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  1. Good luck to him Whilst the football, and indeed everything about Vale is better than under his tenure, and I certainly don't miss his media work, it must be galling for him to see what structure Darrel now works within when in his time everyone at the club seemed to be stretched over many roles. Not saying it would have been better (in fact, probably not) but surely he'll look onto a DoF and all the backroom support and wonder what he might have achieved in the same set up. (he was a bit old fashioned he might contrarily not have wanted to as well) Anyway - decent bloke, good luck to him and Telford
  2. next time we have a collective moan about a new signing with no experience joining asking what they can possibly offer we should refer to this. Good memories of some talented young players.
  3. looks like he probably is. He's right sided and attacking so as long as he doesn't need to defend too much he's a s qualified as Wozza I guess, perhaps though will but in more than attach the line and cross. Be interesting
  4. unless we have a show stopper signing in the next few weeks I'd say that's 90% our opening side
  5. Remember him in that Leeds game. He probably was a bit out of his depth in the league however in that particular game he was absolutely immense. Good memories from a particularly bleak Port Vale era.
  6. and the steps he climbed up were paid for by the past and current fans, securing them for the future, and the turf by those same past and current fans, securing it too for the future, and the team they all went to see paid for by the fans......and that was the same last year too....even though we couldn't climb the steps and see the pitch in person. We could of course all ask for our money back and build houses on that pitch. Alternatively we could just move on and be thankful that the fans of the future have steps to climb because of the attitudes of fans like us, and all other lower league clubs in 2020/21. Or you could be Eddie.
  7. The comment about not being sentimental.......surely Pope doesn't fit that criteria.....wonder if that's what he's getting at?
  8. Colchester United pair selected for international duty | Gazette (gazette-news.co.uk)
  9. and that would be adequate to compare to now with a new manager without his own players and no pre season. Anyway here you go then. You do know you're talking about the wrong season don't you?!
  10. not in the first 2 months you don't. He joined in June 2009, had a full preseason and signed his own players including a new club captain and Doug Loft. We won 2 in 11
  11. I'm sort of fairly relaxed We were crap - again, totally devoid of creativity, though perhaps a tad better at the back The last time a new manager took over a poor side and went 5 at the back to make us tighter, but initially we were dull as anything was Micky Adams We are project 'don't get relegated' at present. We won't and lets see what happens. Every bit of tonight's criticism could have been levelled at Adams first 2 months in charge. It's the start of a rebuild job. Relax
  12. I agree it makes sense to bring in the seniors such as McKirdy, Theo and Legge (the last one being the most debatable) Deregistering was I suspect trying to get them out of the door, but seeing as they are still here not including them now we are stuck with them (with the exception of Legge who I get would be a daft pick if he still has that clause) for a new manager to look at would seem daft
  13. The plans actually look really good, with sports bar, gym etc. Right now however and the place looks a bit of a work in progress. Always a good away day, if not always on the pitch, I hope it works out and they return to the league. I think much of the work will happen at the old away end...the car park all up and much of the concourse area now removed....you can walk straight up the steps from the road
  14. I'd bet this 'very promising new keeper' is no.3 this season and will be no.2 next season to then no.1 Dino Visser
  15. Although signed by JA, he's not really a JA kind of player, so I reckon he doesn't much fancy him JA can obviously see that we're not overly creative but week after week he talks of the effort and application of the players, however the result has gone. He knows that McKirdy will frustrate him as he won't get that from him - he is one of those players that might offer something in a game that gets you points, but he'll not grind and work in a team ethos in the way that some of his regular picks will (Worrall, Conlon etc who despite not being 100% consistent are naturally hard working) In his DNA he wants us to continue to work hard and drop on lucky - you could argue that in the last few games we could have won it by half time with some decent starts, and he's hoping that is what happens. It is NOT in his DNA to weaken the work rate of the team to make us more fluid and exciting. It's simply not who he is. Unless he comes in and makes himself undroppable then he won't be a regular. I think he was signed as a luxury to come on when winning to make us look nmire entertaining than we really are!
  16. Paypal stopped working midweek - so it's any card to buy, or to validate the season ticket codes. As you need a card anyway to use paypal, whilst it means you need to enter a card now to buy or to validate your free code if its a home game, its really no different, we;ve just lost 30 seconds of our lives digging out a card that we didn't need to before
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