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  1. Although signed by JA, he's not really a JA kind of player, so I reckon he doesn't much fancy him JA can obviously see that we're not overly creative but week after week he talks of the effort and application of the players, however the result has gone. He knows that McKirdy will frustrate him as he won't get that from him - he is one of those players that might offer something in a game that gets you points, but he'll not grind and work in a team ethos in the way that some of his regular picks will (Worrall, Conlon etc who despite not being 100% consistent are naturally hard working)
  2. Paypal stopped working midweek - so it's any card to buy, or to validate the season ticket codes. As you need a card anyway to use paypal, whilst it means you need to enter a card now to buy or to validate your free code if its a home game, its really no different, we;ve just lost 30 seconds of our lives digging out a card that we didn't need to before
  3. I'm not saying we don't care....I'm saying that there will be hundreds who will keep their cash in their pockets because we can't go.....and every one that does that who would have paid if we were open is a reason we might fold. That's how people would act if football clubs really were different. You're dead right though, people watching a stream for free, rather than pay, who would have paid to go to the game if Vale Park were open are not acting like they'd be devastated if Vale closed. Those that can't afford the stream are not relevant, you're right they'll always be there, but they w
  4. I think this is my point. Beyond season ticket holders there are hundreds of people who would spend hundreds going to Vale and now are not because you can't, and who would have bought a season ticket and didn't as you cant go. Those that would have carried on doing that can't be devastated if Vale is no longer there.....it really is out choice. So if you'd have bought a season ticket but didn't as you can't go....buy one......and Vale should sell tickets to every home game as normal and sell them to the saviours of the football club - just because we can't go in doesn't mean we shouldn't pa
  5. It's tough this. Whilst I'm aware that many people will have been and will be harmed financially by the current situation there are many that won't. If you pursue the argument as many do that the survival of local football clubs is very important to communities (I think I agree with that) then perhaps the fact that we can't attend a game shouldn't be relevant. Many bought season tickets at Vale (me, and my eldest son included), not being able to go is a price to pay for doing out bit to support something we value for the future. On Saturday, many non season ticket holders would hav
  6. He had an eye for a player didn't he? He's be well suited as a scout of director of recruitment somewhere based on this
  7. In fairness wasn't Macintish a centre half forced to play out of position in a foreign country he had just moved to? (yes, he was awful, but the likes of Miller and Wilson had less of an excuse !
  8. Just answered the phone to Dave Worrall - apparently they're ringing through season ticket holders to see if anyone needs any help from the club I don't - but nice touch. Might even stop players getting even more bored than we all are at present Stuck in my house I've elected to let my beard get out of control - I asked about his and he's keeping it in trim, so there you go, you heard it here first UTV
  9. Just seen on Sentinel website, terrible news as son of LEGEND Paul Musselwhite has sadly taken his own life - he'd qualified as a Doc too...whole life ahead Puts moaning about Morecambe and the tfr window into perspective Shouldn't happen to any parent ever - God speed to all in the Musselwhite family
  10. Possibly just a job title - might mean nothing, but makes people feel good - you could call the turnstile operators at Vale Park directors of stadium admission, but they wouldn't actually be directors in the legal sense. Most people with a director title in my experience actually aren't people of meaningful control
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