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  1. Wasn’t that RW Errea kit due to be released this week? I wonder what’s happening with any new kits with everything changing?
  2. I wish you a pleasant evening dominating this thread. My head tends to hurt when I bang it against a wall. Good evening.
  3. Yet another perfect example! But you aren’t debating, that’s the whole point. You’re just obsessed with your views and won’t even accept any other views which are probably as equally devoid of facts as yours are.
  4. The point I’ve proved, like others have suggested, is regardless what anyone else says, you always need to be right, with no respect for others and their opinions. Isn’t respect for others exactly what this is all about? Belittling others in a pedantic manner isn’t a good quality to have.
  5. No it isn’t at all, I’m saying regardless of race, religion etc.. if you commit a crime you can expect attention from the police and you know it is.
  6. I’m not saying anything, you did.
  7. Very predictable! No I’m afraid the point I was going to make was, if you don’t commit a crime or act aggressively then it’s highly unlikely you will cross paths with the police in the first place, thus drastically reducing the chance of any unjustified outcomes. Sorry I didn’t act as you wanted in your game.
  8. Anyone can join in - I’m just been devil’s advocate here.
  9. Are you suggesting that there is no poverty in other communities? Are you saying all black people have no opportunities? Just take the sports industry for example, I don’t know the exact figures but I’d guess pro-athletes in the US are a good proportion black and judging by the recent global rich-list for sportsmen, I would say they’re doing a good job of it from their respective earnings. To say they don’t have the opportunities isn’t quite right is it? It’s easy to blame a problem on ‘broken society’, but it’s about time we ALL starting taking responsibility for individual actions, the world would be a much more respectful place for everyone.
  10. Answer me a simple question... I don’t know you, your age, your race, your religion, your sexuality, but how many times have you had a direct altercation with the police?
  11. There are a lot of broken records on this thread and people obsessed with having the last say.
  12. Worthless data I’m afraid, that would only be relevant if both groups in his explanation were involved in the same number of situations where the police needed to get involved. Think about it.
  13. All the OVF social experts weren’t on here posting about Justine Damond.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/100008382408371/posts/2683940081895379/?d=n A long clip, but definitely worth watching. Far more disturbing than a bunch of football thugs scuffling with the police and it really highlights the extent of society’s problems.
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