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  1. FGR had 65% possession yesterday according to the stats. Vale had less possession but it was with purpose and flair. It’s pointless tapping it around in the first third of the pitch if there’s no outlet unless of course you’re in front and running down the clock.
  2. As long as we score more than we concede who cares 😳
  3. As a season ticket holder I’ve been given access to Ifollow for every home match. I've not used any of the tickets or signed up for Ifollow. Does the club still pay Ifollow for this or does it hopefully stay in the club coffers.
  4. We’re not in a transfer window so how can it happen. Could be a pre transfer agreement for next season I suppose.
  5. Hasn’t he already signed a new contract?
  6. 9 out of 10 performance for me. Allowed the game to flow and got all the important decisions right.
  7. Stevenage taking their usual break. why hasn’t this been stopped.
  8. I’ve paid for 5 this season I’d give an extra £100 to get rid of this clown. Just for the sake of my own sanity.
  9. 4000 season ticket holders. If we give £20 each to Carol would he go for £80k.
  10. I hear his formation for the Grimsby match is 8-1-1.
  11. We’re 2-0 down. Legge sent off so Askey takes off a forward and brings on a defender.
  12. I would think they would extend that. To give the same time period between whenever the season starts to the deadline day as a normal season would have.
  13. There’s been a signing today that no one thought would happen. hopefully it’ll be made public soon. utv.
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