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  1. Yes,unbelievable what he's coming out with."Garlick will be the one to deal with any sale by the 5th of May"then goes on to say "no one can but a football club in 5 weeks".
  2. Jesus wept,why are supporters responding to this gate crashing wum ffs.Ignore the clown.
  3. You don't have to donate but why the negative comment?or aren't you saying?
  4. Where have you been?Been asked and answered numerous times.
  5. Staggering disrespect for a great servant to the Vale.**** off.
  6. Indisputable and any one who thinks otherwise is a middle-class idiot.
  7. I don't get this happy with a point bowlocks,three points is a must and nothing but guts and determination will achieve this.More of the same Tuesday will put this tinpot outfit well below us where they belong.
  8. Not to mention the mither in the mother town every other week
  9. So buy Wrights in the town then like lots of fans do before the game.
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