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  1. Exactly, no difference! Give the guy a break, the club have had long enough to make some kind of official release.
  2. If it was so important to maintain the secrecy, then the club shouldn’t have left it lying around in a position where it could be photographed.
  3. He’s comfortable at both full-back positions and in the middle. I’d say that’s exactly the versatile quality we need.
  4. I’d certainly be looking at Jack Grimmer if he’s available.
  5. New black and yellow training kit nice. It’s a shame Errea still haven’t figured out our badge - wrong again!
  6. I’ve got no problem with that.
  7. Personally, I don’t understand the desperation to re-sign Clark.
  8. I fully appreciate the time constraints and complications the new owners have had, but even if the kit is understandably not on the shelves yet, it would be nice if they released some photos of the design, which they surely must have at this stage.
  9. Admiral made the iconic England strip in 1982, but disappeared off radar for years and are now making a return as kit suppliers.
  10. Been told today that the new kit supplier is Admiral. Pretty cool if true. Be very happy with Admiral or Errea.
  11. Very encouraging meeting last night and it’s clear that the new owners are Vale fans to the core, which can only be a good thing. The only thing that concerns me slightly is if fans try to sway opinions too much with ridiculous and irrelevant suggestions ie.. markets and commemorative Carol mugs! For the club to move forward, so do some of the fans. Just let the new owners get on with developing a stable and honest club, with a competitive team and the rest will take care of itself. Thanks again for rescuing the club from the venomous and incompetent claws of the previous owner.
  12. Congratulations and thanks for essentially saving this club. All we can hope for is that the club now runs in a transparent and honest manner, which I’m sure it will. Let’s hope they can attract support from other local businesses in terms of sponsorships and maximise funds by signing a popular kit supplier deal for the shop. Although I can’t buy STs, Smurthwaites departure now means me and my family members will return to as many games as we can and resume shop purchases. I just hope that the new owners don’t try and appease the fans too much. Good luck and thanks again.
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