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  1. bit harsh. sad as it is to see him go, he's changed employer for a payrise....!
  2. sent you a PM - will gladly take em off your hands
  3. Shane Tudor......never has the reputation and actuality been further apart. (admittedly not always a full back
  4. His Wikipedia page is almost 2 years out of date His appearances of late have been much higher - check out the Vale press release - and stop bloody moaning everyone
  5. by all accounts a decent player with a really good engine at a club blessed with more midfielders than it needs, coming to a club that needs player like that and doesn't have enough midfielders. Happy with that
  6. Garrity 11 players with his heart and determination and we'd be in the top 3
  7. maybe, but if that affects the ticket office issued ones (as mine was) too then we have problems!
  8. Assuming we haven't got 10m knocking about scanners that scan first time rather than 10th time would not half help at a fraction at the cost. Wouldn't surprise me if the distance from the admin side of the ground impacts on speed etc of transmission meaning the further away you are the slower and less reliable it gets. Previous problems were laid at wifi's door by the club and the scanners in use are simply attached to mobile phones in use by the turnstile operator. Problems always seem to be on that corner far away from Lorne Street and not elsewhere which is closer to Lorne Street where I assume is where the 'brains' of the system are that each scanner is no doubt 'talking' to. I'm convinced it's the hardware (mobile hones attached to scanners for crying out loud) and signal issue. My purchased at the ticket office took 7 or 8 scans to get in.....darn sight easier to solve this than build a new stand I reckon!
  9. while The Paddock is I agree a victim of it's age and turnstiles at the ends of a full length stand will never work well, when I finally got to a turnstile yesterday at 3.15pm the poor girl had to attempt to scan my ticket 7 or 8 times to finally get the green flash or tick or whatever it is that let me in behind me. Tried to scan, pressed on the screen, tried to scan again, and repeat several times while I'm stood there still with hundreds wating to get in. And this was a ticket not on a screen, or home printed but purchased at the ticket office last week, so the quality of the image shouldn't be the problem. the pace through the turnstiles is a fraction if what it needs to be and that's the technology being employed, hopefully a much easier fix. I felt for the turnstile operators and stewards....the system they've been given is crap and it causes them and us bigger problems on top of the stand not really having enough entry points.
  10. The original news item from Vale said tickets on sale till today then that's it, with none on sale on the day. I think their limited capacity will be a worry here as the whole place only houses 4K, with I think 850 visitors. In a nutshell in theory anyone going as an away fan already has a ticket
  11. I walked into the ticket office at 3pm yesterday and there was no one else but me in the car park. Served and away with tickets! Thing is I couldn't have queued as I was working earlier but glad I didn't have a choice having saved 2 hours as I reckon I might have done if I had the choice!!
  12. Good luck to him Whilst the football, and indeed everything about Vale is better than under his tenure, and I certainly don't miss his media work, it must be galling for him to see what structure Darrel now works within when in his time everyone at the club seemed to be stretched over many roles. Not saying it would have been better (in fact, probably not) but surely he'll look onto a DoF and all the backroom support and wonder what he might have achieved in the same set up. (he was a bit old fashioned he might contrarily not have wanted to as well) Anyway - decent bloke, good luck to him and Telford
  13. next time we have a collective moan about a new signing with no experience joining asking what they can possibly offer we should refer to this. Good memories of some talented young players.
  14. looks like he probably is. He's right sided and attacking so as long as he doesn't need to defend too much he's a s qualified as Wozza I guess, perhaps though will but in more than attach the line and cross. Be interesting
  15. unless we have a show stopper signing in the next few weeks I'd say that's 90% our opening side
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