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  1. Went to see the Burton Crewe game the other night with a brewer friend of mine. Poor game but Burton did create lots of chances against a very defensive Crewe team although failed to take any of them. Beavon their main striker pulled out 10 mins before the game with an injury he seems to be the only one really finding the net with any regularity so hopefully he isn't back by Sat. The only thing that did concern me was their quality of service form corners always in the mix which will be a worry with our defensive record. Crewe did have some joy the more the game went on. Burton in search of goals at times over committed men forward and resulted in some glaring misses from crewe, shame Andoh wont be fit to take advantage. Overall saw nothing that made me think we will be outclassed by the team sitting third, so long as Page gets the lads fired up.
  2. He isnt the most coordinated but he seems to cause trouble whenever he has the ball and has proven he can finish, i for one would like to see him given a chance up top
  3. I thought Norman came across very well, prepared to admit certain mistakes and lay out a clear future plan. Just hope in the transition to a youthful team our results dont suffer too much in the short term
  4. Yes will the injury cancel the loan and thus free up cash to sign a replacement?
  5. http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Loan-Vale-midfielder-Flo-Cuvelier-ruled-rest/story-20472522-detail/story.html Sadly
  6. Out for the rest of the season, gutted for the lad
  7. finally, great work Micky and Smurf
  8. I like Lee and Mick they compliment each other well. Only slight moan would be Lee does give me a heart attack by the panic in his voice whenever the opposition get anywhere near our box, although simple solution is play better.
  9. I seem to remember when we play Brentford early season someone posting a link to their 2012/2011 financial accounts and the shock that their wage budget was over £5mil. Now i know this is 1 club but based on this I think PVFC_4_EVA assumption that any extra revenue will be quickly absorbed by the sharp rise in costs, especially if we look to bring in players in an effort to stay up. Whereas promotion would be great, we would have to be very careful in terms of cost management. Also just goes to show how well we are doing this season that on half such a budget we are more than pulling our weight.
  10. Got mine yesterday very impressed, worth the wait
  11. Yes wouldn't be surprised if Hughes asks for a loan, he obviously wants to play as much as possible due to advancing years. Its similar to when he left Notts County to join us, he wasn't content with sitting on the bench so looked elsewhere. Obviously whether Micky is happy to let him leave will be another issue, and I dont think he will.
  12. Looks like Maghoma is going to Boro so i dont think he will be the replacement, hope im wrong
  13. Gareth Owen for being our PFA rep and the work he did in the off and pre season
  14. The moment Pope lift the ball over the Rotherham goalkeeper at the New York Stadium, there was utter silence for what seemed like an age untill the ball dropped below the cross bar to make it 2-1 then it went nuts
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