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  1. I agree - but it wouldn't surprise me if he went that he could be loaned straight back to us to see the season out? It has been known!
  2. As much as I loathe Sjoke and Macari you can't deny the work he's done for Stoke's homeless has been very thoughtful and most welcome! I'd say he deserves this. Not quite as much as Rudgie, obviously - but don't begrudge the man!
  3. I expect that people should try not passing it on to other people who make an effort to get rid of it. Speaking as someone whose extended family has just had a 6 year old, and his mum...an NHS frontliner now...having to isolate for 10 days - Hospital policy; and a teenager from the same extended family getting it - anyone can catch it and it affects people with different severity! It's not "basically a cold" at all, like the first strains weren't "just the flu"! Start advocating mandatory vaccinations and you get people bleating about their Human Rights...and throwing the name "Nazis" around - which is a level of disgusting by itself! Or you get loons like Piers Corbyn proving there really is "one rule for them, another for the rest of us!"
  4. That attitude is part of the problem! Try telling those in ICUs begging to have the vaccine that they've just got a cold! I'm just Tweeting to a friend whose been ill for a week over Christmas and is only now starting to get her breath properly! It's not a joke and maybe if people stopped treating it like one we might start to clear it up?
  5. Do you really think they call them off just to piss off the fans?
  6. Meanwhile, with every game called off, players lose a bit of match fitness which could lead to more injuries when games are fitted in to an already tight schedule?
  7. No - this is the kind of tosh we throw at some of our players! For whatever reason he went to Scuntgorpe - enough to make anyone lose confidence! Then, when he re-joined, he has been up against a midfield that, mostly, overperformed against all our expectations. So, he's now 6th, maybe, competing for 4 places. The fact he has been injured when we would likely have needed him is just sheer bad luck...but you can't say he would now be playing because we don't know how he's been since that injury? We have tended, in the past, to get rid of players if they weren't immediate gamechangers, which is why some are now flourishing at other clubs. He's definitely a good player - and combined well with Burgess - maybe they need a chance together?
  8. Totally agree -he has been very fortunate to have been afforded commentaries in which he can promote the merits of his players! Time for that crap to end!
  9. I suspect Sproson's influence has diminished substantially since we adopted a more professional structure? Possibly clutching at straws hoping that rumour will help his client get back into the first team - it won't unless DC decides he does!
  10. In fairness, the team then is not the same as it is now. If it had been his performances may well have been better - something we'll never know!
  11. As has been said before - he wouldn't get into the first team, at the moment. And to put in the type of performance that would get him into the first team would require him to be playing regularly. So, it's a shame his chance is only likely to come because of injury or Covid? I just think he's too good to let go = also, is he likely to appeal to another team if he's not playing regularly, for them to assess?
  12. He will if we have to play a lot of games close together. He's too good a player not to use.
  13. Hasn't he been injured recently? Which would reduce his playing time!
  14. Thanks for the confirmation. I'm not desperate enough to call him a liar!
  15. How much then? Pretty sure it was quoted that we had done unbelievable business getting him here for that - and well done to the recruitment team?
  16. That's not what was said in the interview! It was mentioned to show how good the team spirit is.
  17. I thought it was in a Vale interview? Possibly by DC? And it was mentioned that bonuses are going in to a pot to be shared out at the end of the season?
  18. I thought our wage structure was £1k to £1860 (or something like)?
  19. Some managers have said that vaccine status will be a consideration in future transfers.
  20. You're not alone Darren - he was one of the best out of the dozens we had in and, apart from a couple of howlers, he seems to be doing a good job at Derby? There are worse keepers in the Prem - but the GK coaches are better, in the main! Newcastle's GK needs to get better coaching, and Arsenal have finally found a decent one!
  21. Which might encourage more to travel?
  22. Definitely - he has mentioned that DF is on the case. I think he said there might be 2 coming in?
  23. I have no evidence for this - just gut feelings. I suspect Lloyd was brought in with a view to a permanent signing, and developing a player for the future, either as a first-teamer or to sell on. This would have fitted with DCs philosophy on loan signings - as someone else has mentioned...why develop players for the benefit of their parent clubs? Secondly - I feel (and hope) that our management team and owners are strong enough to resist bids for our players, at least until the summer? If we're still in contention for top 3 spot, why risk the disruption to the team by letting a valuable asset go and having to settle a new one in? Yep - we might lose the chance to get a fee for a player - but that's happened before and promotion is more important than holding on to a player if he wants to leave? Like I say - just gut feelings!
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