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  1. I suspect a lot of the scanning issues are down to the Wi-Fi signal or the phone signal available at the turnstiles. The available bandwidth at half time in the railway paddock is almost none existent. Of course this is not down to PVFC, it’s the phone masts that are in the area. It becomes a problem for the club when they adopt new ticket scanners, that are attached to the local mobile phone network. More fans means more phones in pockets each logged onto the available network, means less available connectivity. Maybe the club needs to invest in its own private Wi-Fi hub with repeaters in each kiosk. I’m by no means expert in these matters but it must be worth investigating.
  2. Probably would have been deemed a safety issue by the police. After watching the recent TV Drama Anne about Hillsborough I’d rather a slow controlled trickle coming in than someone get hurt pushing in. I’m by no means comparing yesterday’s issues with that awful tragedy but health and safety is a massive undertaking now. A temporary barrier across the exit gate and a temporary turnstile or two installed may be the answer. That’s if they exist and are acceptable to the local police. They are hardly very amenable to the Vale normally so I’ve no idea how helpful they would be.
  3. @Doha it’s always been the case for us long as I’ve been going the vale. It’s a catch 22 situation when we have poor teams and results resulting in low numbers there’s no case to make for improvements. When we start to invest correctly in the team, resulting in better performance and increasing numbers in the ground. do we then improve the access and maybe not have the resources to buy the players to gain promotion.I personally will put up with the difficulties and hope for success and wait for improvements in the infrastructure to follow from there. Admittedly during the periods when we were in higher leagues during JR,s and Micky’s tenures it wasn’t as difficult to get fans through the gates. Iv’e no idea why this is, maybe someone at the club needs to find out. it surely can’t be quicker to take entrance money and give out change than scan a pre purchased ticket.
  4. I agree you would have to wait, but you wouldn’t miss the start of the match like some did. what do you suggest is the solution? Do you turn up everywhere a few minutes before it starts and expect to walk straight in.
  5. If your choice is to sit in a pub for an extra 15 minutes then that’s your choice. I’d rather see a stronger team on the pitch and build success for the team. Just don’t complain when you have to wait. theres no magic money tree out there. Unless of course you want to pay for turnstiles personally.
  6. Do we spend a fortune on better turnstiles, that allow spectators to turn up 5 minutes before the game starts. Or do we spend the money on better players? that’s a difficult choice in my opinion! Oh no changed my mind I’ll just leave the pub 15 minutes earlier.
  7. What’s the fascination for Stoke fans and the Vale toilets?
  8. The cut off point is after the clubs 19th league fixture.
  9. Great news for us really. Time now to get a few of the players fit and give everyone a rest. Master stroke by the gaffer. Find one COVID sufferer and get them to take a dozen tests👍🤣🤣
  10. shocking performance from our players and the officials. This was the same referee who sent Covolan off at Northampton. Does he have a problem with the Vale? Or does he just seek the limelight, the best referees are hardly noticed during a game, this one wanted to be centre stage. That’s not deflecting the blame for a piss poor performance by most of our players, Jones couldn’t pass water tonight,
  11. Improve the food and drinks, just as important improve the availability and access to it at the same time. contactless payments on the gate with wider more efficient turnstiles. I’ve seen some fans being let in through the gate once they’ve had their tickets scanned. The turnstiles would cost a lot with no return except ease of access but the improvements in the refreshments should pay for themselves eventually.
  12. Their number 38 Amankwajh couldn’t live with Amoo on Saturday. He got twisted inside out trying to keep Him in check. he’d have been my M o M if Wilson hadn’t scored the hat trick.
  13. I had to call security in the end, he was frightening me with his enthusiasm and talking sense. I’m just not used to it, this is “Lowly Port Vale” after all. We wouldn’t want anything or anybody changing that would we?🙄🤣🤣
  14. Where does the opinion Dazzer isn’t a nice bloke come from? I was waiting in the reception at Vale park just after the Bolton game waiting to collect something. DC came walking through and asked if I was being looked after. He then went on to spend a good 15. Minutes talking to me about his thoughts on how he wanted the team to play, his ambitions for the club and thanking myself and all the supporters for their brilliant support during the games. He had no reason to do this, I’m just one of the thousands of fans.It was in the morning while the players were passing through for training. He obviously had a busy day ahead preparing for the next game, but he spent his valuable time thanking myself and all the supporters for attending. what’s not to like about him?
  15. You’re dead right. did anyone notice him run over and give a coaching lesson on how to take a throw in instead of letting him carry on with the foul throws and awarding it to the Vale. Ref really made some unusual decisions and none of them in Vales favour.
  16. Even the Sunderland fans applauded Naylors goal that day.
  17. About 9,000 for the Bournemouth game. They count all season ticket holders in the spectator count wether they attend or not. wonder how many were actually in the ground.
  18. I’ve just come across this on YouTube. it’s worth a watch.
  19. FGR had 65% possession yesterday according to the stats. Vale had less possession but it was with purpose and flair. It’s pointless tapping it around in the first third of the pitch if there’s no outlet unless of course you’re in front and running down the clock.
  20. As long as we score more than we concede who cares 😳
  21. As a season ticket holder I’ve been given access to Ifollow for every home match. I've not used any of the tickets or signed up for Ifollow. Does the club still pay Ifollow for this or does it hopefully stay in the club coffers.
  22. We’re not in a transfer window so how can it happen. Could be a pre transfer agreement for next season I suppose.
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