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  1. What’s the new blue badge on the front of the shorts today?
  2. Exactly. Diversity shouldn’t come into it. They will simply be the best/right people for the challenge.
  3. This assembly of talent is refreshing to see from a operational perspective and will no doubt drive the club to better places, just as they have achieved in their respective roles with Synectics. I’m certain they’ve been chosen because they are the best for the job or showing the potential to become the best person for the job. Professionalism is something that has been sadly lacking in so many areas of the club and this move will finally address such issues. I’m a big believer in giving anybody the chance to be considered for any role in life, but the ultimate decision should be made on merit, ability, attitude or potential and not simply to satisfy overused political-correctness.
  4. Although they were clearly confident, I didn’t actually think much of Exeter in the 1st half. I think once Vale calmed down and stopped hoofing every ball clear and played a passing game, they realised just before half time they could trouble the visitors. Great effort by Vale in the second half caused them to panic and basically collapse.
  5. It’s only ‘crap’ because you don’t agree with it.
  6. Ridiculous comment. The fact that these offers had little effect, suggests my comment had some substance.
  7. The fact that the club failed to attract any of the 4000 day-trippers who attended MC back to VP, shows that the bread and butter product on and off the pitch is still sadly lacking. Nobody is criticising the owners, I’m just concerned that this constant annual cycle of disappointment onfield will start to have a detrimental affect on the fan base. Yes things may be getting better behind the scenes but ultimately fans are only interested in their match day experience.
  8. Totally agree Jean, but surely the hard work undertaken by Carol must by now have put us in a position to be confident enough to start the onfield renaissance. I like most fans just can’t see any signs of this happening.
  9. Without this forum we probably wouldn’t have a club. Yes, it has its faults, but OVF was an essential vehicle for opinion and revelations that kickstarted change by getting rid of Bratt and Smurthwaite. I just feel that by now the club should be stable enough to start showing glimpses of progression and ambition on the field, because after all that’s all most fans are concerned with.
  10. I’m referring to the last 5 years, not just the last 8 months. Every season is over by Christmas and then we keep getting comments about rebuilds that never materialise. Nobody’s after instant gratification, just a little consistency and a glimpse of ambition instead of a paper-thin squad occasionally added to with one of ‘Agent Sprosons’ loan kids.
  11. Just how long is this ‘long term project’, this ‘work in progress’ and this ‘transition period’? We’re always looking at ‘next season’ and ‘rebuilding in the summer’. All these cliches are getting well-worn and tedious and it’s time we really started showing our intentions on the field.
  12. Blimey, can’t believe I forgot that night. We took a huge following to Anfield that night.
  13. Blimey, can’t believe I forgot that night. We took a huge following to Anfield that night.
  14. The Derby County FA cup win would no doubt have been on my list if I'd been able to attend. Must have been a great night. Stupid college exams!
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