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  1. R.I.P. old sage, will be sorely missed at SC meetings. True Valiant...
  2. If Askey isn't going to play either Cullen or Archer (injured!!!), then we are desperate for a striker to boost the forward options. We cant keep relying on Pope and Bennett is a poor replacement in my opinion.
  3. Would play Bennett or Archer, also bring Atkinson in for Burgess, just to rest the Pope and Burgess. Also would try to give Archer some game time, dont know why he wasnt in the squad on Sunday??.
  4. The midfield would come to a standstill if you did that. Conlon has been a big disappointment towards the end of the season and the start of this, he's slow, too much time on the ball and always and I mean always passes it backwards. We dont need another player similar to Joyce, we need energy as we play pressing football and Conlon doesnt give that.
  5. I think the midfield of Joyce sitting and Taylor and Burgess pressing is perfect and helps the team break and press, even when Oyeleke is back he wouldn't get in my team the same with Conlon.
  6. Probably better because Joyce was back, keeping possession and moving the ball, not always forward I agree but it keeps the opposition moving.
  7. Football specials....remember those days!!
  8. That would change the whole way we are playing at the moment, with Pope holding the ball up for the on rushing Amoo and Worrall. Cullen can't play that role he has to be either one of two up front or just behind Pope to feed of his knockdowns imo.
  9. Because like myself there is two adults and three kids and at 16 quid each that would cost 80 quid just for the privilege of travelling 30 odd miles!!!.
  10. If you watch Joyce closely he does his fair share of running, it would be interesting to look at his stats just to see if its average...
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