both anger and disgust and I hope in time that those who have a responsibility to rid their site of such bile come to realise they also have the stench of the sewer about them. I watch from afar my beloved team (Stamford in Lincolnshire) and wish them the greatest of luck for today and thankful we now have such wonderful owners and become what these degenerative apes will never achieve, a truly family football club, with (but not all a minority) great supporters doing our team proud and our owners successfull in giving us all the opportunity to share in our success, no matter how the final result may be,,..........I'll get of me box now.
  12. Red card coming for one of these thugs, with luck.
  13. Don't seem to be winning or keeping the ball at the moment.
  14. What the muppet doesn't realise is that some Vale fans have been blind from birth and rely on a concise commentary, pity the DDA act can't be realised for the juvenile rubbish he Spouts all the time we lose the thread, he's always way behind the action and play, then puts his and whoever is also waffling too, their opinion, George Andrews I recall was the best ever, so radio S, either get this boy some training or replace him, the commentary is dire, switching to the opposition commentary sometimes is better, but no always as this is the BBC , ......I'll get of me box [emoji403]
  15. Jeeze, spare us radio Sh#te from this boy commentary, juvenile waffle, how the heck did this boy child get to work at vale Park, he's best suited to the park children's matches.
  16. George Andrews, if only we could have him somehow commentating, a legend in those golden days. This childish sounding boy is the full cheeseboard.
  17. Just boycott the station, no ringing in, no contact with the biased BBC, the childish boy who commentates the matches always waffles juvenile crud, we always switch to the other sides commentary, more entertaining.
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