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  1. Let’s just agree to disagree on this one. You think the sale was ok and fair and I don’t.
  2. When have I used the word cheated? I just think it was daft to assume they would go ahead with them sold as it was clearly an error and hasn’t been done for any game this season. I also maintain the fact that our ticketing system is in the dark ages. Tickets should be applied for online and just sent out automatically via a points system to avoid these situations.
  3. Which is all well and good but technically any old Tom, Dick and Harry could buy one online for a big game.
  4. What for final games of the season that have something riding on them?! Think Fleetwood the other year final day they were like gold dust. Yes I can understand it if it was a dead rubber but these tickets were never not going to get refunded. Anyone who thought otherwise is deluded.
  5. Did people actually think this was going to work?! When have we ever been able to buy away tickets via to opposing club. Right decision and yes I agree the club needs a loyalty system in place asap.
  6. Makes a bit of a mockery of the whole ‘twenty’s plenty’ campaign.
  7. Away tickets in the prem are capped at £20 so you would hope the club will drop them to around £15 ish.
  8. It took Wilder 9 rounds to knock out Molina, AJ knocked him out in 3. It was a good knock out but Breazeale should never had been in the ring saturday. Likewise with Ruiz when Joshua fights him June 1st.
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