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  1. “I need to analyse why we performed so badly because I had done my job right. The shape was right, but for me it looked like a lot of basic, very poor errors.” I am not slagging the guy off but this sort of arrogance reminds me of Gannon. From what I read, a number of fans would disagree with HIS choice of formation.
  2. Not having gone to the game, what was Legge’s problem
  3. He may have been a rival but sad news of the passing of Gerd Muller. A true legend for Munich with 547 goals in 594 appearances and 68 in 62 for Germany. One of the greatest strikers ever. RIP.
  4. Referees need to make a call on what they actually saw and not what they perceived. The disallowed goal last night being a prime example, there was no foul on the keeper so what did the referee base his decision on, couldn’t be what he saw or maybe he would have given a foul on Smithy.
  5. Also thought the change last night was the introduction of Amoo, selection dilema for DC.
  6. This is just the same as when any other player doesn't play. Suddenly, they become world beaters. Then they get back in the side. And normal service is resumed. Legge, Brown, Pope. Even Robinson would apparently have scored yesterday. Get a grip. There's a reason why we've struggled in all but 1 season with Legge. He is still our most dominant in the air but sadly his lack of pace gets him caught out. None of the new recruits can touch his heading ability or physical presence.
  7. Considering we have a complete new set of players I thought we played really well together. In time the understanding can only improve. Conlan and Pett look strong with Walker looking a step up on Joyce. Defensively DC has a difficult call to make, very impressed with Johnson. Covolan looks like a good investment, agile, commanding and very vocal with his defenders. If there was a down side, still no cutting edge up front, but as others have said it is early days.. oh for a Tony Naylor or Andy Jones to walk through the door.
  8. Don’t come much bigger than Akinfenwa
  9. Is it the 1st April? No it’s fishing season 🎣
  10. I just want to say WOW. Not been this excited pre-season for a long time.
  11. How must Oldham fans feel if they can’t compete with AFC Fylde
  12. Maybe the Rampant Zebra was an Ass on steroids after all, amazing what a couple of black & white stripes can do for you.
  13. I see James Clarke (Walsall captain) has joined Newport. Having played under DC at Salisbury, Bristol & Walsall I thought he was nailed on.
  14. Young players want to succeed and go places, money not being the driving force. Old pros have been there & done it, top quality will demand top salaries, journeymen are looking for a pay cheque.
  15. 7 signings all 6’ plus. Certainly not going to be out muscled this season.
  16. Spot on. Why should we have a No1 & No2, competition should bring out the best in them
  17. Just thought I would see what the fuss was all about. Granted Tom King would have ticked the boxes for me just as Lucas has done. Don’t think there is much to choose between them. The one key to me is that Newport chose not to renew his contract, why ? Torquay didn’t want to lose Lucas. However, DC & DF have made their choice so let’s trust their judgement and not give Lucas the impression that he is not wanted before the season has even stated.
  18. He was the fans player of the season, but he has been released. Who know's best fans or manager?
  19. The deal has been done, can't we just give the bloke a chance. I thought DC & DF have at least put some thought into building a team for this season, not just a quick call to Phil Sproson. I doubt Lucas has been signed just because of his play-off game, so let's all stop being the expert and get behind whoever has / will be signed. If they fail, DC & DF will be the first out of the door. I for one am looking forward with optimism. ⚽ 🏆
  20. Save the best til last 😉
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