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  1. I was actually quite emotional watching that! [emoji3064]
  2. Another great kit. [emoji1303] Nice launch video too.
  3. It’s a pity we have those blue seats in the director’s box and the old family stand.
  4. I think it was designed by an 8 year old in a school/club competition if I’m not mistaken. I much prefer the current badge.
  5. It would be great if the TV gantry could be moved to the Railway side so the newly completed Lorne St and tunnel are on full show, giving the ground and club a fresh new image to complement the progress recently made by the new regime. Plus the awful Family Stand would be out of view!
  6. Although it’s disappointing if you missed out, it’s amazing that we’ve sold so many and is a sign of both the positivity around the club and the popularity of the kit design. 8 weeks is a long time though.
  7. 8 weeks until more XL stock arrives! Blimey, how many did we sell yesterday?
  8. Amazing! I’ll be down the shop tomorrow. Are you allowed to try items on? Never have much luck with Errea sizings.
  9. New kit doesn’t look too bad on the players.
  10. Bycars looks well, have they installed some new seats?
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