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  1. He had an eye for a player didn't he? He's be well suited as a scout of director of recruitment somewhere based on this
  2. In fairness wasn't Macintish a centre half forced to play out of position in a foreign country he had just moved to? (yes, he was awful, but the likes of Miller and Wilson had less of an excuse !
  3. Just answered the phone to Dave Worrall - apparently they're ringing through season ticket holders to see if anyone needs any help from the club I don't - but nice touch. Might even stop players getting even more bored than we all are at present Stuck in my house I've elected to let my beard get out of control - I asked about his and he's keeping it in trim, so there you go, you heard it here first UTV
  4. Just seen on Sentinel website, terrible news as son of LEGEND Paul Musselwhite has sadly taken his own life - he'd qualified as a Doc too...whole life ahead Puts moaning about Morecambe and the tfr window into perspective Shouldn't happen to any parent ever - God speed to all in the Musselwhite family
  5. Might have been - was certainly a Prem game. Either way his 'honest' efforts are no more effective
  6. I think we have to take into account that he has nothing to be gained from ranting either publically or behind closed doors. These players will either scrape into safety or drop into non league and teh former is more likely if they maintain a but of confidence / find a bit of confidence from somewhere. If some of the more vocal supporters who are (rightly) very very negative on this collection of players and our form were to manage the team and do it in the way they type on OVF it really wouldn't improve things even if they would feel better. Askey has little room to manouvre as the squad isn't very good, but I think it's fair to say that trying to praise what he can is likely to have a more +ve result than saying what he undoubtedly really thinks. He's the manager. He's trying to manage these players. He is not a fan saying what he thinks. It's different. My suggestion would be to ignore what the manager says as it'll always be the same, pointing out the positives where they can. Phil Brown once kept his Blackpool side on the pitch at half time as a very public berating of a first half performance. They didn't win that game, and they didn't stay up in the end. We are obviously short on confidence and some are hiding. No manager will solve that with a public dressing down. We have 2 months to go, trying to boost them will either work or it won't, but the opposite won't. Perhaps then at seasons end he'll tell us what he really thinks
  7. Possibly just a job title - might mean nothing, but makes people feel good - you could call the turnstile operators at Vale Park directors of stadium admission, but they wouldn't actually be directors in the legal sense. Most people with a director title in my experience actually aren't people of meaningful control
  8. Didn't go to the Burton checkatrade game last week as I feel teh same about this competition as most fans But....having trudged out of Vale Park on Saturday feeling about as low as I've ever been as a Vale fan (far far worse than walking out of Fleetwood on the last day 2 seasons ago) I'm hoping this will do me good I might see a team play with a bit of pride They might put in a tackle, attack with purpose (God, we may even have some width) and I might, just might enjoy the game, just for what it is, and ignore what the powers to be have done to the competition. And of course I know that the opposition will be (relatively) weak as it'll be a young side they field. Call it therapy. Similar principle as getting back on your bike once you've fallen off I bet I'll be the only one there tomorrow night that is only going because of just how awful Saturday was - and writing this I know I send like I should be sectioned, but I hope that I can start to reconcile how I feel about Saturday with my 40 years of supporting this bloody club By 940pm tomorrow night I might just be on that healing journey - though it'll be along time before anyone forgets of course. If we are crap again and lack any sort of passion, direction, etc etc then I can't imagine where I'll end up Wish me luck. Any other nutcases out there might just want to try it - £10, is almost a prescription charge after all
  9. In he paper on the same day, seems it could have been Vale's fault....the statistics in this story are fascinating https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2018/03/30/supporting-winning-sports-teams-boosts-heart-attack-risk-study/ Let's hope he's on the mend and will see us win many more times again of course. With this and Gav (Boomer) we are reminded that football is supposed to be an enjoyable way to spend out time and not to be taken too seriously Get well sooon both and get back to Vale Park
  10. mattyboy

    Value for Money

    It's a bit difficult trying to analyse football in terms of value for money As a season ticket holder I probably pay about 16 quid a game - the Newport game was not value for money.....the Luton game was worth much much more, though that euphoria has now clearly faded My first ever Wembley trip for The Autoglass Trophy final probably cost 40 quid in todays terms and I saw a team I'd supported since a boy lift a trophy - worth way way more than the ticket price anda something I will never forget My 5 year old having his picture taken with Constantine and Sodje on the pitch - a photo still on display 12 years later - free with match ticket! The problem is always how to get people hooked - a problem we have with SCFC down the road. Those that do will joke about Value, but never really truly think in those terms. Port Vale are not, and have never been value for money - no football club ever is, has or will be.....but if you allow yourself to get hooked, eventually you'll have a Luton, an Autoglass, or even a late equasliser in the snow from a lad new to league football, and for that maybe, just maybe......
  11. As it says - former winger, with Mrs and daughter on BBCs Wanted down Under as I write Very brief mention of his career at the start, so not really football related in many ways - but there you go - have a nose if its your thing
  12. I've got no issue with Roos particularly - he's typical of a young inexperienced keeper I don't really think he's much better than Hornby though - they are just different and make different types of errors Taking Roos however means that the errors, which are part of the learning process won't benefit Port Vale, but Derby County in the long run AND it means we have to leave another loan out of the squad Having seen Roos now for a handful of games I'd stick with Hornby and then Pyke or Stobbs can join the squad on a matchday. Every mess up the keeper makes will at least then be one of OUR players learning his trade which one day, maybe we'll benefit from in one form or another
  13. It costs £1 to obtain any Ltd co. accounts from companies house - they are in essence already only £1 away from being public information It's the reason that despite some advantages (and some other disadvantages too) some sole traders and partnerships don't incorporate as they lose some privacy Given the ease you can obtain them there is of course an argument that they could just be made available anyway - but either way nothing can be hidden really
  14. 240 is the over 62 season ticket price in Bycars / Paddock Over 14 games that's 17.14 a game Walk up price will thus be 17pds a game for over 62s. Someone walking up and paying each week will pay for 23 games, someone buying a season ticket in May will pay for 14 games and get the rest free. By setting the season ticket prices and saying that in May we are getting 9 games free we know the walk up price if they make the walk up price less, then you don't get 9 matches free - they won't do that will they, as they would be annoying the ST holders
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