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  1. How can you blame Smurthwaite for poor tactics and team-selection?
  2. A welcome win, but a really dull effort totally devoid of any quality. We seem to have a glut of midfielders who all offer the same - very little. They huff and puff, give the ball away too often and are obsessed with silly little sideways and backwards passes. We don’t have anyone who can drive forward, beat a man or shoot from range.
  3. It appears we threw the points away at Salford, but for me home-form is key to this season marking progress. Home games bring in the vital points, morale and cash - this is where we need to improve.
  4. The poor lighting is an equal concern. Lighting of that level in a public area would never pass a safety inspection.
  5. They need to address the lack of lighting in the gents toilets in the railway stand too, extremely dangerous considering the floor is swimming in urine.
  6. Frustrating performance devoid of any quality from either side. I thought Legge was our MOTM by a long way. Pope was terrible and cost us all three points near the end by not laying off the ball to the completed unmarked Cullen. Why do we insist on allowing George Andrews anywhere near a mic, he’s a cringeworthy dinosaur.
  7. The weather is a joke! It’s nearly 11am on an August morning and we’re sitting here with nearly every light on in the house. Unfortunately, the conditions/forecast will put some folk off. The wind conditions forecast to hit us at 3pm will definitely have an effect on the game too.
  8. I think an early Northampton goal will unsettle the players and the crowd but an early second half equaliser followed by a late winner will send us home happy.
  9. First game today for over a year and I can’t wait! Let’s not fall into the trap of booing Chris Lines as it will only motivate him even more.
  10. It is getting a little concerning that Askeys contacts and scouting pool seems extremely limited.
  11. Just seen some new images of the away kit and it looks really good.
  12. The sponsor seems to be printed too high up the shirt. It would have looked better with just the Synectics logo rather than the text. A good effort with the time constraints and we all know that the quality will be good with Errea.
  13. For heavens sake, why does this guy need to justify himself to another fan, are you the clubs private detective? It’s hardly a serious crime or incident. If the club had released official images of the poxy kit weeks ago then we wouldn’t need to be having discussions and abuse like this.
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