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  1. Bratt wasn't stupid, he was a very calculating conman. He got on with his little schemes whilst Oliver took the flack for him. Oliver had the skin of a Rhino, never in my whole life have I met such an individual. The only one of that bunch who was stupid was Stan Meigh, stupid enough to keep bailing the board out with his cash.
  2. Only half an hour? It seemed much longer to me 🙂 The sentence he repeatedly used was "what you need to understand", that sort of smacked of "I'm going to feed you some more bulls*** but what you need to understand is"! Complete and utter scumbag.
  3. It wasn't hard to spot to be fair, the bloke exuded BS. Within 2 minutes of listening to him I knew he was a liar and thought summat isn't right here!
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