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  1. Been following the Vale for 50 years since I was -10😁. Live in Wrexham these days due to my lovely wife so don't get to as many games as I used to. Tried not to get too emotional last night as am so used to disappointment with Vale that I have developed a sort of self defence mechanism that involves nil expectation. That said we were immense. Playing Smith in the middle against Davidson was a master stroke. Hall looked after Mckirdy and their lack of height meant that Gibbo playing on the right of a back 3 was a massive benefit to us. Let's be fair Swindon are a superior footballing side to us but with the right tactics, commitment and a bit of luck we proved that anything can happen, and if you watch the highlights it is obvious we had all the best chances. Interesting that I spoke to a Wrexham supporting mate tonight who reckoned the quality was poor and thought Wrexham would beat either of the teams on show last night. I suspect life in the EFL will not be quite that easy as he expects should they get there. Whatever TV viewers thought, that was the most exciting game at Vale for a number of years. The morons tried to spoil it at the end for the proper fans but as long as they get caught, we, along with our wonderful owners can look forward with optimism to a great future. Finally proud to be a Valiant again. UTV.
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