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  1. 3 minutes ago, Danish Valiant said:

    When saying people are "deluded" to not think the tickets would get refunded, that is saying, that people should know it's an error, and are therefor deliberately trying to cheat "the system", to get tickets.

    Let’s just agree to disagree on this one. You think the sale was ok and fair and I don’t.

  2. 33 minutes ago, Danish Valiant said:

    I absolutely HATE this underlying accusation, that people acted in bad faith, and deliberately cheated "the system". I bought one, because I saw they were on sale from an OFFICIAL outlet. So of course I'm trying to get one. 

    Oh, and by the way, I'm a ST holder, since that seem to be the magic trigger word to some...

    When have I used the word cheated? I just think it was daft to assume they would go ahead with them sold as it was clearly an error and hasn’t been done for any game this season.


    I also maintain the fact that our ticketing system is in the dark ages. Tickets should be applied for online and just sent out automatically via a points system to avoid these situations.

  3. 16 minutes ago, TJHValiant said:

    The Bournemouth league 2 playoff place decider that sold out was online back in 2009. Our last match to stay up in League 1 against Fleetwood, A Barnet away last game one..

    Those games, all bought, online without a problem. 

    This is 4th division football. Annoying fans who bought tickets in good faith from a legal source isn’t a good move.



    Which is all well and good but technically any old Tom, Dick and Harry could buy one online for a big game.

  4. 11 hours ago, TJHValiant said:

    Ooh let me see? About nearly every fixture since the 2009/10 season? Common exceptions being big local games like Crewe. 

    What for final games of the season that have something riding on them?! Think Fleetwood the other year final day they were like gold dust. Yes I can understand it if it was a dead rubber but these tickets were never not going to get refunded. Anyone who thought otherwise is deluded. 

  5. Did people actually think this was going to work?! When have we ever been able to buy away tickets via to opposing club. Right decision and yes I agree the club needs a loyalty system in place asap.

  6. I would do something like the below as an example.

    Crewe (A) - 1 point

    Burton (A) - 1 point

    Colchester (A) - 3 Points

    Exeter (A) - 3 Points

    ST holders get a set amount for renewing every season (maybe something like 20 points).

    you are never going to please everyone but the games that people want to go the most essentially give the least points - usually because they are geographically closer

  7. 43 minutes ago, valeparklife said:

    Tickets will be £22ish so should be attractively priced (I'd imagine they would be used to paying much more for Prem/Champ away games) and they will be clear favourites to win so would be a great day out for them.

    I hope they can bring 3,000+

    That's what I'd expect of a Premier League club, but if we're being honest, Brentford are probably a similar sized club to us.

    They averaged similar gates to us before their genius owner Benham bought the club and transformed it. I massively respect and admire what they've done since he took over but they've only averaged 10,000 gates in the Championship, so to expect them to sell out 4,500 will be a tough ask.

    Just hoping there are 6-7 games on TV and we can be one of them to help Carol and Kevin out!

    Away tickets in the prem are capped at £20 so you would hope the club will drop them to around £15 ish.

  8. Warren, Hope you've changed your mind. Devastating right hand set up by a jab by Wilder to KO Breazeale, took AJ 7 rounds to get to Breazeale.


    Wilder is athletic with tremendous punching power but like all (Super)heavyweights is susceptible if caught flush on the chin. Hope the match up with AJ happens soon 'cause it would be one hell of a fight, a don't blink fight.


    It took Wilder 9 rounds to knock out Molina, AJ knocked him out in 3. It was a good knock out but Breazeale should never had been in the ring saturday. Likewise with Ruiz when Joshua fights him June 1st.

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