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  1. Why do Vale fans continually have to settle for second-best at Vale Park. I appreciate money is a huge issue and we’re still stumbling along after some dreadful ownership. But I thought the new owners would have recognised the need to provide a decent match day experience is nearly as important as success on the pitch. The facilities are truly woeful, and have barely changed for decades. The ‘new’ toilets in the RS involve a near-darkness experience through 1/2 inch of slippery urine and even the Lorne Street facilities are poor if we’re being honest. Please don’t give me the usual comparisons to other clubs poor facilities, I’m not bothered about them or benchmarking ourselves against them as some kind of excuse for not improving facilities for home fans at VP. Come on Vale, put your own fans first for once instead of relying on blind loyalty. Put things in place that turn heads and attract new fans to VP.
  2. Brighter light bulbs in the Railway Stand toilets.
  3. Personally, I’ve wanted the move for years. The convenience and the facilities make it a better option and with the design and space behind the stand the options to further improve are endless if the club has the vision. This could become a real asset for home fans. We just need to consider that the crowd and atmosphere in the Hamil won’t be like that for every game.
  4. They’re certainly an arrogant bunch, including the players and staff.
  5. Doesn’t the Aylesbury Chiltern line train stop directly at Wembley Stadium without using the tube?
  6. Don’t buy a tube pass. It’s far cheaper to use your contactless debit card to tap in and out of each station.
  7. What allegedly happened to the Swindon players was totally wrong, but I’m sick of the media only conveniently reporting part of the story. They’ve failed to report that the Swindon fans were pelting missiles at the Vale fans on the pitch and the Lorne Street and there are even blogs on YouTube by Swindon fans proving it. They also failed to report that members of the Swindon team were branding the Vale fans as pigs and the club as scum on social -media in the week between the two legs. Players also have a responsibility to act in a manner that doesn’t encourage and provoke idiots. Would Mckirdy pretend to machine-gun and taunt someone to their face in the street, of course not, so what makes it okay from the safety bubble of a footballer on a pitch? Ask Walsall fans about the behaviour of Swindon fans a few weeks ago, which ended up with an intimidating pitch invasion funnily enough. Ask innocent shoppers and families about the aggressive, neanderthal behaviour of Swindon fans at New Street station on their way to Bescot. Don’t single out Vale, the problem is widespread.
  8. Wembley is fast becoming a nightmare to access from certain parts of the country, once again raising the question why can’t regional venues be used more often.
  9. Football doesn’t work like that unfortunately.
  10. Two poor sides on display today. Mansfield and Northampton both looked far better.
  11. The same reason Carlisle got rid of him when we signed him. Rotten apple.
  12. Good new about the Hamil arrangement and although a lot of my memories are from the Bycars I would welcome this becoming a permanent move. The only stumbling block in the future would be the police insisting that larger problematic away followings are moved back to the Hamil. If permanent, the club could install a fenced walk-way directly from the pub to the back of the Hamil. There are endless advantages and opportunities to giving home fans the Hamil permanently. The only small issue would be the scoreboard not being visible, but I think it long overdue an upgrade and possible relocation anyway.
  13. Swindon literally took over Walsalls stadium yesterday and roared their team onto an easy and intimidating victory. We cannot allow the same at VP.
  14. Can’t see Vale having the bottle to give home fans the Hamil end. We have a huge ground that is becoming more and more unfit for purpose.
  15. After that performance, you wonder what value for money we’re getting from Filtcroft. Does a club like PV need this role or would the money best be spent on players?
  16. You’ve missed my point. The restrictions we’ve seen today relate to the lack of proportional facilities such as toilets, exits, turnstiles, so how will it be safe for 25,000 to use the same facilities deemed unsafe for 14,700 football fans? So proportionally there will be even less facilities per attendee.
  17. Why can we ‘safely’ accommodate 25,000 for a RW concert, but only 14,700 for a football game?
  18. Why has the Lorne St capacity been cut too? Against Burton and Northampton a few seasons ago, every seat was filled, yet todays ‘sell-out’ had dozens of visibly empty seats. The exits, the concourse, the facilities are identical to when we could fill it, so why the restrictions?
  19. Likewise, a covid passport wouldn’t restrict someone currently with covid entering a venue if they wished.
  20. Royal Stoke admitted it’s first confirmed case of Omicron yesterday, so it’s clearly not as ‘harmless’ as you’d hoped. Things will get much worse in the next month.
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