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  1. I’m puzzled as to why all of a sudden the inadequacies of the manager have now become an all-out assault on the owners.
  2. I’m not concerned about the silence, they know what they’re doing.
  3. I agree with most of your comments, but remember that these teams who are turning us over on a regular basis will also have been similarly affected with budgets etc.. due to COVID. The difference is their managers obviously used their budgets more wisely on effective players instead of luxury coaching staff.
  4. The argument about the budget being cut is irrelevant as every other club beating us will have been affected by COVID too. I don’t know Askey and he seems a genuine guy, but I never felt he would take us anywhere and seemed like a cheap, easy option at the time. I feel so sorry for the owners and their teams who have worked tirelessly to boost the clubs image off the pitch and amongst the community, but they really do need to focus on events on the field as a priority and I’m sure they will know this. With restrictions and the pandemic here for a while yet, this will be the biggest summer in t
  5. If he’s given the transfer-window he risks undoing all the hard work by the owners and staff off the field. Enough is enough, this is a dreadful run, nothing to do with bad luck and everything to do with an ex-insurance salesman out of his depth as a football manager.
  6. Do not let this guy anywhere near the transfer-window budget.
  7. But is ‘turning things around’ enough? Carol needs a manager to progress us on the field, add some excitement to our play and put bums on seats. Will Askey ever do any of that? Askey came in an steadied the ship, but now we need that ship to start ploughing forward. Does Carol expect people to part with even more ST money in the coming months, with the fear of more lockdowns and more of Askey at the helm?
  8. No point changing the manager after the transfer-window.
  9. I’m not sure but it’s a legal requirement for organised crowds over a certain amount, as are ambulances. The police control room would also be manned no-doubt.
  10. I think Vale should maximise their surplus stadium capacity and utilise all areas of the ground for home fans including the Hamil End, to provide the safest possible environment for fans. Sadly, there will be fans who will insist on huddling together and arguing with stewards.
  11. Same mentality on display everywhere you go in this city Jean. Very frustrating. There are some very selfish folk about. If we had all stuck to initial simple rules and advice, whilst making a few minor sacrifices, I’m convinced we wouldn’t be in such a mess.
  12. Surely this will cost the club money? The gate money is already in the bank, as I’m assuming it will be ST priority (rightly so), but stewards, police and match day staff will all need paying and snack bar takings will be negligible for a crowd of this size, assuming they are even allowed to open.
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