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  1. That's exactly what should have been done with L2
  2. Keep battling Mike, thoughts with you and yours mate
  3. The shop takings only started going back in during 2016, before that the takings were zero
  4. All well and good, but I predict a much lower average with Miller upfront and more goals conceeded too.
  5. They don't have to be legally externally audited, and indeed they aren't, and the inland revenue would only look in more detail if they were investigating the business's tax affairs
  6. There is no entry for Hugill as the accounts were up to June 2017 and Hugill wasn't sold until this January, so any funds from him will show in the accounts that will be drawn up next year. The ground is held by Alchemy land and the last time I viewed their accounts it was valued in the accounts at £750,000.
  7. I take it that was aimed at me. I have accounting qualifications, I understand how to extract information from a set of accounts, I used to do it for a living. I now run my own successful Landscaping and house maintenance business thanks. As for saying how a football club should be run, I know it shouldn't be run in the way Smurthwaite is running my, our, club. I know Smurthwaite is a liar and I know he isn't bankrolling the club in the manner he wants gullible people to believe, because I can understand and extract accounts. I don't have to have the money to buy the club to form an opinion based on fact and also comment on it.
  8. I have never been on an online forum where I could abuse her, so once again you have got the wrong end of a long stick and mistaken me for someone else. I once said on here she has a potty mouth, as she does, and she is way past her teenage years. I also aren't "worked up" over the accounts, i'm simply pointing out the facts in the accounts don't match what Smurthwaite spouts and his sheep digest.
  9. why would he do that when he already owns the ground in a separate company? What he'd gain on one hand he'd lose on another.
  10. Yet only last week he publically said the club was losing £160,000 a month and even you were questioning how that was possible? He also said when he pointed out to potential buyers how much we were losing they ran a mile. Which one is it John? So we received £200k in exclusivity payments and that meant we overturned £160k a month losses and made £400k profit, his calculator isn't working again. As for the Hugill money, there were reports from the Preston end that the Hugill money has been paid in one lump sum so I don't believe his version of that either.
  11. Players wages don't influence turnover, just the profit or loss made from that turnover. Having said that, the wages are not actually that much different. Remember when I questioned Smurthwaite about turnover a few years back on here? He couldn't give a straight answer and eventually told me to go and play on a motorway! There are hundreds of thousands of pounds that used to go into the club that no longer do, that is the bottom line.
  12. id like to see the profit and loss account to see what the turnover was. Comparing 2016 to 2005 the turnover was nearly the same, average gates were identical, cup runs identical, admission prices more in 2016, football league payments and academy funding up by 1 million in 2016 yet turnover hardly budged. There was the small point of no commercial income in 2016 yet it was £850,000 in 2005. Someone appears to be diverting income elsewhere,
  13. I too got to know Tosh through OVF and after that during the protests. I saw him on and off but always had great banter with him on Facebook as we both shared the same daft sense of humour. He was a brilliant bloke who could always see humour in the worst situations. I will miss him as will a lot of others. Rest easy big man and, does anyone know when the DFS sale finishes? :-(
  14. you really think he can correct this or, more importantly, he actually gives a toss? I think the evidence against this is damning. why shouldn't he get abuse? He's dished enough out so what goes around comes around
  15. that wont be anything to do with the hernia he is playing with
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